Wind Cave Room Names - O



Named By


Obleo Passage


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler This large passage was very sharp and pointed because of all the boxwork. Obleo is the boy in a TV program who lived in the Land of Point and was not pointed.
Obnoxious Fissure


Paul Burger, Doug Kent, Mark McVey, Sean Durrum A narrow ascending fissure with ceiling heights that vary from 6'-20'.
Octopus Garden


Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza, Stan Allison

Bob named this strange looking area with a strange name taken from a Beatles song.
Octopus, The


Jason Walz, Heather Veerkamp, Sarah Petite, Chris Amidon A room with multiple leads, like arms of an octopus.
Odd Fellows Hall


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookin, Willie Crookin, George Lee In the ceiling of this room on the east side is a feature that resembles the "all seeing eye" and three solution pockets that look like the three interlocking links of the I.O.O.F (International Order of Odd Fellows). Early guides also pointed out two rocks that resembled goats and the "canopy over the Noble Grand" in this room. Now known as the Model Room. Early tours often stopped to take pictures in this room. On 05/10/2001, while working on a restoration project, Bonnie Curnock found a cache of nine glass flash powder bottles stashed under a breakdown block on the west side of this room.
OF Pit


Chris Hill A deep pit located on the OF (Oh F_ _k) survey that was named after the discovers comment after looking down the deep pit.
Off Ramp


Ken Allgier, John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti A long, upward sloping passage off of the Silent Expressway. In keeping the highway theme of the area.
Office Min


Chris Amidon, Don Frankfort, Meredith Dreyer A small room named after the surveyors lost a ruler and then a rubber band. The name is a pun on the popular office supply store named Office Max.
OH Flow Freeway 07/31/1988 Jim Nepstad, Bill Rodgers, Darren Ressler, Joelle Selk A wall with three-foot long soda staws, lots of flowstone and stalagmites, and a five-foot tall column on the OH survey. Jim Nepstad was the only one not wearing a yellow helmet (he had orange), they named the survey the Orange Helmet (OH) survey.
OH Hole


Jim Nepstad, Bill Rodgers, Darren Ressler, Joelle Selk A room on the OH survey. Jim Nepstad was the only one not wearing a yellow helmet (he had orange), they named the survey the Orange Helmet (OH) survey.
OK Coral


Myk Coughlin, Mike Wiles, Stan Allison, Paul Burger An area with lots of nice colonial coral fossils.
Old Frost Chambers


Old Maids Grotto


A narrow passage accessed from the Rookery that was said would, "please any maid old or young".
Omaha Avenue


Joe Austin, Mike Bailey, Chris Gerow, Karen Rosga Newspapers from Omaha, Nebraska were found in this area of the cave.
Omaha Bee Office


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, George Lee Named by one of the staff of the Omaha Bee journal.
Omnibus Hall


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn

A room that had everything in it (stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone, frostwork, domes, paleofill, etc.). This was the first large room found by Herb Conn after the Spillway opened up on the western edge of the then known cave.
One False Step


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza An area with 20-foot deep pits below false floors where one false step could lead to an accident.
One Mans Room


Vi Schweiker, Evan Anderson, Sean Lermore A small room just large enough for one person.
Onion Ring, The


Chris Amidon, Vickie Siegel, Karen Henker Named because of the "vegetarian" theme for the day and because the circular passage resembled an onion ring on the map.
Opera House


Also known as the Grand Opera.
Orange Bowl


Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza, Stan Allison Named after the popular football bowl game played on January 1st, the day of this survey.
Orchard, The


Alvin McDonald


Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza, Louise Hose, Mike Paulick
Orpheus' Pipe Connection


Tom Miller, Pam Burns, Chas Yonge
Ossuary, The


Stacy Smyth, Brian Smith, Meg Lamm, Brad Menninga, Dianna Wiggam An area with lots of bones on the FU survey. An ossuary is a house of bones.
Other Side, The


Jim Nepstad, Stan Allison, Bob Kobza Discovered by Bob after Jim and Stan finished lunch early and headed down the two good leads out of the room, leaving Bob with the small hole, which actually led to the large room. It was the first big room after 500 feet, thus it was the "Other Side."
Otis Room


Tim Moreland, Jim Wilson, Howard Bartlett
Ott Pit


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Mark McVey
Otter Slide


Oven, The Alvin McDonald The east/west trending passage at the bottom of the spiral stairs near the natural entrance. Alvin called all of the small passages that connected the larger NW/SE trending passages "ovens". Alvin spent five weeks in March of 1892 expanding this route for tourists.
Over the Top


Rod Horrocks, Nick Myers, Belinda Fox This unusual chimney was named because it rises 56 feet (as high as the Natural Entrance) and then heads back down the other side.
Overland Trail


Phil Dodge, Bill Holmes, Jim Palmer, Les Talbot A passage that leaves the Cairn Room and travels overland to Monte Cristos Palace.
Oyster Coral, The


Mike Wiles, Carl Bern, Jeff Goben Located parallel with the OK Coral, this area also has lots of fossil branchiopods, thus the name.
Oyster Trap


Mary Laycock, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga The survey in this area consisted of many short shots. At lunch Karen Rosga had a can of oysters which she shared with Jim Pisarowicz. Mary Laycock was situated between Jim and Karen while surveying and complained about being trapped by the odor of oysters. She said she felt like a cat.

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