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Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Women’s Rights (Middle School Field Trip)

Photograph of the Elizabeth Cady Stanton House.
The Elizabeth Cady Stanton House.


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In this field trip, you class will explore the birth place of the women's rights movement.The program will begin in our visitor center with a 25 minute orientation film "Dreams of Equality."Afterwards, the class will explore our First Wave statue exhibit with a park ranger.The program includes an exploration of the park's museum.A scavenger hunt program for middle school students is available to use in the museum.The class will also tour the Wesleyan Chapel with a park ranger, site of the Seneca Falls Convention, and the Elizabeth Cady Stanton House where Elizabeth raised a family while planning strategies for the women's rights movement.

Consider using the Bad Romance: Women's Rights Online Lesson Plan for a pre or post-visit activity.


Community, Constitutional Amendments, Constitutional Law, Education, Historic Preservation, History, Immigration, Slavery, Women's History
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