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Cyclist riding a bicycle on a highway
Bicycling at Wind Cave National Park

NPS Photo by Jim Pisarowicz

Bicycling in Wind Cave National Park offers visitors a great opportunity to experience and enjoy the abundant resources of the park. There are several different habitats, prairie forest and riparian, with a variety of plants and animals within the park.

Bicycling is limited to established park roads. Off road bicycling is not permitted, this includes all park trails.

Bicyclists can ride comfortably on US Hwy 385 as it has wide shoulders. State Route 87 north through Wind Cave NP and Custer State Park is winding and narrow with little room for bicyclists. Bicyclists should take precautions when on this road.

Bicyclists may also travel on the backroads of Wind Cave National Park NPS 5 and 6. These roads provide visitors with a great opportunity to experience the prairie areas of the park.

Bicyclists should be aware that wildlife roam freely throughout the park. Please be aware that all animals are wild and visitors should respect them by giving them plenty of space. Bison (buffalo) can be particularly dangerous. They can run 35 miles per hour and may weigh a ton.

Last updated: December 22, 2017

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