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Three Dimensions of History

Take a 3D audio guided tour of the Wesleyan Chapel where the first women's rights convention was held in 1848.

Explore the Hunt House, the Stanton House and the Wesleyan Chapel in interactive 3D detail.


Why Seneca Falls?
“Why Seneca Falls?” examines transportation, industry, culture, religion, social reforms, and connections to tribal peoples that all shaped Seneca Falls in 1848, creating the perfect breeding ground for free-thought and a drive for revolution that resulted in the 1848 Women’s Rights Convention. This project comes to us from the work of intern Mary Frasier through the Brian C. Pohanka Internship, Civil War Institute, Gettysburg College.

The 1848 Convention
“The 1848 Convention” storymap looks at the 5 organizers of the 1848 Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, NY, the organization of the event, and its proceedings. It also features the grievances and resolutions found in the Declaration of Sentiments. Frederick Douglass, the only documented attendee of color, spoke in favor of woman’s suffrage and is included here as well. We also look briefly at the after effects of the convention, including the 19th Amendment. Packed full of resources on our Park properties and women’s history, this story map is not to be missed! This project comes to us from the work of Maria Smith, Summer 2020 intern through the Cultural Resource Diversity Internship Program (CRDIP).

Women's Suffrage and the Ratification of the 19th Amendment
Womenin America fought for suffrage--the right to vote--for over a century. Organized efforts to demand the vote began in 1848 at the Seneca Falls Convention in New York. By 1919 women pressured Congress to pass the 19th Amendment, which outlawed discrimination against voters on the basis of sex. Inorder to become law, 36 states had to ratify the amendment. trce the journey of ratificationin this StoryMap.

Street View

Visitor Center & Wesleyan Chapel 360°
Virtual tours offer a unique 360° perspective of locations within the park. Please click on the link below to check out the Google Street View and guide yourself through the inside of the Visitor Center and the Wesleyan Chapel.

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