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Kennecott Mill and Mt. Blackburn

This is the view out a window on the top floor of the General Store in Kennecott, looking to the north. On the right, the historic Kennecott mill building climbs fourteen stories up the mountainside above the railroad trestle, leaching plant and power plant. One hundred years ago, the mine was in full swing and this area was a hive of activity. On the left side of this view, behind the tailing piles, lies the Kennicott Glacier, and above it all, on the distant skyline, looms the blindingly-white, snow-covered Mt. Blackburn -- at 16,390 feet the third-highest peak in the park.

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Kennicott Glacier and the Chugach Range

This view is from the old Dairy Barn in Kennecott, looking south to the Chugach Mountains. The mounds in the foreground are the rock-covered terminus of the Kennicott Glacier. Beyond the glacier and its meltwater lake lie the town of McCarthy and the vast expanse of the Chitina river valley. The scene changes throughout the day depending on weather and lighting: watch for dramatic summer cumulus clouds building over the mountains, rain squalls moving across the valley, windstorms blowing glacial loess off the river bars, and sunlight glinting off bare ice faces on the glacier.

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Wrangell Mountains from Park Headquarters

This is the view from our Visitor Center at Park Headquarters in Copper Center, looking east across the Copper River Valley to the Wrangell Mountains. From this vantage point, Mt. Drum (12,010 ft) and Mt. Sanford (16,237 ft) are visible. Watch the colors in this scene change throughout the seasons: the brilliant yellows and golds of the aspens in the fall, followed by stark white snows and pink mountain alpenglow during the cold days of winter, and then the greening of the whole landscape as the days warm and lengthen in the springtime.

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Curious to know a little more about weather conditions at the Park Headquarters webcam? Click here to see what our weather station says!

Another webcam located at our Park Headquarters site is operated by the University of Alaska Fairbanks "Fresh Eyes on Ice" program. This webcam is set up on a high bluff overlooking the Copper River, specifically to monitor ice conditions on the river. It takes one photo every day at noon. Take a look at today's photo here.

The photos below show our webcam views on clear days with points of interest identified.
Webcam image of Kennecott Mill and Mt. Blackburn.
Webcam view from the Kennecott General Store on a clear day, with points of interest identified.
Webcam image of the Chugach Mountains and Chitina River Valley from Kennecott.
Webcam view from the Kennecott Dairy Barn on a clear day, with points of interest identified.
Webcam image of Mt Drum and the Copper River Valley.
Webcam view from the Headquarters Visitor Center on a clear day, with points of interest identified.

Last updated: May 1, 2021

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