Abstract - A History of Animal Management at Wind Cave National Park

Mogen, Kim. 1977. A History of Animal Management at Wind Cave National Park. 23 p.


The following paper was written from source materials indexed by Kim Mogen and Gail Cruse for a historical research project being conducted at Wind Cave National Park.

The census statistics of the buffalo, elk, and antelope herds, found in Appendixes A,B, and C are based on all the available information. Since the 1930's the herd counts have been estimates. Reports from some years indicate a reduction of specific number of animals, but do not always account for every animal reduced from the herds. Many times two or more differenct herd size numbers were given for one year. When the discrepancy of these figures was thought to be significant, the two or more numbers were included. For some years, no data was available on herd sizes.

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