Wind Cave Room Names - M



Named By


M.E. Church


A room where Rev. Hancher, president of the Black Hills Methodist College, held a song and prayer service. A rock on the east side resembles a pulpit. With the larger groups, early guides would often stop in this room to sing hymns.
M.W.A. Hall


Magic Hole


Ken Allgier, John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Mike Wiles The so called "magic hole" which led to the Spaghetti Bowl and eventually the Silent Expressway. This blowing hole was discovered in a dome on the edge of the known cave at that time.
Magical Kingdom, The


Llyn Peabody, Rich Oilman, Steve Matson, Alex Kazarinof
Main Passage


O.K. Rounds Discovered by O.K. Rounds.
Make Out Room


Jason Walz, Larry Shaffer, Sara Booth A 25-foot diameter room with a sandy floor that was all scuffed up, causing the surveyors to theorize that someone had rolled around the soft-floored room while "making out".
Mamies Alcove


Alvin McDonald Named after Mayme Sprague? (one of the first people to have entered Wind Cave).
Mamies Pool


Named after Mayme Sprague, one of the first people to have entered Wind Cave.
Mammoth Canyon


Ken Carpenter, Richard Knox A high fissure passage.
Mammoth Dome


Alvin McDonald, A.C. McBride
Mammoth Falls


Alvin McDonald, Charles Holmes, C.F. McBride
Mammoth Gallery


Alvin McDonald An area of wide, high fissure passages where Alvin left a name and date in the corrosion residue.
Mammoths Backbone


Bob Kobza, Jim Pisarowicz This large trunk passage has a ridge of smooth redissolved breakdown down its center somewhat like a backbone.
Manganese Stop, The


Rod Horrocks, Alexis Brooks, Vickie Siegel The 1/2" manganese deposits in this area were the most significant that Rod had seen in Wind Cave. The "stop" referred to the fact that not only did the passage quickly stop, but it was a great place to stop and see manganese.
Manhole, The


Bob Galligar, Rod O'Sullivan, Jeri Kizer, Jim Palmer, P. Kittleson This pit is the main route down to City Sewer, hence the name.
Manure Maze


Jason Walz, Seth Spoelman, Chris Amidon Named because the surveyors thought that the tie-in surveys In the area were all a bunch of "crap".
Map Room


Rod Horrocks, Dave Shurtz, Ryan Shurtz, Jordan Shurtz The flat chert ceiling in this room is covered by large and outstanding dendrites (4-6 feet in diameter). One of these resembles a line plot of Wind Cave. They decided to name the room the Map Room because of this resemblance and as a play on the "Map Room" from the movie Raiders of the Lost Arc.
Marble Palace


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam See Marble Quarry.
Marble Quarry


Alvin McDonald A large room with lots of rocks and dust that was known as the Workman Hall (A.O.U.W.) (Association of United Workingmen). Now known as the Bachelor Quarters.
Marbled Hall


Rod Horrocks, Larry Shaffer An 80-foot long passage with banded red and white walls and ceilings, with the white being gypsum.
Marsland Avenue


Alvin McDonald
Martels Madhouse


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti Named after Windy City Grotto caver Ron Martel. He was the first to enter the area, which is a confusing maze of interconnecting passages that end in a large room.
Martha Washington Memorial University


Masonic Temple


Alvin McDonald, Robert B. Moss The original name of this room was Sceneries of Wicklow and more recently, shortened to the Temple.
Master Budda


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Amy Johnson, Jeff Goben A large sediment cone (buddha) located below a dome.
Master Room


Chris Hill A very large room.
Matteson Garde


Jason Walz, Seth Spoelman, Eric Zimmer Named after a garden in Matteson Illinois.


Alvin McDonald, John Stabler
Max Headroom


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler A really tight lead, so tight you cannot get your head into it.
Mayan Mound Room


Jim Nepstad, Mike Paulick, Bob Kobza, Louise Hose
McBrides Tumble


Alvin McDonald, Charles Holmes, C.F. McBride Named after C.F. McBride who took a fall at this location.
McCode Room


Rod Horrocks, Henry Bruns, Claire Allum The coded names of Elmer and Alvin McDonald were found in the ceiling of this room (YXJ & ZUQ), along with the signature of J.D. McDonald and George Stalber.
McKinley Memorial Hall


A high fissure passage lined with boxwork. Originally called Chamber of Bells and then Kimballs Music Hall.


Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Erik Major A 30-foot wide by 5-foot high room originally discovered by Alvin and Elmer McDonald and C.F. McBride on July 10, 1891. There names were found in the corrosion residue in the ceiling.
Meat Grinder Crawlway


John Scheltens A very low and tight bellycrawl over calcified floors.
Meatus, The


Evan Anderson, Jim Olsen, Hazel Barton, Suzette Kane A tight crawl that led to the Circumspect.
Mens Room, The


Surveyed during a N.O.L.S. expedition.
Mercedes Pit


Rod Horrocks, Graham Hogg, John-Paul Sicotte, Rainer Engler A 22-foot deep domepit in the Roman Catacombs area with passages going off at the top, middle, and bottom of the pit. The cross section of the pit resembles the Mercedes emblem.
Mermaids Resort


Alvin McDonald A small alcove with ripple marks and tree-like popcorn hanging from the ceiling. Located right after the Standing Rock Chamber on the Candlelight Tour.
Mermaids Rest



Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, George Lee A fissure passage. This route was used to climb to the Fairgounds before the Marble Quarry (Bachelor Quarters) route was developed. Also known as the Alpine Way or the Crevice.
Merwin Avenue


Alvin McDonald


Chris Gerow, Pete Smerud An area where there is lots of evidence of flooding. Named because it is the "flood plains of the birth of new cave".
Metacarpel Room


Dennis Laird, Bruce Albright, Greg Glazner, Stuart Marlat
Methodist Church


Named for some of the boxwork in this room that is in the shape of a cross. Named in 1934 by members of the CCC. A Bishop Fowler from New York supposedly dedicated this room. Several marriages were reported to have been preformed here. It was thought that a breakdown block in this room resembled a pulpit and a tall dome in the center of the room a steeple. See Bishop Fowlers Loop.
Methuselahs Beard


Tracy Copp, Larla Whittenburg, Kim McVey An area off of the Candlelight Tour Route that has gypsum splatters, hair, needles, and cotton.


Named during a N.O.L.S. expedition.
Michaels Memorial Crawl


Hazel Barton, Ken Neville, Dan Preston
Michaels Misery


John Scheltens An incredibly tight, dead-end crawl.
Midway Plaisance


Mikes Grunt Hole


Abigail Wines, Mike Bray A small squeeze at BI26 that Mike couldn't fit through.
Milk Maids Mishap


Alvin McDonald
Milk Route


Jim Nepstad, Mike Paulick, Bob Kobza, Louise Hose
Milky Way

Also called Snow Ball Hall because of the abundance of cave popcorn in this passage.
Miller Time


Stan Allison, Harry Burgess, Doug Kent The surveyors were having such a good time surveying, they thought it must be "Miller Time", in reference to the Miller Beer commercials.
Millners Avenue


Alvin McDonald, Elmer McDonald, Melvin Moore A passage with a variety of colors, like a "milliners show window".
Miltons Jewell Case


A small alcove on the southern end of the Giants Stone Quarry along the Natural Entrance Tour Route that has "Milton's Jewell Case" written in pencil on the wall in 19th century script.
Miltons Study


Ada Brown Named by Miss Ada Brown of Hot Springs.
Milwaukee Beer Garden


Alvin McDonald, A.C. McBride
Mind Boggler


Rod Horrocks, Marc Ohms, Brad Oen A 200-foot long walking passage partially floored with calcified mud cracks that was discovered after a 60-foot long bellycrawl. Named after Rod kept saying during its survey, "This is Mind Boggling!" Half of the passage had been scooped by a single person in 1964, either Herb or Jan Conn and the other half was virgin.
Minefield, The


Chris Amidon, Abby Tobin, Scott Babinowich, Kristen Schulte This passage was riddled with sharp chert fragments that were hard to avoid on the floor and ceiling.
Mings Merciless Crawl


Ken Allgier, Dave Springhetti, John Scheltens A very tight crawlway pushed by Ken Allgier to a dead-end. Named after the villain in the Flash Gordon comic strip.
Mini-Megalith Room


Rich Wolfert, Bob Stucklen, Dave Lester, Randy Brown
Minivan Hall
Minehaha Falls Means "laughing waters" in Dakota? May be named after a waterfall in Minnesota. It is a seasonally, wet, drippy area with some flowstone located near the Mules Ears. There is an upper and lower component.
Mirage of a Cliant Pool


Alvin McDonald
Mirror Fissure


Rod Horrocks, Sara Booth, Duff McCafferty, Eric Kurth A fissure that parrallels the Looking Glass Fissure that is a "mirror" of the other.
Miserables, Les


Jim Nepstad, Mike Wiles, Stan Allison, Paul Burger An awkward tight constriction.
Misleading Chamber


Jim Nepstad, Larry Johnson, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler A lead going off a previously known area that was so badly depicted on maps that when the survey party started into the passage they did not know which passage they were in.
Misplaced Pit


Liz Chapman, Cory Crawford, Steve Matson, Kathy Raymond A 20-foot pit that the explorers seemed to have "misplaced" while mapping in this area.
Mock October Room


Rod Horrocks, Nick Myers, Belinda Fox Flagging was found in this room that had "Mock 10/22" written on it. This was apparently from the National Outdoor Leadership School (N.O.L.S.) mock rescue held on 10/22/89 when Rachael Cox was lost.
Mock Rescue Room


Rod Horrocks, Nick Myers, Belinda Fox, Erik Grundwald Strips of white and red pokadot flagging was found at each lead out of this room from the October 22, 1989 mock rescue conducted by the National Outdoor Leadership School (N.O.L.S.) where Rachael Cox was lost. This room is located next to the Mock October Room.
Model Room


Alvin McDonald, Willie Crookam, M.E. Crookam, George Lee A model of this room was once displayed in the visitors center. This room is also known a Odd Fellows Hall because of the three solution pockets in the ceiling that look like the interlocking rings of the Odd Fellows.
Moist & Crunchy


Evan Anderson, Stephanie Haderlie, Phil Kriz, Christy Harrison A series of overlying rift passages on the east edge of Half Mile Hall.


Jason Walz, Seth Spoelman, Chris Amidon Located next to the Mountain Room, this small room is the opposite of its larger neighbor.
Monolith Hall


Colorado Grotto Large stone spires in this room give it its name.
Monster Rock


Don Coons A very large breakdown block.
Monte Cristos Diamonds


Alvin McDonald A vug of quartz crystals in Monte Cristos Palace.
Monte Cristos Dungeon

Monte Cristos Palace


Alvin McDonald, Elmer McDonald, Melvin Moore Named after the classic book, Count of Monte Cristo. Surveyed by John Scheltens and Alvin McLane on 07/29/1973.
Monument Hall


L.C. Faris, Frank Halden, Charlie Roe A large fissure passage that is located under and runs parallel to the passage leading to Devils Lookout. This was the furthest extent of exploration in Wind Cave until the arrival of the McDonald family.
Moon River Falls


Bruce Zerr An area with a nice display of flowstone, stalactites and stalagmites.
Moondrift Crawl


Rod Horrocks, Sara Booth, Duff McCafferty, Eric Kurth A series of low flat crawls with thick deposits of moonmilk covering the floors that looks like drifts.
Moose Head


Morelands Mole Hole


Jim Wilson, Howard Bartlett, Ryan Butler, Jason Walz This body-sized hole, located six feet off of the floor, that was originally found by Tim Moreland on 12/02/02. Jim surveyed it because Tim said, "It went". However, the passage reconnected to the TA survey after 80 feet.
Morgue, The

Spring 1985

Jim Nepstad, Walt Kaminski, Marvin Zaskie A large room with a rat skeleton at the entrance, located near station UK57.
Mormon Temple


Alvin McDonald
Mosaic Grotto


Alvin McDonald


Evan Anderson, Pat Robertson, Shawn Kramer, Micah Ball The other sided of the breakdown pile on the south end of Deep Confusion. The walls and ceilings are all paleofill and look like mosaic tiles (dark red clay surrounding white rocks).
Moses Beard

Gypsum hairs growing out of the wall of the cave resemble a beard.
Moss Palace


A. F. McDonald, Robert B. Moss, Mrs R.B. Moss, Josie Moss, Chas. Ostrum, J.L. Downs, W. S. Bisbee, Isaac J. Williams Named by Alvin after the Moss on the trip.
Motel 6


Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Harry Burgess A side passage off the Silent Expressway that was named to maintain the "highway" theme found in the Silent Expressway, Off Ramp, Pile-up area.
Mother Pucker


Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Bob Kobza, Jim Nepstad This dome opens upward and ended after a crazy 140-foot climb by Stan where he nearly killed himself when he used a loop of webbing to swing onto a ledge above a 100-foot pit.
Mound Builders Rest


Alvin McDonald, Elmer McDonald, Melvin Moore A wide, low-ceilinged hall with a high fissure down one side. "Mound Builders Rest" was scratched onto a small rock and placed on a ledge along one wall. This area was one of the sites of an early wild caving tour.
Mountain Room


John Scheltens, Chris ?, Nelson Kuniansky, Mark Stock A pile of breakdown gives this room its name.
Mouse House, The


Karla Whittenburg, Christa Schneider, Tracy Copp, Karl Mayne This survey was in passages averaging 2-feet high and reminded the surveyors of a house for a mouse. One lead looked like the classic cartoon-shaped mouse hole in the floor boards of a home.
MP Room


Don Coons, Rick Banning
Mrs. Williams Birth Canal


Jim Pisarowicz, John Gookin, Matt Soete, Geoff Williams A tight crawl that led into Mrs. Williams Womb.
Mrs. Williams Womb


Jim Pisarowicz, John Gookin, Matt Soete, Geoff Williams A tight spot first crawled through by a NOLS student. His last name was Williams.
Mucilage Dome

Mud Crack Flats
Mud Dog Room


Named during a N.O.L.S. expedition for a dog sculpted in mud.
Mud Maze, The


Steve Lester, Evan Anderson, Alex Fong A muddy area.
Mud Peel Alley


Rod Horrocks, Seth Spoelman, Erin Niedringhaus, Bjorn Zindler A narrow muddy passage with 1 1/2" mud deposits on the floors that easily peel up revealing underlying silty sand deposits. There are a lot of charcoal and organics deposited with the mud.
Mud People


Keith Gilkey, Eric Schoenke, Janice Daniel, Mike Morrison Named during a N.O.L.S. expedition.
Mud River


Garry Petrie, Ted Lappin, Pat Seiser A slope of dried mud with 12-inch curved cusps.
Mud Tunnel


Don Coons, Andy Flurkey, Alvin McLane
Mudd Crack Flats


Rick Banning, Don Coons, Alvin McLane A low, flat area with dried mud on the floor.
Muddle Room


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn This room gets its name from the large number of leads leaving it, confusing the explorers. It was a takeoff on the Model Room.
Mudflats, The


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Karen Rosga A lower-level area with low, flat areas of dried mud.
Mule Creek Junction


Jeff Goben, Carl Bern, Greg Springer A hall with six passages radiating from it, including one pit and one fissure dome.
Mules Ears


Nelson Kuniansky, Mark Stock These flowstone draperies that resemble mule's ears.
Multi-Purpose Room


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn A large room located on the MP ("Multi-Purpose") survey. The surveyors figured the room was good for anything, thus the name.
Munchkins Gendarme Room


Mike Francik, Carole Loskot, Mark Stock
Musch Room


Hazel Barton, Bruce Albright, John Ekeberg
Museum, The


Ken Allgier, John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Mike Wiles Named for the pale white rock "sculptures" which decorate the room.


John Scheltens, Bob Cowin A mushroom-shaped rock is located along the MR ("mush-room") survey.
Mushroom Rock


Jim Pisarowicz, Tom Farrell A 3-foot diameter rock that resembles a mushroom.
Music Appreciation Course


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn When tapped, fins in this area emit musical tones. Jan found a G major triad in this area, including the G, B, and D cords. Resurveyed in 1971 by Art Cook, Bob Cowin, Linda Cowin, and Nelson Kuniansky.
Music Hall


During early turn-of-the-century tours, boxwork tapped with a pen knife in this room would emit musical tones.
Musical Rocks


Alvin McDonald
Myan Mound Room
Mystery Lake


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Mike Wiles A receded lak

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