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W.C.T.U. Hall


W.C.T.U. Women's Christian Temperance Union (W.C.T.U.) Hall which held a meeting in this room, dedicated it in 1892. Located on the Garden of Eden tour route near Silent Lake.
Waiting Room


Alvin McDonald, John Stabler People rested in this room while the rest of their group finished climbing up the Alpine Way on their way to the Fairgrounds.


Jim Nepstad, Mike Paulick, Stan Allison, Bob Kobza A large room, 200-feet long, 20-40 feet wide and 10-20 feet high discovered over the Club Room. Wakantanka means "Great Mystery" in Lakota. It was a mystery why no one had found this large virgin room before.
Walk-In Entrance The walking-sized entrance created near the Natural Entrance that is the start of the Natural Entrance Tour Route.
Walking Room, The


James Wilson, Kevin Reynolds, Randy Brown, Eric Dutton
Walking Stick Maze


Rpd Horrocks, Ken Geu A five-foot long walking stick was found at station NS156 in this very mazey area. The stick had probably been drug into this area from the Juice Room and down the E survey in the 1890's.
Wall of Frost


Alvin McDonald
Wall Street


Mike Scholl, Dan Swenson, NeNe Wolfe Passage in the NY (New York) survey.
Wall, The


Walt Kaminski, Jim Nepstad, Marv Zaske A 30-foot high vertical wall in a large breakdown covered room.
Walmart Room


Tim Moreland, Jim Wilson, Greg Glazner, Howard Bartlett The other surveyors named this room and dedicated it to Howard in jest because he does not like the Walmart stores.
Wanderers Goal


Alvin McDonald
Wart Room


Room with loose stacked calcite blocks and a feature that resembles a wart.
Wash Boiler


Washington Boulevard


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, George Lee
Washingtons Arbor


Water Hole #1


Windy City Grotto The closest water to Base Camp 2 is this small puddle.
Watermelon Way


Jim Pisarowicz, Greg Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga Karen Rosga was the first person through this passage and had just put a watermelon Jolly Rancher candy in her mouth before going into the lead.
Way Back Room


Liz Chapman, Cory Crawford, Steve Matson, Kathy Raymond A room "way back" into the cave.
Web, The


An area with a lot of gypsum hair/needles.


Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza, Sarah Wedge A very tight vertical slot that Sarah got "wedged" in for 15 minutes.
Weird Room


Jim Pisarowicz, Shaun Larson A 30-foot diameter room with a weird combination of features, including a small pool, dried flowstone, and a ceiling of translucent crystal boxwork.
Well of Souls


Rod Horrocks, Dave Shurtz, Ryan Shurtz, Jordan Shurtz A pit at the end of a crawl off the "Map Room" which was named to keep the Raiders of the Lost Arc movie theme going.
Western Fringe


A large room on the western "fringe" of the known cave.
Wet Dreams


Dan Hansen, Steve Smith, Rob Phillis A very actively dripping formation area with bacon, soda straws, stalagmites (2.5'), & helictites.
Whale Belly, The


Tim Lindholm, Becca Bear, Tom Shelby, Ally Christie, Kreg Hamburger, Doug Pflugh
What the Hell Lake


Stan Allison This was the expression from the cavers who initially came upon this small lake in 1996. It is located in a previously dry passage that had been known for over 20 years. This lake rose to the point that it sumped the route to the main Lakes area and the deep point in the cave in July of 1999.
What! Yeah!


Jason Walz, Jessie Mann, Chris Dale These are Lil' Jon lyrics that came to mind when the group looked down into the 30' deep x 20' wide x 25' long chasm.
Wheezer, The


Stan Allison, Myk Coughlin A crawl with strong airflow.
Whine Cellar, The


Jim Wilson, Bill Yett, Aaron Birenboim, Dina Venezky A large, low ceilinged passage discovered at the end of the survey trip that reminded Dina of her fathers Wine Cellar. The taller members of the group complained about having to survey it at the end of the day, thus the spelling.
Whine Room


Bill Hawn, Bob Phillips, Murray Vogel, Steve Huck, Vern Carison A large, low-ceilinged room that the surveyors were complaining about the low ceiling.
Whinning Stair


Bill Hawn, Bob Phillips, Murray Vogel, Steve Huck, Vern Carison
Whiskey Bottle Room


Jack Throssell This room was named for an old whiskey bottle which was found in it.
White Chocolate Mousse


Steve Smith, Ben Gaiser, Joe Vantook A white formation area near Wet Dreams.
White Coral Room


Phil Dodge, Gordon Messling, Rod O'Sullivan, Chuck Bertsch A room/hall that has white walls.
White Denial


Carl Bern, Jeff Goben, Amy Johnson, Christa Schnieder A too tight lead that is covered with white frostwork.
White Elephant


A.F. McDonald, Alfred Matt
White Gates


Alvin McDonald
White Guano Climb


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza An up-climb with white colored sand on its ledges that looked like white guano.
White Hall


L.C. Faris, Frank Halden, Charlie Roe Also called the Animal Cracker Room or the Rookery.
White Rock Room


Dave Lester, Rich Wolfert, Bryan Smith, Bob Stucklen A 42-foot diameter, 4-6 foot ceilinged room with a white rock sitting in the middle of it.
White Rose Chamber


Alvin McDonald, C.S. McDonald, C.F. McBride
White Room


Alvin McDonald
White Socks Only

White Rose Chamber


Alvin McDonald, C.S. McDonald, C.F. McBride Located below the Garden of Eden.
White Whale, The


Chris Amidon, Erin Niedringhaus, Alison Caryle This passage had beautiful white formations and airflow that suddenly slammed shut, preventing the surveyors from continuing, like Ahab's chase of Moby Dick.
White Zinfindel


Jason Walz, Larry Shaffer, Daryl Stisser, Cheryl Stisser Everything is white and beautiful in this lower-level fissure passage, like the fine white wine known as White Zinfindel.
Whitney Avenue


Alvin McDonald, J.D. McDonald, Josie Moss, Robert B. Moss A narrow "oven" type of passage that connects Browns Canyon with Monte Cristos Palace.
Widows Rock


Gene Kremer, Mark Wickham, Scott Lagaard, Dave Trumm, Craig Miller, Gene Kremer A large breakdown rock that shifted sometime during 1991. Located below the gypsum spiders.
Wiggle Hole


John Scheltens, Ken Allgier, Louise Hose 80 feet of tight passage beyond SE262.
Wild Berry Pit


Verne Carlson, Kevin Smith, Steve Smith, Becky Ward A hazardous 39-foot pit.
Wiley Coyote Canyon


Rod Horrocks, Doug Werner, Mark Rabin, Kevin Nimmo This lower level vertical maze had several pedestals and slot canyons, reminding Doug of the scenery in the Wiley Coyote cartoon.
Wind Cave Chimes

Wind Gate


John Scheltens, Miles Hecker A strong breeze can often be felt in this passage.
Wind River Circle


Alvin McDonald The route that connects the Specimen Route, Wind River Chamber, and Guides Discovery.
Wind River Chamber


Alvin McDonald, J.M. Moore This room was originally called the Wind River Circle but is now known as Room Draculum.
Wind River Circle


This room was later called the Wind River Chamber but is now known as Room Draculum.
Wind Tunnel


Carl Grundstroh, Kathy Harrison, Ray Lahti, Steve Matson This passage, on the way to Disappointment Chamber, often has very strong breezes moving through it.
Winding Stairs


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn This exposed climb leads from the Calcite Jungle up to the Club Room on the Club Room Loop. It twists around on its way up. Resurveyed by John Scheltens 08/01/70.
Winding Way


Alvin McDonald, Robert Norcutt, William Ranger
Windsor Gallery


Alvin McDonald, Robert Norcutt, William Ranger
Windy City Lake


Chris Hill Named after the Windy City Grotto, who discovered this lake. The largest body of water yet discovered in Wind Cave. In 1999, the water table rose to the point that this lake merged with Calcite Lake.
Windy Dungeon


Chris D. Gerow, Rich A. Brame, Joe D. Austin Lower level cave off of Monument Hall.
Wine Cellar


Jim Wilson, Eric Dutton, Randy Brown, Kevin Reynolds A large room discovered by the survey crew.
Wisker Hollow


John Scheltens, Rick Burk, Dave Springhettil
Witches Enchantment


Alvin McDonald?
Wood Pile


Woodman Hall


The M.W.A. dedicated this room along the candlelight tour route.
Woop-Dee-Do Crawl


Rod Horrocks, Derek Wolfe, Jim Lawton A 20-foot long, awkward, vertical slot crawl that connects Spar Heights with Loose Cannon Run. Named by the very skinny 16 year old, Derek, after he saw the other members of the trip struggle through the slot.
Workman Hall


Dedicated by the Grand Lodge of South Dakota (A.O.U.W.). "Workman" references the (Association of United Workingmen). Originally known as the Marble Quarry. Now known as the Bachelor Quarters.
Worlds Fair Administration Building


Worm Ranch


John Scheltens, Marc Lamphere, Mike Fancik
WOW Passage


Jim Nepstad, Larry Johnson, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler When Darren Ressler first crawled into this passage he let out a loud "Wow!" Everyone agreed as the passage had 60-foot high ceilings.
Wretched Hole


Jim Pisarowicz, Warren Netherton, Andi O'Conor This is a very, very tight belly crawl with lots of boxwork to catch one's cloths. A truly wretched route!
Wrong Way Room


Jeff Goben, Carl Bern, Greg Springer A short passage off of Mule Creek Junction that was not the main way on.
WTF Hall


Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Bob Kobza, Marc Lamphere A large passage looked down into by Bob, who was sure they had discovered a new room. However, Darren was sure it was an earlier passage the survey party had been in. Bob climbed around and confirmed that it was the earlier discovery. Another "Twilight Zone" experience.

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