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Caver standing on top of a rock in a large room know as Southern Comfort.
Southern Comfort

Photo by Art Palmer

Wind Cave has always been a world class natural resource. However, it was not until explorers first entered, and then continued to push further underground, that the significance of Wind Cave began to be realized.

When most people think about the importance of Wind Cave they tend to focus on boxwork, the winds at the cave entrance, or the cave's vast length. Over many years of exploration and mapping, Wind Cave has grown to be one of the world's largest known caves. Currently 147.7 miles of passages have been mapped in Wind Cave. This places Wind Cave as the third longest cave in the United States and fifth longest cave in the world. As people explore the cave, they learn more about the geology and formation of the cave, and about how it became the world-class resource that it is today.


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Dogtooth Spar | Flowstone/Dripstone | Frostwork |
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