Abstract - Implications of Human Use Patterns on Elk Movements and Habitat Use in Custer State Park, South Dakota

Millspaugh, Joshua J. 1995. Implications of human use patterns on elk movements and habitat use in Custer State Park, South Dakota. Progress Resport.


Research Objectives: 1) To determine elk movements [i.e., home ranges, home range overlap (seasonal and sexual variation), herd organization, and migration patterns] within CSP. 2) To determine macro and micro-habitat use, seasonal and sex/age variation in habitat use, and habitat mosaic patterns selected by CSP elk. 3) To explore the validity of the 60:40 forage:cover habitat ratio developed by Thomas et al. (1979) for CSP elk. 4) To determin the impacts of human activities on elk movements and habitat use; and to elucidate the roles of habitat types and topography on mitigating detrimental impacts of human disturbance using SPANS (SPatial Analysis System) GIS (Geographic Information System). 5) To determine physiological impacts (i.e., stress levels) of human activities on CSP elk via fecal samples.

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