Wind Cave Room Names - Z



Named By


Z Box Room


?Bob Galligar, Rod O'Sullivan, Jeri Kizer, Jim Palmer, P. Kittleson A chunk of boxwork on the floor shaped like a "Z" gave this room its name. Now known as the Xerox Room.
Z's Not Enough


Rod Horrocks, Nick Myers, Chuck Iverson The surveyors finished their survey for the day just as they hit the designation EP2Z in this virgin area. Since they hit Z for the third time that day and there is still more to survey, they decided that "Z is not enough".
Zebra Chamber


John Stabler, J.D. McDonald
Zebra Dome


Stan Allison, Mike Wiles, Myk Coughlin A dome that had lots of Zebra rock in it.
Zebra Rock Rock


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler, Bob Kobza There is a large amount of zebra rock at this location (Zebra rock is a weathered bands of brownish-red and black).
Zerba Room


Larry Shaffer, Andy Armstrong, Bonny Armstrong, Sara Booth A room with lots of Zebra Rock in it. Intentionally misspelled after the typo found on the 1999 inventory sheet.

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