Abstract - Study of the Geology and a Description of a Portion of Jewel Cave

Brown, Delmer L. 1959. A Study of the Geology and a Description of a Portion of Jewel Cave. B.S. Thesis. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. 42 p.


This report outlines a sequence of events which occurred during the formation of Jewel Cave, a description of minerals and rock deposits found in the cave, and much theory concerning the origin of the crystalline deposits found in the cave. For the portion of the Jewel Cave which was investigated, there is a detailed description, plus maps and photographs to elucidate the subject material.

Jewel Cave is located on the western flanks of the Black Hills. The formation of Jewel Cave was accomplished by solution of the Pahasapa limestone below the ground water table. Later, a calcium carbonate ornamentation was deposited followed by an epoch of resolution and a period of clay filling.

Jewel Cave contains abundant deposits of calcite ornamentation. Dripstone, flowstone, boxwork, popcorn, frostwork, and wad are also found in the cavern.

The Badger Hole Traverse begins at station A-32 at Milk River and proceeds to station 57 which is located at the precipice overlooking Room #1. Numerous auxiliary passages branch from the Traverse. Report made in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a bachelor of science degree in geologic engineering.

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