Abstract - GIS Applications for Cave Management at Jewel Cave

Ohms, Rene. 2001. GIS Applications for Cave Management at Jewel Cave. 15th National Cave and Karst Management Symposium, Tucson, AZ, October 16-19, 2001.


Jewel Cave's length and complexity offer unique challenges for cave data managers. With over 21,000 survey stations and multiple databases tied to these stations, combining this information in a usable format can be an unwieldy task. GIS provides the tools necessary to quickly search for and graphically display relationships between data sets. It can also easily determine and display the cave's location in relation to other GIS layers (including surface features). At Jewel Cave, a more accurate cave-surface overlay was generated by adjusting the cave survey to fit 38 radio-located control points. ONce this was done, data sets tied to survey stations were linked to the survey data and displayed in relation to each other and to other layers in the GIS. It is now possible to perform complex queries across these large data sets and search for relationships which help us to better understand and manage the cave.

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