Abstract - Wind Cave National Park Bird Location Guide

Laycock, Michael G. and Hetlet, Lynn Allen. 1983. Wind Cave National Park Bird Location Guide. 34 p.


This guide is designed to assist birders unfamiliar with the area in finding the most productive birding spots in the park. Birds listed as occurring in individual area are not, however, restricted to them. Furthermore, the indication of abundance for a species refers to that particular area only, and is not an indication of park-wide abundance.
The guide is divided into three sections. The first is a master list of birds and an indication of the areas in which each is most commonly found.

The second section is a map of the park showing the aforementioned areas.

The third section deals with the individual birding areas. It includes a brief habitat description and also a list of the birds found there and their abundance. It also gives instructions on finding the area.

These birds have been observed in Wind Cave National Park in recent years during the summer months. Numbers following each species refer to the map and indicate where you are most likely to see that bird. If there is more than one number, the first number indicates where the species more commonly occurs.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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