Abstract - Check-list of the Birds of Wind Cave National Park South Dakota

Clark, William D. 1962. Check-list of the Birds of Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota. 26 p.


In the original check-list the principal sources of information were manuscript lists of birds compiled by V.H. Cahalane as a result of field work carried on from August 4, 1934 to February 14, 1935, and by Estes Suter who recorded bird observation in the years 1935 to 19037. All records were based on sight observations unless specimens are indicated. The specimens designated by number refer to birds collected by Mr. Cahalane (Nos. 1-29) or Mr. Suter (Nos. 101-158) which are incorporated in the park museum collection. All other specimens are in the U.S. National Museum, Washington, D.C. Observations recorded during recent years were made by various members of the Park's permanent and seasonal staff. A revision of the list prepared in 1937 by the former Wildlife Divison from available source material anf by Park Ranger Estes Suter.

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