Training Patrol and Blog Relaunch

June 26, 2012 Posted by: Ranger Olson

The Backcountry Blog and the staff took a bit of a hiatus over the winter but we are all back now looking forward to another season at Wrangell St Elias.  We have converted to a new (and hopefully better) system for this blog so stay tuned as we work out some of the kinks.

The Backcountry Season has had a really slow start this year.  We had a very cool spring and the snow has lingered in the mountains several weeks longer than normal.  It is almost July and we are just starting to see some of the higher airstrips melt out and dry up enough to land on. 

The Backcountry Staff completed a training patrol for new staff members at the beginning of June.  We patrolled the Lost Creek to Trail Creek route off the Nabesna Rd.  The patrol ran smoothly and we spent some time learning about backcountry communications, bear safety, good camping techniques, river crossing procedures, and proper post-holing ettiquette.  We ran into significantly more snow than anticipated. 


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