Special Event Permits

Special events explained

These events are activities, such as sporting events, weddings, organized group outings which fall under the category of privileges. Specifically at the Flagstaff Area Monuments, organized groups exceeding 60 people and/or 20 vehicles (e.g. car enthusiast groups or archeological and geologic societies) may require a special use permit and should inquire with the special use coordinator. For First Amendment activities click here.

The following guidelines are established by the National Park Service Management Policies 2006 as they relate to special event activities within this unit of the National Park Service.

A special event is a short term activity that takes place in a park area that:

  • Provides a benefit to an individual, group or organization rather than the public at large.
  • Requires written authorization and some degree of management from the NPS to protect park resources and the public interest.
  • Is not prohibited by law or regulation.
  • Is not initiated, sponsored, or conducted by the NPS.

Special use permits may be denied if, in the Superintendent's opinion, the event will:

  • Present a clear and present danger to public health or safety.
  • Cause injury or damage to park resources.
  • Be contrary to the purposes for which the park was established, or unreasonably impair the atmosphere of peace and tranquility maintained within the park.
  • Conflict with public use and visitor experiences fundamental to the park's mission and purpose.
  • Place unreasonable burden on park staff for monitoring or preparation.
  • Unreasonably interfere with the interpretive programs, visitor services, or other NPS activities or projects.



Non-refundable Application Fee – $100.00
This non-refundable fee must accompany any special event application. This fee is based on an average time it takes to provide initial contact and consultation with permittee and initial review of an application.

Administrative Fee – $80.00
If an application request is approved, this fee covers the costs associated with issuing a permit, including the average time it takes for permit preparation, consultations with the permittee, managerial consultations and billing.

Hourly Monitoring Fee
A $45 per hour, per ranger rate applies to all permitted activities for monitoring.All activities authorized by permit require continuous, on-site supervision by the National Park Service to assure full compliance with the conditions of the permit. The scope and complexity of the activity will determine the level and type of supervision. A minimum of 2 hours monitoring ($90) is applied to every permit upon issuance.


How to Apply

Fill out the special event application and mail it (along with a check or money order made out to National Park Service) to the address below. Applications can be obtained and credit card payments arranged by calling 928-526-0502 ext 222.

ATTN: Special Use Permits Coordinator
Flagstaff Area Monuments
6400 N. U.S. Highway 89,Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Most applications require a minimum of 14 days to fully process.

Last updated: January 11, 2018

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