Wind Cave Room Names - P



Named By


P & B's Palace


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Emma Porter, Mike Clayton


Darren Ressler, Shaun Larson, Karen Rosga A small room that had no place to sit, because everything was covered with popcorn. When Shaun first entered this area he exclaimed, "there is popcorn up the wazoo here!!" This became "P-U-Wazoo".
Padded Cell Room


Andy Flurkey, Rick Banning
Pail of Fill
Painful Pass


Llyn Peabody, Rich Oilman, Steve Matson, Alex Kazarinof A tight crawl at NN5-6.
Paint Pots


Don Coons, Andy Flurkey, Alvin McLane An area where the walls and ceiling are very colorful due to mineral stains in the limestone.
Painted Ceiling


John Scheltens, Nelson Kuniansky, Andy Flurkey
Palace Fireplace


Located in the Second Crossroads.
Palace of Plutus


Alvin McDonald
Paleo Dome


Rod Horrocks, John Harty A 20-foot diameter dome, with a 13-foot high ceiling that is an outstanding and well known example of paleofill. Located on the west edge of Omnibus Hall. Discovered by Herb and Jan Conn and Dave Schnute on July 1964, it was surveyed and named by Rod and John on 07/24/2000.
Paleo Falls


Chris Amidon, Abby Tobin, Scott Babinowich, Kristen Schulte While climbing a dome to set a survey point, Abby knocked a piece of chert which caused a cascade of paleofill, thus the name.
Paleo Loop


Ted Lappin, Mike Behn, Ed La Rock
Paleofill Palace


Steve Smith, Kevin Smith, Becky Ward A 20-foot diameter room with lots of paleofill in it.
Palette Room


Don Coons A large slab of breakdown in this room has a 3-foot diameter hole in it, making the entire slab resemble an artist's palette.


Alvin McDonald?
Palmer Avenue


Alvin McDonald
Pancake Estates


Garry Petrie, Norm Thompson, Pat Seiser A 20'x40' foot room with a one foot ceiling height.
Pancake Room


David Gerboth, Matt Kramar, Mark Wickham A low-ceilinged room located near Mud Crack Flats.
Panken Avenue


Alvin McDonald
Pant Peeler


Randy Brown, Rene Singer, Evan Anderson, Hazel Barton A tight crawl that "peeled" Randy's pants and underwear off as he crawled through.
Paper Mill


Mike Wiles, Carl Bern, Andy Poczobutt Named after some white, leathery-like flexible boxwork found in this passage.
Paradise Regained


A.C. McBride, Alvin McDonald


M.E. Crookam, Alvin McDonald
Parnells Gems


Alvin McDonald
Partition, The


Alvin McDonald
Pass D’ Keppler


Alvin McDonald
Pasta Pulverizer


John Scheltens, Ken Alliger, Dave Springhetti, Mike Wiles A miserable series of crawls from the Magic Hole to the Spaghetti Bowl.
Pattys Folly


John Scheltens, Patty Cowin A small dead end passage near Base Camp 1, that was checked when Patty's Dad boosted her up into the lead.
Pattys Junction


A junction of two calcite jungle passages.
Paul Bunyon


Mark Stock, Lester Lewis, David Springhetti On the PB or Paul Bunyon survey.
Paulas Virgin Pit


Steve Matson, Peter Shaipsota, John Sparks, Judson Ramelolyn
Pauls Place


Jim Wilson, Greg Glazner, Eric Dutton, Dennis Laird A lower level passage named for a Colorado Grotto caver Paul O'Brian who had recently died (not in Wind Cave).
Paulson Dome


Alvin McDonald
Pavillion Circle


Alvin McDonald
Peace Chamber


Doug Kent, Ken Hedrick, Chris Wooley
Peacemakers, The


Alvin McDonald
Peanut Gallery


Pearl Harbor


Rod Horrocks, Steve Baldwin, Alexis Brooks, Vickie Siegel The surveyors discovered this new room on the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The room was also coavered with thick deposits of "pearly white" moonmilk.
Pearly Gates


Alvin McDonald, Charles Holmes, C.F. McBride Large white popcorn crystals in this area resemble pearls and are located on rocks on either side of the entry into the room beyond. Also reported that it was named because Oscar Merwin thought that that is what the Pearly Gates into Heaven would look like.
Pearly Gates Annex


Alvin McDonald, Charles Holmes, C.F. McBride A series of passages that run northwest of the Pearly Gates area.
Pearly Gates Bypass


Alvin McDonald, Charles Holmes, C.F. McBride A passage that parallels the Tabernacle and leads to the Pearly Gates.
Pearly Gates Junction


Alvin McDonald, Charles Holmes, C.F. McBride The junction of the candlelight "developed" trail with the candlelight "undeveloped" trail.
Pearly Gates Route


Also known as the Candlelight Tour.
Pebble, The


Alvin McDonald This is a very, very large chunk of breakdown located at the base of the stairs leading to the Coliseum. Also called the Fallen Giant.
Pecks Pit


John Scheltens, Rick Banning, Dave Springhetti A small pit located near the Pearly Gates. Name was on a 1963 map by Daniel Fredman.
Pecks Retreat


Alvin McDonald?
Pee Bottle Hall


Jim Nepstad, Stan Allison, Carl Pagano, Rich Wolfert
Pee Heights


Rod Horrocks, Derek Wolfe, Jonathan Brinson While following his survey crew and sketching, Rod vocalized that bridging on large boxwork at the top of a five-foot wide overhung pit, that was 30+ feet deep, was "pee picking scary", thus the name.
Pee Run


Rod Horrocks, Derek Wolfe, Jonathan Brinson A passage named after the rest of the group was amazed when skinny little teenager, Derek, filled a pee bottle he borrowed from Jonathan. He had already filled his quart pee bottle and another one he had borrowed from Rod.
Pee Wees Playhouse


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Karen Rosga Fun, easy to survey passage. The night before the group had all had watched the movie Pee Wee's Big Adventure.
Peek-In Pit


Ed Pekin A play on Ed's last name?
Pelvis Room


Jim Wilson, Barbara Smith, Skip Withrow, Greg Glazner Named because the room connects several passages, much like the pelvis connects several bones in the body. In keeping with the bone theme of the area, which started at the Elbow Room.
Pendant Room


Rod Horrocks, Marc Ohms A 35-foot diameter room, known since the 1890's, that has a 10-foot high ceiling and a prominent popcorn-covered pendant protruding from the center of the ceiling. Named during Rod and Marc's resurvey of the room.
Penelopes Peek-Hole Pool


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza Small pool or lake at the end of a small fissure. One can peek into the water through a small hole.
Pennington Avenue


Alvin McDonald
Perilous Pit


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, George Lee
Permanent Chocolate Junction


Darren Ressler, Mary Laycock, Art Palmer, Peg Palmer, Michelle Youngquist, Brad Stephenson Junction to the Bubble that has a dark manganese ceiling with scratches in it. Named because of its resemblance to chocolate and because of Mary's fetish with chocolate.
Pernells Jems


Pervert Alley


Harry Burgess, Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Dave Springhetti A 10-foot wide, 8-9 inch high and 70-foot long "snaggy" crawl first traversed by Harry.
Peteys Puddle


Dave Schnute, Judy Petersen, Dennis Davenport The name derives when Judy, who went by the nickname Petey, found a small, almost dried up lake. In reference to Senator Peter Norbeck who pushed for a dam in Wind Cave National Park to be built north of the visitor's center so that the wildlife would have a source of water. However, the reservoir was built over porous rock and it never held water. Resurveyed by Don Coons, Andy Flurkey, and Alvin McLane on 07/13/1973.
Petrified Alligator


Petrified Clouds


Petrified Road Runner


Dave Lester, Rich Wolfert, Kirk Haley
Petrified Swan Room


Alvin McDonald The "swan" was broken and removed form the cave in March of 1891, which really angered Alvin McDonald as the swan was the only noteworthy feature in this room.
Petty Hole, The


Sandy Kraemer, Pat Jablonsky, Bill Yett



Named By


Phantom Flying Dutchman


Rene Rogers, Marc Ohms, Paul Burger A 250-foot long, 10-foot wide lake rediscovered by Rene Rogers. After finding this lake the team discovered a single set of foot prints on the far side of the lake. It has been speculated that these foot prints were from Alvin McDonald. Alvin reported discovering a river, which many people had discounted.
Phantom Lake


Rene Rogers, Marc Ohms, Paul Burger A 250-foot long, 10-foot wide lake rediscovered by Rene Rogers. After finding this lake the team discovered a single set of foot prints on the far side of the lake. It has been speculated that these foot prints were from Alvin McDonald. Alvin reported discovering a river, which many people had discounted.
Phase III


Colorado Grotto
Philistine Palace


Alvin McDonald, Sydia J.
Phish Bowl


Dena Venezky A round room with red clay and bright white aragonite crystals that looked like a fish bowl. Vena, who was a groupie of the rock band Phish and who dated the drummer, suggested the play on the spelling of fish.
Phone Home


Jim Wilson, Bill Yett, Aaron Birenboim, Dina Venezdy
Photographic Gallery


Alvin McDonald?
Phototropic Passage


A classic middle level boxwork passage between the Fairgrounds and the Attic.


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, George Lee A large rock at the entrance to Browns Canyon that resembles a piano.
Pickle, The


Tom Miller, Art Palmer, Peg Palmer, Janie Leroy A 15-foot high dome near Silent Lake.
Pickled Herring Atrium


Paul Burger, Stan Allison The surveyors were in a silly mood at the time, so they picked a silly name for the silly room.
Picnic Grounds


Alvin McDonald, J. Coldvion, A.J. Vagg, H.D. Worat
Pie in the Sky


Jim Nepstad, Stan Allison, Bob Kobza A small hole in the ceiling that Bob hoped led to an upper level. He finally pushed some breakdown below it on a work trip and discovered an upper level room that was 70-feet in diameter with a 40-foot ceiling.
Pile Up


Ken Allgier, Tom Miller, John Scheltens, Pete Shiflett A large pile of breakdown.
Pilgrims Lunch Room


Alvin McDonald
Pilgrims Progress


Alvin McDonald, Elmer McDonald, J.D. McDonald, George Stabler
Pine Trees


William Frith, Mark Stock? 3 1/2" high.
Pink Plumage


Alvin McDonald
Pink Slug


Jim Pisarowicz, Curt Broeker, Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga As Karen Rosga crawled through this passage she remarked that she felt like a "pink slug" (she was wearing pink tights under her coveralls).
Pinkys Passage


Pins & Needles Factory


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Andy Flurkey, Alan Williams A room with multitudes of small selenite needles.
Pipers Pig


Pit B


NPS Rangers A 70-foot deep narrow slot with sandy walls that was a "pain in the Butt", thus Pit B.
Pit Room


David Gerboth A room near the Pancake Room that has a 43-foot pit in it down to the MK survey.
Pits, The


Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga Area with many deep holes, passages going down 30-40 feet and more.
Pittease, The


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Shawn Kramer A 26-foot deep pit that gets too tight.
Pizza Hut


Marc Ohms, Myk Coughlin, Rene Rogers, Mike Wiles A 100-foot long, 60-foot wide room. The room was named because all the explorers could talk about was going to Pizza Hut for dinner after the trip.
Pizza Potluck Pool


Jim Pisarowicz, Shaun Larson A small pool of water.
PK Room
PKS Room


Sandy Kraemer, Kathy Petty, Pat Jablonsky A 20-foot diameter and 7-foot high room named after the first letter of each survey participant.
Platts Cove


Abigail Wines, Gairet Goodrich, Rachel Bosch A flowstone area with lots of dripping water.
Playground, The


Jim Nepstad, Stan Allison, Paul Burger An area with several hands and knees leads that seemed like a playground for some future survey team. This name was one of several in the area that had a school theme (Cafeteria was also named by the group).
Pleasant Surprise


Jason Walz, Larry Shaffer, Sara Booth, Chris Dale An extensive walking passage found pas a squeeze that Larry commented on the way out of the cave that, "that was a pleasnt surprise."
Plummers Pit


Bill Buckingham, William Plummer An 80-foot high dead-end chimney which extends out of the Madison limestone and into the Minnelusa beds above the cave. It may be an excavated (1935) paleofilled vertical shaft like the Two Cent Stope? Originally climbed by Bill Buckingham and William Plummer as part of the 1959 NSS Wind Cave Expedition. Later surveyed by Lester Lewis, Dave Springhetti and Mark Stock
Pocket Knife Pit


Marc Ohms, Rene Rogers, Ed Schnek A blowing pit off of Wall Street where an old pocketknife was found at the top of a pit that had been hammered into. This pit led to the discovery of the Hades area.
Pocket Turns Room


Jason Walz, Ron Rossknecht, Trevor Rossknecht The room in this area has quick turns that take one back to where they started similar to pocket turns in barrel racing.
Poka Dot Mall


Dave Lester, Steve Lester, Randy Brown, Kirk Haley There are balls of aragonite/moonmilk on the floor of this passage.
Polar Bear On the Pearly Gates Route.
Polar Ice Cap 11/13/1982 Andy Flurkey, Ed LaRock, Eric Liebes, John Scheltens Named for its abundance of frostwork clusters.
Polishing Works


Alvin McDonald


Bob Kobza, Jim Nepstad, Stan Allison, Mike Paulick
Pool of Siloam


Alvin McDonald, Alfred Gere
Pop Corn Alley


Pop Corn Pit


Ken Allgier, John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti A popcorn encrusted pit.
Pop Secret


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Paul Burger, Stan Allison A passage with very large popcorn. The name comes from a commercial brand name for popcorn.
Popcorn Chamber


Alvin McDonald
Popcorn Extension


Rod Horrocks, Ken Geu, Duff McCafferty A passage that is heavily covered with popcorn on all surfaces. This fissure passage extends to the SE from the Temple. The fissure continuation of this passage on the other side of the Temp to the NW is also covered with some fantastic popcorn displays.
Popcorn Forest Room


Dave Gerboth, Jim Pisarowicz, Karen Rosga This room is covered with popcorn that looks like trees in a miniature forest.
Popcorn Machine, The


Matt Reece, Dan Durben A dome that has lots of popcorn.
Popcorn Ranch


Jason Walz, Larry Shaffer A room that is totally covered with a heavy duty calcified popcorn.
Popcorn Room



Large amounts of popcorn are found in this room. Another room surveyed by the Windy City Surveyed on December 2.,1971 by a team including John Scheltens.
Porcelain Passage


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza, Shaun Larson This passage is coated with white frostwork, gypsum luster, and moonmilk. It is entered via a small hole which is also completely white and very difficult to get into without destroying the beautiful crystals and minerals.
Porcupette Passion


Shaun Larson, Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga Porcupettes are baby porcupines and the cave popcorn in this area was very bristly. It was in honor of December's "Animal of the Month".
Porcupine Lips


Tod Cedarholm, Keith Gorges, Mike Pebriere, Beth Bellman, Corrin Crawford An area of mega stalactites named by a NOLS survey party.
Post Office


L.C. Faris, Frank Halden, Charlie Roe Named for its abundance of boxwork, which resembles post office boxes. This room was probably known even earlier than 1884, but this date is the first written reference to this room. First reference with this name, June 5, 1884.
Potluck Pool


Jim Pisarowicz, Shaun Larson There was to be a potluck that night for the park staff, thus the name. It is a small pool of water.
Potters Shop


Alvin McDonald, J.M. Moore Named because of the shape of the sediment crust. "In this room a person can get stone in almost any shape they want it some of the vessels being large enough for watering troughs".
Pottery Passage


John Sheltens, Andy Flurkey, Norm Pace
Powderpuff Room


Jason Walz, Larry Shaffer, Peggy Renwick A small room covered with powdery moonmilk that was a few inches deep.
Power House


Stan Allison, Jim Nepstad, Dina Venezky A 30-foot diameter room with an eight foot ceiling that has electrical equipment in it.
Prairie Dog Town and Mound


Two drip cups located on a mud mound. One of the guides placed a rock that resembled a prairie dog near these holes. A woman from Chicago stole the prairie dog, but returned it when contacted by mail.
Presidents Grotto


Alvin McDonald Near the Grand View?
Press Room
Prime Avenue


Rod Horrocks, Alexis Brooks, Ari Juhala, Amy Juhala A walking-size canyon that parallels Snowdrift Avenue and goes from Marbled Hall all the way to the north edge of the cave. It used to be the E' (E prime) survey before it was resurveyed and subsequently named Prime Avenue.
Professor Harris’ Sanctum


Alvin McDonald
Professor Romaine


Promenade, The


Rod Horrocks, Seth Spoelman, Jay Kennedy A room that skirts the bottom of the Amphitheater, as a Promenade skirts a theater.
Pterodactyl Hall


Doug Pflugh, Tom Shelby, Kreg Hanburger, Rebecca Bear


Liz Chapman, Cory Crawford, Steve Matson, Kathy Raymond
Pumpkin Patch


Alvin McDonald
Puppy Tooth Walk


Jim Pisarowicz, Heidi Grengg, Fred Roberts, Lars Virbeck Small dog-tooth spar (which looked like puppy-teeth to Lars) in the passage.
Purple People Eater


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza, Shaun Larson Some "flowstone-like" stuff on the floor and walls in this crawlway have a purplish tint to them. This is probably the result of manganese compounds.
Puzzlement Room


Jim Wilson, Skip Withrow, Barb Smith A 60-foot diameter room where the surveyors found a single survey station at the entrance to the room, but the room itself hadn't been surveyed.
Pyramid Room


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn The Conn's built a large cairn in this room so they would recognize the room on the way out, thus the name.


Chris Amidon, Erin Niedringhaus, Alison Carlyle, Robert Fishe After finding some unusal minerals that showed an opalescence and other crystals that looked like pyrite, the surveyors thought that the pyrite looked like it had an "attitude", thus the name.

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