Yahoo Discovery

1st Trip: On 1/12/2000, Rod Horrocks led Steve Baldwin and Sammi Langendorf to the Overland Trail in the Historic Section to push a lead Steve had discovered during the Rachel Cox rescue in 1989.

Trip Report: We went to the Overland Trail to find a room that Steve Baldwin had found during the 1989 Rachel Cox rescue. We started surveying at UIA5 at a bellycrawl that had seen little traffic and was nearly virgin. This started as a sandy calcite floor that turned into a tall fissure passage that followed a fault and then went into a low, wide bedding plane crawl with gypsum sand floors. We found a dome in a large walking canyon we named Lycos Hall, which opened into a 40-foot diameter virgin upper level passage that we named Yahoo, which we didn't have time to survey. We found lots of frostwork and moonmilk in the canyon and left a dozen leads for a return trip. We surveyed 419 feet, using the YH1-25 survey designation. We closed a loop with AU1, a short side passage near the Cairn Room along the Overland Trail that was surveyed back in 1970.


2nd Trip: On 1/29/2000, Rod Horrocks led Steve Baldwin and Sammi Langendorf back to the Yahoo area in the Historic Section.

Trip Report: We went back to leads off of Overland Trail to survey the Upper-Level room Steve Baldwin named Yahoo. We surveyed up a couple of fissure climbs into virgin Upper Level cave. We found flowstone, cool air and lots of bat scratches. There was also lots of gypsum popcorn. We then surveyed into 30-foot diameter room that Steven Baldwin had climbed into from Lycos Hall and named Yahoo. We then surveyed into a 40-foot diameter virgin room connected to 1st room, where we found an upper-level fissure that skirts the edge of half of the room. We connected the survey into the PMC survey. We found a tight lead that takes off of PMC11 that opens up and goes into a large blank area on the map. We left three good leads and four tight leads. However, we didn't connect the Yahoo into the underlying Lycos Hall. Much of the cave in the area is tight, grabby and nasty. We surveyed 572 feet, bringing the total survey in this area to 991 feet.

3rd Trip: On 9/20/2000, Rod Horrocks led Steve Baldwin and Steve and Sammi Langendorf back to the Yahoo area in the Historic Section.

Trip Report: We went to Yahoo to push the last lead. It made a 100-foot loop connecting to the Dry Oasis of the PMC survey. Yahoo area is now finished. We then went to Whitney Ave to survey the pit that parallels Brown's Canyon. The canyon turned into a crawl before ending. This survey brought the total survey in the Yahoo area to 1,352 feet.

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