Wind Cave Room Names - T



Named By


T-Bears Den


Jim Pisarowicz, Tom Farrell Named after Tom Farrell, who's nickname is T-Bear.
T.P.A. Headquarters



Alvin McDonald, Charles Holmes, O.F. McBride Large room on the Candlelight Tour that leads to the Pearly Gates. Alvin knew this room as the second largest in the cave.
Taco Hole


Dave Springhetti, Carol Laskot, Mark Stock, L. Lewis A hole checked out to its bitter end by all four Pahasapa Grotto members on the same trip.
Tadpoles Delight


Harry Burgess, R. A. Brame, Joe Austin, Graham Wadds, Kelly Morrison, Scott Bentley, Josh Kantawite, Doug Giffin An awkward squeeze that is 2' x 1' that has a a breeze blowing through it.
Talon Room


Tim Moreland, Rich Speaert, Mary Klacs A small formation at this junction reminded the surveyors of an eagle's talon.
Tangent, The

Stan Allison, Myk Coughlin, Mike Wiles 700 feet of mostly walking cave that dead ended.
Taskmaster Room, The


Paul Fowler, Jason Walz, Time Moreland, Marjoir Johnson This 45' x 50' foot diameter room, with a pillar in the middle, that was named in honor of the very demanding trip leader on the trip. This new room was found on the north edge of the cave.


Chris Gerow A tight squeeze between Wall Street and the Way Back Room. Named because of the "squeeze" it puts on Wall Street.
Taylor Shop


Rod Horrocks, Nick Myers, Matt Truitt, Belinda Fox A room where everything is covered with subaqueous coatings and everything grabs at clothes. Rod and Nick ripped their clothes during the trip and needed to go to the "tailor's shop". The spelling of "Taylor" was after Jimmy Taylor, the Superintendent that retired a few days before the trip.
Telescope Room

Named for a conulite in a false floor with a hole clear through it.
Temple of Doom


Jim Wilson, Seth Spoelman, Howard Bartlett, Stuart Marlatt A 22-foot diameter room named to keep the Egyptian naming theme of the area.
Temple, The


Alvin McDonald, Robert B. Moss The original name of this room was Sceneries of Wicklow and later the Masonic Temple.
Tennis Court


Alvin McDonald, J.M. Moore The boxwork in the ceiling and walls of this room resemble the netting of a tennis net.
Terra-Cotta Trail


Rod Horrocks, Dave Shurtz, Ryan Shurtz, Jordan Shurtz A 370-foot long straight tube that has hard brownish-orange floors. This passage was discovered from the Arcane Rift and is 50-feet above the Natural Entrance Tour Route, stretching from Lenas Arbor to Miltons Study.
Terris Poke Pit


Jim Pisarowicz, Mike Laycock, Terri Marceron When Terri Marceron climbed down into this room, pulling the survey tape to set up a point, she got poked in the rear by a rock sticking out of the floor.
Texas Rock


A large breakdown block located below the Fairy Palace fissure.
The Foul Spark Plug


Derek Wolfe, Dan Mottinger, Donna Swigert
The Road to Nowhere


Jim Wilson, Tim Moreland, Skip Withrow, Dan Bryce A passage that ended in a 20-foot diameter room, with no leads.
Thieving Bastard Canyon


Evan Anderson, Stephen Lester, Paul Burger A canyon named after the Paul lost his set of instruments and then a pencil, spending a lot of time looking for each one, before the instruments were found around Evans neck and the pencil in Stephens pocket. Paul in expiration exclaimed, "thieving bastards".
Thighbone Room


Jim Wilson, Skip Withrow, Barbara Smith, Greg Glazner Located in the extensive discoveries off the Elbow Room that filled up a large blank area on the map.


Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza, Stan Allison, Harry Burgess A tight awkward squeeze around a corner.


Paul Burger, Skip Withrow, Stan Allison
Thousand Foot Maze


Rod Horrocks, Derek Wolfe, Jonathan Brinson Rod experienced his first 1,000-foot survey day in Wind Cave in this virgin maze.
Three Battery Pit


Darren Ressler, Jim Nepstad, Coleen Walter, Erik Major
Three D Crawls


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Kevin Frasier A series of low crawls that led to the Dreamland area. Also known as Darrens Democratic Discovery.
Three Fingers Room


There are three small passages from this room to the Star Café, thus the name. Named during a N.O.L.S. expedition.
Three Way Stairs


Three sets of stairs leave from this point in the cave along the tour trail. Name derived from CCC records dating to 1933. Also known as the Bridge of Sighs.
Three-Pocket Hole


Jim Pisarowicz, Curt Broeker, Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga When Curt Broeker crawled through this tight hole he ripped 3 pockets off his coveralls.
Throne, The


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti
Thumbs Away


Mary Laycock, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga The first station in this room used Karen Rosga's thumb for the survey target.
Thunder Dome


Verne Carlson, Steve Smith, Bill Hawn, Bob Phillips
Thunder Dome, Beyond


Verne Carlson, Steve Smith, Bill Hawn, Bob Phillips A small dome beyond Thunder Dome.
Ticket Office


Alvin, Elmer, J.D. McDonald, George Stabler
Tiller Room


Rod Horrocks, Roger Harris, Duff McCafferty A pendant in this room reminded the surveyors of a part of a rudder of a boat named a tiller.
Timber Wolfe


Time Warp Alley


Jim Clark, Stefan Scherer, Veronica Stahl
Times Square

Tin Can Room


Rod Horrocks, Ken Geu A room with a 1890's baking powder can sitting on a rock. This room is part of the Walking Stick Maze.
Titantic Room


Chris Hill, Nelson Kuniansky, Steve Nordstrom, John Scharres Long hall located just beyond the Iceberg.
Toboggan Slide


Alvin McDonald A steeply sloping passage.
Toilet Bowl


Mark Stock, Lester Lewis
Toilet, The


Don Denton, Christian George, Aaron Zumpf
Toll Gate


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Mike Wiles The small hole which led to the discovery of the Silent Expressway.
Toll Plaza


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Mike Wiles Located just beyond the Toll Gate.
Tom Paine


An awkward tight spot located on the pink and black trail to the Colorado Grotto section.
Tomb of Isis


Jim Wilson, Seth Spoelman, Howard Bartlett, Stuart Marlatt A 22-foot diameter room named to keep the Egyptian naming theme of the area.


Kathy Bogan, John Ethridge, Randy Olson, NeNe Wolfe A flat piece of chert lying on the floor in this area resembles a tombstone to these NOLS surveyors.
Tonsil, The


Ed LaRock, Andy Flurkey, Mike Behn
Toon Town


Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Mike Goughlin, Mike Wiles An extremely mazy section.


Alvin McDonald
Tosty Overlook


Rod Horrocks, Dennis Laird, Stacy Tostrup, Darren Wells This room, which overlooks the Loose Screw Room, was named after Stacy's family nickname, "Tosty".
Tough Decisions


Jim Pisarowicz, Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Bob Kobza A junction room near the Bagel Bowl where it was difficult to decide which direction to go as all the leads looked good.
Tower Chambers


Jason Walz, Ajax Dalman, Chris Amidon A ten foot-high dome with flowstone and stalactites. The surveyors found "E. L. McDonald A. F. McDonald discovered the tower Chambers of the Stalactite Route: Dec. 15, 1890" (sic) scratched in the corrosion residue.
Toxic Waste Dump


Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Bob Kobza, Marc Lamphere A very difficult boxwork-covered, 100-foot fissure climb on the TW survey, Toxic Waste. The surveyors had been discussing toxic waste earlier in the trip.
Tractor Seat


Transgressors Avenue


Alvin McDonald
Transition Lake


Chris Hill Located between Calcite Lake and Windy City Lake.
Tri 40 Room


Don Coons, Dave Jones, Bob Reinstatler Three different surveys enter this room, each on the 40th survey station.
Tri Column Sandway


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti Named for 3 columns at station KY549.
Tribble Hole


Donna Lehman, Bonnie Ann Burdett A six-foot long crawl that is 12" x 16" at CSE10. From the cuddly furballs named "Tribbles" on the popular Star Trek TV series.
Tricky Dicks Cabinet


Bonny Armstrong, Chris Amidon, Andy Armstrong, Erin Niedringhaus The surveyors of this room felt rather surprised and shady for stumbling into such a nice unsurveyed passage in the Historic Section, like Richard Nixon's cabinet during his impeachment.
Trilby Foot


Preident of the S.D.F.W.C. 1901 At this spot, located in the eastern arm of the Fairgrounds, the president of the South Dakota Federation of Women's Clubs put down her foot on allowing anyone to take relics from Wind Cave.
Triple Digit Room


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz The spot where the WQ survey went into triple digits.
Tubular Passage


Garry Petrie, Pat Seiser, Norm Thompson
Tummy Crawl


Kathy Harrison, Carl Grundstorm, Steve Matson
Turtle Pass


A rock located between Model Room and the Crossroads that was 5 x 3 feet and resembled a turtle. It was said to be red, white, and blue in color. It was apparently destroyed during trail construction?
Turtle Room


Alvin McDonald, J.M. Moore
TV Set


A hole in the wall in this area below the Boxwork Chimney resembles the screen of a TV set.
Twelve Feet Short


Jim Nepstad, Mary Laycock, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler It was in this passage that the total length of Wind Cave came up 12 feet short of 50 miles. This set the stage for the Fifty Mile Celebration 15-16 August 1987.
Twilight Zone


Rod Horrocks, Chris Amidon The named seemed appropriate to the explorers of this new passage, especially since they were using the "TZ" survey designation.
Twin Chamber


Alvin McDonald, Joseph Duhmiel, Oscar Huff, E.L. McDonald
Twine Room


Rod Horrocks, Larry Shaffer A roome with heavy 1890's twine strung through it.
Twisted Tape Pass


Darren Ressler, Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza, Shaun Larson A 90-foot long walking passage where the survey tape got so twisted up, Darren and Bob had to perform surgery on it.
Two Cent Stope


Rod Horrocks, Dave Shurtz, Ryan Shurtz, Jordan Shurtz A small corkscrewing, paleofilled dome that was completely excavated out in 1935. In the small room at the top, a "Montegomery Ward Refund Check" for 2 cents was found tacked to the wall. The names "Virgil H. Ray Nucla, Co" and "Kelly Mitchell May 24, 1938" were written in pencil on the back of the check.

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