Digitizing Maps

An employee holding up a historical map and smiling at the camera
Kimberlee Roberts, Archives Technician, holding up a "relaxed" map after spending time in the humidification chamber.
An employee laying out historic maps on a table
Kimberlee Roberts, Archives Technician, examining a set of drawings in the collection.

Did you know Yellowstone is digitizing historic maps, plans, and architectural drawings from the museum collection? Many of the maps arrive to the Heritage and Research Center after years of being rolled up with a rubber band, so the first step in the process is to flatten them. Employees like Kimberlee will place pieces into a humidification chamber to relax the fibers enough so they may be mechanically flattened, dried, digitally scanned, and then stored flat in a drawer for archival purposes.

“This is such a cool project to be a part of. The beauty and particularities of these maps are what make them a unique treasure to Yellowstone, and now they’re available from anywhere.” – Kimberlee Roberts, Archives Technician

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Last updated: May 5, 2021

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