Research Permitting

An employee in a visitor center smiling at the camera
Research Permit Coordinator Annie Carlson at the Old Faithful Visitor and Education Center.

We're constantly trying to better understand the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem through a variety of research. In addition to conducting our own studies, we also manage external research conducted in the park. Last year, our research permit coordinator, Annie Carlson, issued 142 permits to investigators from 31 states and 8 countries. This permitting process promotes the safety of the crews and protection of the resources they are here to study.

"There's no end to what scientists could discover in Yellowstone. I review many research proposals, with topics ranging from water chemistry to archaeology to butterflies. Meeting the scientists in the field and observing their methods is the best part. Every scientist views this ecosystem through their own unique lens." - Research Permit Coordinator Annie Carlson

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Last updated: September 24, 2020

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