Fire Update, 8-12-2016

August 12, 2016 Posted by: Yellowstone Fire Information
View of the Maple Fire taken August 11, 2016
Aerial view of the Maple Fire taken on August 11, 2016

Fire activity increased significantly on the Maple fire on Thursday, August 11, growing to 297 acres. This fire continues to move in a northeast direction;it currently does not pose a threat to the Cougar Creek cabin. As a precautionary measure, fire staff will begin to put structure protection around the Cougar Creek cabin today, wrapping the cabin with protective material and setting up a sprinkler system. Trail Closures remain in place for portions of the Gneiss Creek trail. 

Crews will continue to monitor and assess the Fawn fire, which only grew six acres on Wednesday, and is now 936 acres.

The Pocket fire, located between Shoshone Lake and Pocket Lake, approximately five miles SSE of Old Faithful and five miles west of West Thumb, is under a full suppression strategy. On Wednesday the park helicopter conducting water drops assisted three park firefighters and three smokejumpers in containing the Pocket fire. The fire is 100 percent contained, and firefighters hope to have it fully controlled by Saturday afternoon, August 13.

Public and firefighter safety is the first priority for park managers. The Fawn and Maple fires do not pose a threat to visitors. All roads leading into and through the park are open.

Park visitors and communities north and west of the park should anticipate varying levels of smoke from these fires. Fires play a natural role in the ecosystem and crews are managing them for their benefits to the park.

The decision on managing each fire in the park is based on a number of factors including, current and predicted conditions, as well as potential values at risk. 

Fawn Fire: 936 acres

Location: The Fawn fire is located west of Fawn Pass, 11 miles west of Mammoth Hot Springs, 16 miles northeast of West Yellowstone, 13 miles southwest of Gardiner, and 35 miles southeast of Big Sky.  

Started: 8/4/2016 lightning caused 

  • WB1, WB3, WB4 and WB6 
  • Bighorn Pass trail eastbound at the junction of the cut-off trail to the Fawn Pass trail. 
  • Bighorn Pass trail westbound at Bighorn Pass. 
  • Fawn Pass trail eastbound at the junction of the cut-off trail to the Big Horn Pass trail. ″Fawn Pass trail westbound at campsite 1F2. 
  • The cut-off trail between Bighorn and Fawn Pass trails is open. 

Maple Fire: 297 acres

Location: The Maple fire is located 1 mile east of the Gneiss Creek trail, 3 miles north of the Cougar Creek cabin, 6 miles east of the Park's west boundary, and 8 miles northeast of the community of West Yellowstone. 

Started: 8/8/16 lightning caused 

Campsites None
  • Gneiss Creek trail southbound at campsite WA1. That campsite remains open. 
  • Gneiss Creek trail northbound at the spur trail junction to the Cougar patrol cabin. The spur trail out to the cabin remains open. 

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  1. August 25, 2016 at 08:45

    I was planning to go to Yellowstone and the Titans Monday of next week camping would it be good to wait ?

  2. August 25, 2016 at 08:44

    I was planning to go to Yellowstone and the Titans Monday of next week camping would it be good to wait ?

  3. August 17, 2016 at 10:41

    Although I understand the benefit of letting fires burn naturally, since the air quality in West Yellowstone is now moderate to unhealthy I believe that the fires should be suppressed as soon as possible. Most homes in West don't have air conditioning so there's really no way to avoid the smoke. For people with respiratory conditions that is a real problem and can lead to serious health issues. The statements saying that the fires pose no threat to residents or visitors is not correct. Please put the fires out as soon as possible.

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