“George Washington Returns to Gotham” An art exhibition by Felipe Galindo Feggo

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“George Washington Returns to Gotham” An art exhibition by Felipe Galindo Feggo

Women’s Rights National Historical Park is pleased to present “George Washington Returns to Gotham” an art exhibition by Felipe Galindo Feggo. New York city artist Felipe Galindo presents “George Washington Returns to Gotham”, an exhibition of humorous works on paper featuring an imaginary visit from America’s First President to present-day New York.

Influenced by historical imagery from the 18th century, the artist creatively interweaves the past and the present in a series of whimsical images, creating a unique world in which George Washington interacts with locals, explores the different neighborhoods, learns about modern customs and ultimately enjoys the vibrant mixture of cultures in the contemporary metropolis. Reviewing the series, Ruth Lilienstein-Gatton wrote in Manhattan’s The Uptown Collective: “Felipe Galindo sets the father of our country in the modern landscape of Washington Heights. With unassuming cartoon lines and simple bright colors, Galindo’s panels are sweet, anachronistic jokes about our celebrated forefather facing off with multiculturalism as well as gentle jabs at the history of cultural hegemony. Seeing Washington flipped into the outsider role reminds us that American history includes a continuous shift of peoples from places and that collisions of culture can be funny.”

About the artist: Felipe Galindo (Feggo) creates humorous art in a variety of media, including cartoons, illustrations, animations, fine art and public art. Born in Cuernavaca, Mexico, he resides in New York City. Studied Visual Arts at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. His humorous drawings have appeared in publications like The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, Mad, Nickelodeon, Highlights, etc. and numerous European publications. He is the creator of Manhatitlan: Mexican and American Cultures Intertwined (J. Pinto Books.) He designed “Magic Realism in Kingsbridge,” a series of public artworks in glass for the 231st Street subway station #1 line, commissioned by the MTA. www.feggo.com

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