Abstract - Land Snail Survey of Wind Cave National Park

Anderson, Tamara K. 2003. Land Snail Survey of Wind Cave National Park.


Eighty-two soil samples and additional hand-collection in Wind Cave National Park yielded over two thousand gastropod specimens. the specimens represented 26 different species, including a South Dakota species of concern, Vertigo arthuri. New South Dakota state records for Gastrocopta pellucida and Vertigo tridentata were recorded. Presence of snails was related to soil temperature, but not moisture, pH, penetrance, or vegetation cover. Temperature was also related to habitat type; i.e. grasslands were significantly warmer than other habitats. A subset of samples was used to investigate differences between burned and unburned habitat. No differences between burned and unburned habitats examined were observed in the snail community, but the small sample size makes this inconclusive. Canyons, creekbeds, bases of limestone cliffs, and shrublands are important habitats for snails in the park.

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