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Wind Cave National Park - Aerial Photography
Wind Cave National Park - Aerial Photography



Aerial Photography

The most recent aerial photographs of the park were taken in 2002. These images are a great resource to use simply as hard-copy photographs. When the images are georeferenced (which allows a computer to locate the image in the correct position with reference to maps) they become even more valuable. Taken a step further, these photos can be 'spliced' together to form a mosaic. Mosaicing is the process of joining georeferenced images together to form a larger image or set of images. That's what Peter Budde, our Regional GIS Coordinator has been able to do for us through the efforts of the University of Wisconsin. This complete image, or orthophoto, is available as part of our growing library of GIS data. Because of the large file size it has been compressed with the software MrSid, MG3 ("MrSid Generation 3"). This type of compression is fairly new technology which requires an update to anyone using the GIS software. This update, or patch, has already been sent to most GIS users via email. If you would like to see a printed copy of the new orthophoto, one is posted in the hallway outside of Dan Foster's office.

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