Forest Life: The Basics

Mother moose with young
Mother moose with her young

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TIME 20 minutes
Materials: Chalkboard and chalk


- Have the students identify five basic survival needs shared by people and all other animals: plants, sunlight, water, soil and air.

- Students will list and organize needs of people, pets and wildlife. Tell the students that all animals (including people, pets, and wildlife) need food, water, shelter and space in which to live. These must be in the quality and quantity required by the particular animal. Because animals need food, water, shelter and space to be available in a way that is suitable to their needs, we say that these things must be available in a suitable "arrangement."

- Put three words on a chalkboard, so that a column of words can be listed under each: People-Pets-Wildlife.

- Ask the students, "What do people need in order to be able to live?"

- List the students' ideas in a column under the word, "People." Do the same for "Pets" and "Wildlife."

- After the lists are made, ask the students to look to see which ideas seem to go together into larger ideas. For example, warmth might be combined with physical comfort and both might fit within the concept of shelter.

- See if the students can narrow down the lists and come up with the essential survival needs for people, pets and wildlife.

- The most basic survival needs will be the same for each of the three groups.

- The lists, when reduced, could include and be limited to: PEOPLE PETS WILDLIFE 
food, water, shelter, space, arrangement, sunlight, soil, air


List at least four things plants and animals need for survival. How do plant needs differ from animal needs?


Biology: Animals
National/State Standards:
[7] SA3.1, [10] SC3.2, [11] SC3.2

Last updated: April 14, 2015