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Women's Rights National Historical Park looks to serve teachers and learners the best way we can. If you have reviewed or shared any of these programs with students, please do not hesitate to share thoughts and feedback with our Education Program. These activities have been designed to be shared with students as virtual Synchronous and ASynchronous experiences and allow for Ranger Interaction.
Exercises available for:

  • virtual classroom collaborative learning
  • virtual independent learning - longer virtual assignments
  • face to face and in-class virtual learning

Find all downloadable plans and materials below the summaries.


(3 Exercises ranging from 4th – 12th Grade)

For this Activity, each learner in a group of five will research one historic event and create a concept slide to share among their group. The result will be a mini-timeline of five historic events.

In each group, at least one is a notable event of the early Women’s Movement. This exercise asks a small group of learners to envision those notable events in context, alongside more universally known moments in history. All events on this timeline occur in approximately a 75 year period between the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention and the 1920 Ratification of the 19th Amendment.

Multiple options for this exercise have been offered at most grade levels.

(3 Exercises ranging from 4th – 12th Grade)

This two-part exercise was designed to foster an understanding of privileges and how they were acquired in 19th Century America, and today.

After it’s decided which are rights and which are privileges, a full class discussion on Rights and Privileges, five groups are created. Each group will represent one person who participated in planning and hosting the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention. How has this person acquired privileges? (fought for or granted, etc.) How have they acted as an ally? How have they influenced others toward a cause?

Note to educators: There are options available for the completion of this exercise.

Independent/Individual Learning

We’ve created the same exercise for Individual Learners to decide on their own what is a right and what is a privilege. Educators may choose to assign this exercise to learners as an independent/individual assignment.

  • In this variation, independent learners’ complete part two entirely on their own, learning about each of the five participants, the privileges afforded them in 1848, and how they influenced others toward a cause.
  • This method can also be accomplished collaboratively in groups of five. Each group will complete the Rights and Privileges portion collaboratively. Each member of the group will represent one person who participated in planning and hosting the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention.

(2 Exercises ranging from 6th – 12th Grade)

Students navigate provided links to online sources to answer questions about the key details of the 1848 Women’s Rights Convention and the larger Women’s Movement. Students will use social media in a creative way to demonstrate what they have learned.

(2 Exercises ranging from 6th – 12th Grade)

Students will research Suffragists. Students will choose one suffragist, and act as the Social Media Manager for that Suffragist by creating posts that highlight that Suffragists’ story on a platform of their choice.

(3 Exercises ranging from 4th – 12th Grade)

How can key moments or themes from the Women’s Movement be conveyed through the creation of an at home exhibit? In this exercise, students will use objects they find in their homes to curate their own Women’s Movement museum exhibit. The museum exhibit will demonstrate the participants understanding of a key theme or important event, as well as link their exhibit to other events in the movement. How can students connect different themes and moments across the movement through their exhibit?

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