Abstract - Develop Preventative Measures for Future Accumulations of Cave Lint

Jablonsky, Pat, Kraemer, Sandy and Yett, Bill. 1994. Research Topic: Develop Preventative Measures for Future Accumulations of Cave Lint. Final Report; Cooperative Agreement Number: CA 1268-2-9008; Work Order Number: MNH-02; Project Number: COLR-R92-0199


The project proposal called for development of preventative measures against future accumulations of cave lint. It was necessary to define what is lint, its composition and ratios of fiber types. The mechanisms of lint introduction and distribution in caves was next examined. Once these particulars had been defined, procedures and testings of methods of preventing future accumulations could be examined. It has only been in recent years that cave managers were even aware of lint problems, and very little research on lint's impact was available. It was concluded that the most certain strategies to reduce lint accumulations involves careful attention to trail design, custodial and maintenance procedures. There is also promising potential benefits from applications of so-called clean room techniques.

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