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Did you know Yellowstone has partnered with Montana State University to study what grizzly bears eat? While meat is important to grizzlies, most of their diet consists of plants. In 1982, Yellowstone instituted Bear Management Areas (BMA) to restrict human access to areas thought to hold good food resources for grizzly bears. Today, biologists use GPS collars to assess when, where, and most importantly, what grizzlies are eating to ensure BMA's still encompass areas with good food resources.

“Collecting scat tells us a lot about a bear’s diet. When we combine our current data with previous studies, we start to get a better picture of why grizzlies spend time and what foods they utilize in different areas of the park.” –Elise Loggers, Graduate Student

Learn more about grizzly bears in Yellowstone and the diverse stakeholder interests and issues in grizzly bear management by checking out our featured bear publication.

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Last updated: October 27, 2020

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