Looking Toward the Future...

Impaired hearing should not be a barrier to successfully enjoying your national parks. Other interpretive activities await the more adventurous visitor at Wind Cave National Park.

In the summer, there are two-hour cave tours by candle lantern, reminiscent of tours from the early years at Wind Cave. These are available by advanced reservations and are limited to 10 people, ages 8 and older. Also, in the summer, there are four-hour wild cave tours, involving crawling and climbing in the cave wilderness! There is but one of these tours daily, limited to ten people, aged 16 and older, by advanced reservation. For both candlelight and wild cave tours, a visitors' hands are much occupied with getting through the cave safely, so communicating with sign language would be difficult. However, to date, many hearing-impaired, sign-language speaking visitors have successfully participated in the spelunking tour. We know of deaf cavers in the cave exploring community. It can be done! With careful planning and attention paid to safety details, more opportunities await hearing impaired visitors to Wind Cave National Park.

Please let people you know in the hearing-impaired community know of the opportunities that exist here.

Thank you, and have a safe and enjoyable visit.


Last updated: April 10, 2015

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