Abstract - Lint in Caves

Jablonsky, Pat, Kraemer, Sandy and Yett, Bill. 1995. Lint in Caves. Proceedings of the 1993 National Cave Management Symposium. pp. 73-81.


Implications and control of lint deposits in show caves has received scant systematic study. The potentially detrimental effects of uncontrolled lint accumulations in caves includes degradation of the appearance of the cave, provision of a food source for opportunistic organisms, and even a medium for dissolving cave surfaces. A number of show caves regularly clean tour trails and cave surfaces with water and a few, use some other methods of cleaning for the abatement of lint. Plausible and useful techniques to control lint are being examined by the authors who are also studying the composition of lint by laboratory methods and the dynamics of lint movement in caves. Preliminary conclusions indicate that the most promising strategies to control lint deposits in caves involve careful attention to trail design, custodial and maintenance procedures. The applications of some "clean room" technology may also be useful.

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