Lesson Plan

Oh, Moose!

a young moose in a forest of white-barked aspen trees

NPS / Nathan Kostegian

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Grade Level:
Second Grade-Fifth Grade
Biology: Animals, Ecology, Wildlife Biology
30 minutes
National/State Standards:
Alaska State Standards
Science: A12, 14, 15; B1, 2, 3; D1, 2;
game, moose


Use America's largest national park as a pathway to discovery!

In this lesson, students learn about ecology by playing a game mimicking the life of moose.


Tell the students that they are about to become moose or other components of habitat in a highly involving physical activity. The students will identify and describe food, water, and shelter as three essential components of habitat, describe the importance of good habitat for animals, and recognize that some fluctuations in wildlife populations are natural as ecological systems undergo constant change.


An open area, large enough for students to run, is needed for this activity. Remind the students that a community consists of all of the living members of the forest. Clipboard and pencil for the teacher or facilitator.



In discussion, ask the students to summarize some of the things they have learned from this activity.

  • What do animals need to survive?

  • What are some of the “limiting factors” that affect their survival?

  • Are wildlife populations static, or do they tend to fluctuate, as part of an overall “balance of nature?”

  • Is nature ever really in “balance” or are ecological systems involved in a process of constant change?

Additional Resources

This lesson is part of our "Pathways to Discovery" unit. The individual lessons can be done individually or as a larger unit of learning. They encourage the development of a student’s awareness and appreciation of the natural world and people’s relationship and role as a part of that natural world.

The lessons are a series of shorter activities that have been blended together under a specific theme with the intent that the activities will be coordinated with units in the existing school curriculum and texts. The materials are organized by grade level, but can actually be adapted for use at any grade level. Check out the full Pathways to Discovery unit of lessons, as well as links to other stand-alone lessons like this one.

Last updated: April 14, 2015