Removing Hats from Hot Springs

An employee standing on a boardwalk with a long grabber collecting a hat from a thermal area
Geothermal Monitor Megan Norr of the park's TAPP team removes a hat from Palette Spring.

Did you know Yellowstone has a specialized Thermal Area Preservation Program (TAPP) team who safely removes litter and documents resource impacts in thermal areas? During summer 2019 alone, TAPP team members like Megan removed 438 hats and 16,404 pieces of litter in thermal areas. The data they collect is used to guide management decisions in order to better protect these natural resources for the future.

"Reach into your pocket for your camera, and out comes a stray wrapper along with it. A brief gust of wind, and say bye to your hat. Most people know not to throw things into hot springs, but many of the impacts we're seeing seem to be accidental. So, hold onto your hats!" - Geothermal Monitor Megan Norr

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Last updated: September 24, 2020

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