Wind Cave Room Names - S



Named By


S Hole, The


Evan Anderson, Steve Lester, Alex Fong
S'Neat Room


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz A room with several leads going off of it. The room was considered so neat that the explorers called it the S'Neat Room.
Sabre Tooth Pit


Greg Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Tim Schantz Tooth-like stalactites and spar crystals are located above this crumbly pit.
Sacknussens End


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza A dead end passage named from the book Journey to the Center of the Earth, where Arnie reached the center of the earth.
Sailors Delight


Alvin McDonald, A.C. McBride
Saint Domnique Chamber


Alvin McDonald, G.A. Stabler, J.D. McDonald, E.L. McDonald
Saint Georges Palace


Alvin McDonald
Saint Peters Dome


Alvin McDonald, George Lee, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam
Saints Rest


Alvin McDonald, R.C. Herbert A moderate-sized room with a large breakdown rock with calcite and frostwork on it. Surveyed on 06/28/1981 by Phil Dodge, Brenda Messling, Paul Kittelson, Tom Sheehan, and Dennis McCutcheon
Salamander Room


Rich Breisch, Lester Lewis, Brian Pease, Steve Smith A series of passages and rooms that go under Independence Hall.
Sally Ride Room, The


Louise Hose, Vi Allured, Pat Seiser
Salt Mines


John Scheltens, Ed LaRock, Andy Flurkey, Marc Lamphere An area that resembles a room and pillar salt mine because of all the pillars.
Salvation Army Drum


A projecting rock that was hit with the hand that produced a sound like a Salvation Army drum. In the Scenes of Wicklow room.
Sampsons Palace


A dome on the Historic Tour route with boxwork edges and a flowstone floor.
Sanctuary Loft


Ed LaRock, Mike Behn, Barry Berg An isolated room that Barry thought would be a good place for a person to seek sanctuary.
Sand Bog, The


Rod Horrocks, Jessica Weinman, Greg Graysay An area with deep sand and sand-filled pits that unnerved one member of the discovery party.
Sand Trap, The


Rod Horrocks, Dustin Kindred, Rob Damuth The whole UE survey is down a passage with deep sand deposits everywhere. In some places it is moist. Passages that end in sand digs are everywhere.
Sandbox, The


Marc Ohms, Rene Rogers A series of crawls below Silent Lake that have deep sand floors.
Sandcastle 09/11/2002 Jason Walz, Ajax Dalman, Chris Amidon A small passage partially filled with sand.
Sandy Beach


Alvin McDonald
Santa Clause Fissure


Santas Beard


Tom Miller, C. Brame, Jim Palmer, M. Brinkmeyer A large gypsum cotton "beard" and needles.
Santas Frosted Forest


John Scheltens, Ken Allgier, Dave Springhetti This room, which contains 25-30 logomites (hollow crystal growths caused by wind blowing out of holes in the floors) along it south wall, as well as some spectacular frostwork, was discovered near Christmas time.
Sarges Folly


Dave Anderson, Sarge Preston, Rick Bogue
Sawmill Hopper


Alvin McDonald?
Sawtooth Slither


Karla Whittenburg, Tracy Copp, Kim McVey A belly crawl with sawtooth formations (mud sickles?) everywhere.
Sawyers Sea Serpent

Located in the Castle Garden.
Scary Climb


Ted Lappin, Tim Moreland, Skip Withrow, Jim Wilson
Scary Ninja Turtle


Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza, Stan Allison, Mike Paulick
Sceneries of Wicklow


Alvin McDonald, Robert B.Moss Wicklow is a county in Ireland. This room is now referred to as the Temple.
Scheltens Water Closet


ason Walz, Daryl Stisser, Cheryl Mayer This room is part of the Base Camp 2, but was never surveyed. There is a dump site in this room that was burnt. Since this area seems like it was a waste disposal area, we named it for the organizer of the 1972 camp.
Schmale Kluft


Christiane Grebe, Ben Tobin, Jason Walz Schmale Kluft is German for "tight fissure passage". Christiane Grebe was a visiting German scientist who thought this name described the passageway perfectly.
School Room


Alvin McDonald, A.C. McBride
School Room of the South Dakota Teachers Association


The first room in the Fairgrounds. Professor Brown, the president of the association, taught 52 teachers in this room.
School Room, The


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Mike Clayton, Emma Porter
Screaming Blob of Pain


Chris Amidon, Meredith Dreyer, Valoree Varick A passage named after one of the surveyors hit her hand on a rock, causing her to scream in pain. She described her hand as a "blob of flesh" after the incident.
Screw Loose Room A survey (SL) off of the Loose Screw Room.
Sculptors Dream


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, George Lee
Sculpture Gardens


Ed LaRock, Rene Singer, Andy Flurkey, Dan Hansen This room contains clean, thin-bedded limestone bedrock with interesting shapes.
Sea Serpent


John Scheltens, Mike Wiles A 6-inch diameter rock formation which curls up from the floor for about 2 feet, resembling a snake.
Seal Rock Room


Alvin McDonald, Albert Henault This room is most commonly called the Coliseum. The room acquired the name Seal Rock Room because one of the large rocks in the room is shaped like a seal.
Seal Rocks


Seans Squeeze


Vi Schweiker, Evan Anderson, Sean Lermore A squeeze less than one foot high that leads into One Mans Room.
Secluded Spot


Alvin McDonald

Second Crossroads


This is the second crossroads reached on the Fairgrounds tour. Name originated in 1933 by the CCC. Originally known as the Crown Chamber, because of a rock that looked like a "conspicuously placed crown".
Second Helpings


Robert Phillips, Steve Smith, Evan Anderson, Renee Singer Nicely decorated flowstone and stalactite room located after the Birthday Cake and Just Deserts. Named to keep with the "desert" theme.
Seismic Hall


Marc Ohms, Rene Rogers, Joann Vokoun Large room (70' x 40') where the surveyors heard an earthquake and thus the room's name.
Selenite Avenue


John Scheltens, Mike Francik Named for the large number of gypsum needles (selenite) in this area.
Selenite Supreme


John Scheltens, Andy Flurkey, Norm Pace A small side passage with spectacular displays of selenite needles
Septaria Ceiling


Alvin McDonald
Serpent Hall


A.F. McDonald, Saura V. Smith, Mary McDonald, Fred Darlington
Serpents Heads


Alvin McDonald, Willie Crookam, M.C. Crookam
Seventh Heaven


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler, Tom Griffity, Coleen Walter The explorers were in caver heaven when they first got into this 100-foot long walking passage. In this passage, Wind Cave officially became the seventh longest cave in the world, passing up 51.27 mile long Systeme de la Coumo d'Hyouernedo of France.
Shadowy Depths


Alvin F. McDonald, Ed. S. Grantham, Chas. Ostrum, Isaac J. Williams, Robert B. Moss, Josie Moss, W.S. Bisbee, J.S. Downs, J.D. McDonald The pit entrance to Vandals Gallery in Whitney Avenue.
Shady Nook


Alvin McDonald
Shake N Bake


Carl Bern, Christa Schneider, Doug Pflugh This short hall, which is located in the Upper Middle Level, was a particularly gritty area, thus the name.
Shake Your Budda


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Amy Johnson, Jeff Goben A small steeply sloping passage located at the top of a dome above the "Master Budda".
Sharkfin Slide


Martha Kubicek, Doiug Pflugh, Tom Shields, T?m Sulser
Sharks Nose


N.O.L.S. students A pendant that resembles a sharks nose inspired this name.
Shattered Hall


J.D. McDonald, John Stabler
Shattered Hall


Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler, Shaun Larson This room, located near the top of Plummer's Pit has ceilings and walls of shattered sandstone. The original name of the room has been lost in history but was renamed Shattered Hall by Jim Pisarowicz. Surveyed by Jim on 12/20/1987.
Shattered Sky


Jim Pisarowicz This room is above Shattered Hall in Plummer's Pit. It has the same characteristics as Shattered Hall but with more paleofill. Another room whose original name has been lost, it was renamed SHATTERED SKY by Jim Pisarowicz on 21 December 1987.
Shawnee Path


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza, Shaun Larson This passage was discovered by Shaun after he had initially crawled into "Slide-Out".
Sheeps Head


An area with a chert ceiling that has a rock that resembles the head of a sheep. Also known as the Degree of Honor Hall.
Shelobs Lair


Don Coons, Andy Pilarski, Mark Stock This exceptionally beautiful example of gypsum hair resembles spider webs (Shelob was a giant, spider-like creature in J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings).
Shinbone Room


Jim Wilson, Skip Withrow, Greg Glazner, Barbara Smith Located in the extensive discoveries off the Elbow Room that filled up a large blank area on the map. Name chosen in keeping with the "kneebone" theme.
Short Cut


Tom Bean, Jim Palmer A short cut across passage between two larger passages.
Shredder, The


Sickbay, The


Rich Brame
Side Roads


Jim Nepstad, Mary Laycock, Mike Laycock, Greg Nepstad A section of the cave with passageways running side by side.
Side Track Room


Dave Lester, Randy Brown, Cheryl Scifres, Kirk Haley A pit lead that opens into a lower room, which would have to be chiseled open.
Sidewinder Crawl


Ted Lappin, Ed LaRock, Mike Behn
Silent Expressway


Tom Miller, John Scheltens, Pete Shiflett, Mike Wiles A huge passage which carries a large amount of air (hence "silent" expressway).
Silent Lake


Alvin McDonald, George Lee, M. E. Crookam, Willie Crookam Discovered by E. Crookham. When first found, this lake was hidden by a sheet of "cave ice". More recently, this lake was the site of a joke that cavers play on new cavers to Wind Cave. Because the water in this lake is so clear it is often difficult to see and new cavers invariably step in it.
Silent Struggle


Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Dawn Reed Tight crawlway off the Silent Expressway first explored by Dawn Reed, Paul
Silo Pit A round 20-foot deep pit that is 12 feet in diameter that resembles a silo.
Sitting Room


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam
Skeleton Route

Skinner, The


Stan Allison, Mike Wiles, Kelly Mathis Tight passage first crawled into by Stan Allison. Lots of airflow in the crawlway, led to much cave beyond.
Skull Crossings


Jason Walz, Bonny Armstrong, Eric Grunwald Room named for a skull-like piece of boxwork found in the room.

Sky Light


Alvin McDonald



Jan Gelfan, Jodi Johnson, Clark Wallis, Steve Matson A small room with paleofill in a dome, which one has to climb up a steep slope to get into.
Skyway Lake


John Scheltens, Ed LaRock, Mike Behn A two-foot diameter tube with a pool and flowstone in it.
Sleeze Crawl


Jim Pisarowicz, Karen Rosga A nasty, nasty crawlway which got too tight.
Slide Room


John Scheltens, Ed LaRock, Chip Dear


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza, Shaun Larson A really tight crawl that one has to literally "slide" into.


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza, Shaun Larson A small crawl that one has to slide through just beyond Slide-In.
SLT Room


Jeff Goben, Chris Schneider, Kim McVey "SLT" stands for "small, little, and tight".
Smurf Path


Jim Pisarowicz, Mike Babbitt, Warren Netherton This passage was marked with white and blue survey tape when it was first explored. The same color as the cartoon characters the "Smurfs". Leads to Garganell's Dungeon.
Snagglepuss Den


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz A standing area after coming out of some nasty crawls.
Snake Pit Entrance


John Scheltens, Warren Netherton, Dave Springhetti A dug entrance (now gated) into Wind Cave. First connected to the main part of the cave in 1984. So called because a rattlesnake was seen in this entrance passage. Originally known as Blowhole Cave.
Snow Ball Draw


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti There is an abundance of gypsum snowballs, flowers, and popcorn in this area.
Snow Ball Hall


John Scheltens There is an abundance of gypsum snowballs, flowers, and popcorn in this passage. Also called the Milky Way.
Snow Bank


Alvin McDonald
Snow Budda Room


Cyndi Mosch, Mike Goar, Rich Wolfert, Skip Withrow A room with a heavily encrusted 35-foot diameter sediment cone (or budda).
Snow Canyon


Alvin McDonald
Snow Chute


Ken Allgier, John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti This is a narrow, sloping passage with several inches of aragonite snow.
Snow Room


A room in the middle of Half Mile Hall that is highly decorated with frostwork on small mounds of popcorn that resemble christmas trees.
Snowball Room


An area where moonmilk globs resemble snow balls adhering to the walls and ceilings.
Snowdrift Avenue


Alan Howard Named for the large quantities of aragonite frostwork found along the walls of this room.
Snowdrift Lane


John Scheltens, Alvin McLane

Drifts of aragonite snow up to 3-feet thick can be seen in this area.
Snowmans Heaven


Alan Howard Moonmilk has the consistency of cottage cheese in this area. The Windy City Grotto cavers made <8" high "snowmen" out of this moonmilk with matchsticks for arms. They were "cleaned" up by a NOLS group.
Snowmens Castle


Rod Horrocks, Seth Spoelman, Jay Kennedy A room with a huge breakdown block in the middle (Castle) and some historic "snowmen and an igloo" in a side alcove that were made out of moonmilk deposits by unknown persons.
Snowshoe Road


Jason Walz, Ben Tobin, Andrea Croskrey, Johanna Kovarik In plan view on the sketch, these lower level fissures looked like a snowshoe to the surveyors.


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti An area with real nice popcorn and frostwork.
Snowy Arch


Alvin McDonald, A.C. McBride
Snowy Arch Room


Carl Bern, Amy Johnson A frostwork lined crawl had the words, "Snowy Arch" scratched over its entrance. It was near an Alvin McDonald signature.
Snurd Room


Mark Stock, Carole Loskot, John McArdle This room derives it name from John Scheltens' term for logomites ("snurds"), which are found in this area. "Snurd" comes form Edgar Bergen's puppet Mortimer Snurd.
Snurds in Exile


John Scheltens, Ken Allgier, Dave Springhetti A group of logomites are found in this, the north end of the House of the Fallen Snurd, area, away from the fallen logomite.
Soda Straw Forest

Soda Straw Forest


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn A calcite covered projection that resembled a serpent's head. Called "Hodags" in other parts of the country, this mythical cave beasts (calcite covered projections) are said to grab your leg as you pass or drop rocks on your head. Jim Thompson came up with the term after a multi choice geology test he took where answer D to soil creep was a mythical creature that lives underground.
Solifluction Room


Chris Amidon, Erin Niedringhaus, Alison Carlyle Named after the geologic term for slowing moving permafrost due to melting. Erin thought the breakdown reminded her of this process.
Solomons Temple


Alvin McDonald, A.C. McBride

A flowstone area along the paved tour route.
Something Crunchy


Chris Amidon, Ajax B. Dalman A crawl that crunched as the surveyors crawled over it.
Sound Barrier


Herb Conn, Jan Conn, Fred Devenport An upper level passage that was named because cavers shouting between 2 survey stations 60 feet apart in this area can be seen but not heard. The ceiling is composed of dissolution residue. A persons finger would sink in an inch into the rock. Resurveyed on 12/29/1971 by Carole Loskot, Mike Francik, & Mark Stock.
Sounding Rock


A large rock fin that rings when struck with the fist. Also known as His Satanic Majesty's Call.
South Circle


Alvin McDonald, J.M. Moore
South Dakota Federation of Womens Clubs (S.D.F.W.C.)


A feature in this room, named "Trilby Foot", was where the president of the club, "put her foot down on allowing anyone to take relics from the cave". A rock with "S.D.F.W.C. 1901" was found in 1956 when some work was being done in the area.
South Dressing Room


Alvin McDonald
Southern Comfort


Jim Nepstad, Mike Wiles, Stan Allison, Paul Burger This huge passage went 650 feet further south than any known passage at that time.
Spaghetti Bowl


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Ken Allgier, Mike Wiles Named for Dave Springhetti, whose nickname is "Spaghetti" by people that can't pronounce his name. Dave found the way into this part of the cave.
Spanish Dome

Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson Named because of all the colors present in the dome. Located in the Navidad area.
Spanish Trail


Don Coons, Bob Reinstatler So named because the survey running through this area is the ST ("Spanish Trail") survey.
Spar Heights


Rod Horrocks, Derek Wolfe, Jim Lawton A passage with dramatic 1 1/4" clear spar and 50-foot deep pits that connect to the Multipurpose Room, thus the "spar" and "heights".
Spar Room


Jon Hollman, Aaron Birenboral, Randy Winans, Ryntha Johnson Room with dog tooth spar.
Spar Tooth Chamber


Ed Crawford, Jens Munthe, John Pollack So named because of the abundance of vugs with dog tooth spar. Also referred to as Atlas Underground Hempworks.
Sparkler, The


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz An area with walls, floors, and ceilings coated with a sparkling coat of gypsum luster.
Sparkling Alley


A. F. McDonald
Sparkler, The


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz An area with walls, floors, and ceilings coated with a sparkling coat of gypsum luster.
Specimen Rock


Alvin McDonald? In the Amphitheater.
Specimen Route


Alvin McDonald, Elmer McDonald Alvin McDonald and others used to collect specimens along this route. These formations were then sold on the surface for souvenirs. This practice was stopped when Wind Cave became a national park. Also known as the Spiral Stair Traverse.? Throssell 10/01/79
Spedoinkal Dome


Chris Amidon, Abby Tobin, Scott Babinowich, Kristen Schulte The surveyors felt "spedoinked" after climbing back out of this lead. The term is a nonsense word from the musical Hannibal the Cannibal.
Spillway, The


Herb Conn and Dave Schnute This belly crawl was the key find that opened up the western part of Wind Cave. Discovered by Herb Conn and Dave Schnute, it was named by someone else between 1965-1969. Until 1986 this passage was the only route from the eastern to western sides of the cave.
Spiral Stair Traverse


Also known as the Specimen Route.
Spiral Stairs


The "spiriling" stairs below the natural entrance.
Split Level Fissure


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza An area with false floors broken out 4 feet above the "real" floor. The surveyors had to walk below the false floors.
Split Vote


Evan Anderson, Derek Wolfe, Shawn Kramer Named while the 2000 presidential election tie-up was going on in Florida. This passage had a upper and lower level. Both were surveyed.
Spook Alley


Rod Horrocks, Jay Kennedy, Chris Ingerbretsen A series of walking-height rooms with a high fissure ceiling. Named after the surveyors found a 10/31/1897 Chicago newspaper during a 10/31/2000 survey trip with a news crew from the ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings TV show. Considered a weird coincidence that a Halloween paper from 103 years before would be found on Halloween evening.
Sportsman Delight

Squeegee, The


Jason Walz, Heather Veerkamp, Chris Amidon, Sarah Petite A tight squeeze.
Squids Closet


Jason Walz, Chris Vollmer, Bastian Schulte, Seth Spoelman Chris, who is a navy diver who are called "squids", was the only one to fit into this small area.
SRO Room


Jim Pisarowicz, John Gookin, Matt Soete, Geoff Williams The only area after a long series of crawlways where one person could stand up (Standing Room Only).
SSS Squeeze


Robert Tauey, Paul McFarland, Sarah Seaman "Sara's Solo Squeeze" (SSS) was named because Sarah was the only person that could fit through the squeeze at the southwest end of the Cakewalk.
St. Dominic Chamber


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, George Lee The words "St. Dominic Chamber" are smoked on the ceiling of this room.
St. Georges Palace


Alvin McDonald
St. Peters Dome


Alvin F. McDonald, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, Geo. W. Lee
Stabler Pass


Stablers Hall


Stablers Lake


Alvin McDonald, John Stabler Named for its discoverer, John Stabler.
Stalactite Route


Alvin McDonald Near Crystal Palace?
Stalactite Sitting Room


Kathy Harrison, Carl Grundstorm, Steve Matson
Stalactites Galore


Marc Ohms, Rene Ohms, Andy Armstrong, Bonny Armstrong A profusely decorated area, covered with pure white formations of all types. The surveyors were making fun of a highway sign advertising Beautiful Rushmore Cave where they advertise "stalactites galore."
Standing Rock Chamber


Alvin McDonald A large fallen block of rock (25-feet high) on the Candlelight Tour. It is where the mind reader, Mr. Johnstone found the secteted gold pin.
Star Cafe


Kathy Bogan, John Ethridge, Gary Morgan, Randy Olson
Star Chamber


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, George Lee
Stardust Chamber


Rod Horrocks, Michelle Karle, Ari Juhala A 30 x 45-foot diameter room that has a thin floor crust covering thick deposits of fine, white, silt (the stardust). This room is connected to the smaller Comets Coma. At the time, NASA had a spacecraft named stardust that is trying to collect some comet material.
Starfish Chamber


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Emma Porter, Mike Clayton
Starfish, The


State Room


Alvin McDonald, Charles Holmes, C.F. McBride
Step Up, The


Stephensons Hall


Alvin McDonald, C.S. McDonald, C.F. McBride
Stephs Tentacle


Evan Anderson, Stephen Lester, Pat Robertson, Stephanie Haterlie
Steves Squeeze


Jim Clark, Steve Smith, Veronica Stahl
Stock Butcher


Andy Flurkey, Chris Hill, Mark Stock According to John Scheltens, "a very small, tight and bloody hole that is about 8-feet long", originally crawled through by Mark Stock.
Stolen Election Staircase


Evan Anderson, Steve Lester, Shawn Kramer A fissure named during a political discussion by the surveyors. It is in referance to George W. Bush, who won the 2000 US presidency by securing the electoral vote but not the popular vote.
Stoney Buddha Room


N.O.L.S. students A room with a large calcified "buddha" or sediment cone in it.

Stop-N-Go Tube


Rod Horrocks, Jay Kennedy, Alexis Brooks

This small tube kept looking like it would end, but then it just kept going and going, until the survey crew finally gave up when it got tight and awkard.

STP Speedway


Pat Seiser, Norm Thompson, Garry Petrie This large upper-level passage with lots of airflow was found at the top of a climb above Mammoth Canyon. STP is the first letter of each of the discovers last names. Speedway references the large flat passages.
Strait Jacket


Jim Nepstad, Paul Burger, Bob Kobza, Stan Allison A tight crawl for Bob and Paul.
Strip Joint


Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Jim Nepstad, Mike Wiles A passage formed along a prominent joint. Paul stopped to drop his pants to clean the grit out of them after pushing this gritty passage. Stan thought this play of words would be an amusing name for the passage.
Strip, The


Jim Myers, Jamie Myers, Brian Raven, Pat Smith A very nasty, ratty bellycrawl that can de-nude you.
Stroker Pit


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Shawn Kramer


Jim Nepstad, Stan Allison, Dina Venezky A three-foot high room located past the Power House.
Subtle Letdown Room


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Shawn Kramer A small room where all the pits ended.


John Scheltens Passages in this area of the cave are all identical and arranged in a city block manner.
Sucker Hall


Evan Anderson, Stephen Lester, Paul Burger A awful, grabby, tight, dead-end passage that suckered the survey team into mapping it.
Sugar Shack


Don Coons, Bob Reinstatler, Andy Flurkey A large room with powdery and sandy walls and floors.
Summer Avenue


Alvin McDonald, Robert B. Moss On any day, a nice breeze can be felt blowing down this passage, always towards the Temple. Located to the east of the Confederates Crossroads. Also spelled "Sumner Avenue".
Super Eight


Rod Horrocks, Sean Foster, Amanda Scott A double solution hole that strongly resembles the number eight inspired this name. The surveyors were also excited about making a significant discovery that headed into a blank area on the map, thus the "super" portion of the name.


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz Very large passage discovered at the same time that there were major discoveries being made in the field of super conductivity.
Sure Deal, The

Swamp, The


Evan Anderson, Steve Lester, Shawn Kramer A low, round room named because the surveyors were "stumped or mired down" in coming up with any other name.
Swiss Cheese Connection


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti The northern section of Wind Cave is an incredible maze of crumbly, weathered rock. It is often described as a maze of "Swiss Cheese". This spot is a connection between two of these mazy areas.
Swiss Scenery


Sword of Hercules


Alvin McDonald
Symphony Junction


Rod Horrocks, Roger Harris, William Harris A large junction with six large radiating passages that has a pendent on the floor that would vibrate differently when touched in different spots, creating a resonate frequency and sound waves that made different pitches. This was discovered by the surveyors who had established a survey station on the top of the pendent while they were resurveying the area.

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