Underground Railroad Connection

This section is based on an exhibit produced by park staff in 2000. This first page introduces six more, the links to each are found at the bottom of the page.

Underground Railroad Connections with the
First Women's Rights Convention

The five women organizers of the First Women’s Rights Convention were all self-identified abolitionists. They were either married to prominent abolitionist leaders or worked in leadership roles of female anti-slavery societies. The national leaders and philosophers of the abolition movement were their personal friends.

All of the organizers had knowledge of the Underground Railroad. This exhibit explores the connections between the Underground Railroad and the lives of these women abolitionists. It provides a greater understanding of why they would tap into the Underground Railroad network to find support for the new women’s rights movement that they began in Seneca Falls.

Underground Road?
African American Participation in the Underground Railroad
Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Underground Railroad
The Underground Railroad and the Convention
"In defense of Woman and the Slave..."
Significant Events of the Underground Railroad

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