Zebra Rock Discovery

Zebra Rock
Zebra Rock

NPS Photo by Ken Geu

Trip: On 6/6/2006 Rod Horrocks led Joey Feaster & Ajax Dalman on a survey trip to the Muddle Room in the Historic Section where they discovered some fantastic examples of zebra rock.

Trip Report: We went to the Muddle Room to push leads. We started with the JDB1 survey and surveyed a passage that paralleled the Muddle Room, ending in a balcony above JD14. We found the best zebra rock I've seen in the cave to date in the ceiling above station JDB7. This section of zebra rock was a foot high and about 5-feet long and well developed. The only place I've seen better zebra rock was outside of the park, in nearby Onyx Cave on U.S. Forest Service land. We took several pictures.

We then jumped up to JD14AB and surveyed a side lead heading south towards JDB3. We connected in between JDB2 and 3 and shot into two upper alcoves. We left a 2-foot high going lead for the next trip. We then returned to the Muddle Room and shot a short side passage from JD15. We then jumped down to JD18 and shot into upper and lower side passages that both quickly ended. We left numerous other leads just like the ones we had surveyed for a future trip. We surveyed 202 feet for the trip.

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