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Junior Rangers at Wind Cave National Park

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The Junior Ranger Program is an exciting opportunity for children and their families to learn about the park. Becoming a Junior Ranger helps youngsters understand the park's ecosystems, the cave, and the animals. It also helps them learn how they can help protect all parts of our environment. Junior Ranger booklets are available at the bookstore or as a printable version below. There are activities for children up to age 12.


Wind Cave National Park's complete Junior Ranger book (3 mb) can be downloaded here. Individual pages can be found below.

Cover page

Instruction page

The National Park Story page 3

Discover Wind Cave page 4 - to complete this page research a topic from the park's website and give a brief summary of what you learned.

Scavenger Hunt Bingo page 5

Explore The Park page 6

Water is Important page 7

Private Eye page 8 - Click here for information on elk and the cave entrance. You must do pages 8 and 9.

Private Eye page 9 - Click here for information on bison, cave formations, cave explorers.

Fire Ecology page 10 You must do pages 10 and 11.

Fire Ecology page 11

Park Protectors page 12 You must do pages 12 and 13.

Park Protectors cont. page 13

What Belongs?... What Doesn't? page 14

Connections page 15

Helping at Home page 16

Picture Wind Cave page 17 to learn more about Wind Cave National Park click here

Protect Nature page 18

Official Junior Ranger Certificate page 19


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