Commercial Use Authorization For Guided Overnight, Backcountry Trips Operating Plan

  1. A Backcountry Use Permit is required for overnight backcountry use and is available under the terms and conditions stipulated by the Central Backcountry Office.
  1. Backcountry permit reservation procedures, terms, and conditions are reviewed and revised annually. There are limits on the number of campsites which may be occupied on a nightly basis by commercial users and there are limits on the annual occupancy of individual campsites by a single CUA. Having a CUA does not guarantee that backcountry campsites will be available.
  1. CUA holders may use only designated backcountry campsites. During the winter, camping may be permitted outside of designated campsites. CUA holders may not exceed campsite limitations for the number of people allowed at a campsite.
  1. Multiple groups in the same area must be equipped to camp, cook, and travel independently. Multiple groups are not permitted to congregate in a single campsite if the overall group size exceeds the campsite size limit.
  1. Each guide must carry a minimum of one can of bear spray. Bear spray for clients is recommended.
  1. For further backcountry guidelines and regulations, please refer to the information provided in "Beyond Road's End" available in any Backcountry Office.
  1. For more information see the Beyond Road’s End video on the following web page:
  1. For winter guided trips:
  • All guides shall carry a basic first aid kit suitable for backcountry emergencies. Suggested items include 1 roll of two-inch medical tape, 1 roll of two-inch gauze, 1 two-inch ace bandage, 2 triangular bandages, 2 two-inch compresses, 6 four-inch compresses, 1 emergency blanket and several pairs of disposable gloves. Hot beverages, extra clothing, repair kit, and ensolite sitting pads should also be included.
  • Guides will ensure that clients are properly attired for the current and forecasted weather conditions. Routes will be determined based on clients’ abilities and desires.

Last updated: January 6, 2017

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