Wind Cave Room Names - J



Named By


Jack Frost Gallery


Alvin McDonald
Jacobs Slide


Jacobs Well


The pit located next to the Garden of Eden Room.
Jamies Deadend Passage


Sandy Kraemer, Kathy Petty, Jamie Sherer A passage that Jamie thought deadened, but after a constriction it split into four leads.
Janines Pitfall


Phil Dodge, Bob Huber, ? Simon Seasonal Ranger Janine Leroy fell while down-climbing this slope and was pinned by a large boulder. She luckily fell into a small depression, escaping serious injury.
Jans Revenge


Steve Matson, Dan Sonis, Clark Wallis, Jan Gelfand, Ben Greenstein, Jodi Johnson A tight squeeze near NX14.
Japanese Mushroom


Jim Wilson, Chris Schneider, Barb Smith A mushroom-shaped ceiling pendent that was a play on the "Chinese Mushroom" found on the AA Route in the Club Room Section.
Jarbridge Pool


Don Coons, Mark Stock A 25-foot long section of lake.
Jawbone Room


Jim Wilson, Rene Ohms, Jason Walz, Seth Spoelman Named to continue the "Kneebone Room" theme in the area.
Jeez Pit


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Stan Allison, Paul Burger A very deep pit with a loose rock at the top.
Jenga Tower


Jim Wilson, Tim Moreland, Skip Withrow, Dan Bryce A passage that spiraled up and up. Named after the game called "Jenga" where blocks are stacked up as high as possible.
Jenny Lane


Jeopardy Pit


Verne Carlson, Kevin Smith, Steve Smith, Becky Ward
Jigsaw Puzzle


Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Brad Stephenson A room with numerous breakdown blocks strewn around like a jigsaw puzzle.
Jigsaw Room


Paul Burger, Stan Allison, Brad Stephenson A room near the Chimera Room that has numerous slabs of breakdown that had fallen from the ceiling into a pattern that resembled jigsaw pieces strewn about the floor.
Jim-Bobs Plunge


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza Named after Jim Pisarowicz and Bob Kobza who discovered this new area of lakes. To get down to this body of water one has to chimney down an exposed area over the lake. They were sure someone was going to take the plunge one of these days.
Jims Balk & Bonk Pit


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz Jim Pisarowicz first ascended this tricky climb and then called down for the survey tape after finding that it led to a large room. Jim Nepstad attempted to throw the tape up to him several times (Pisarowicz was over 30 feet above Nepstad). Once when the tape was being tossed up it dropped down and hit Nepstad on his helmet.
John Boys Christmas Loft

John Scheltens?, Andy Flurkey?, Mike Hanson A series of upper level crawls found around Christmas time that were heavily decorated.
John Wayne Room

John Scheltens Large room named by John Scheltens after the movie star.
Johnnys Anthill


John Scheltens, A. ?, R. L
Johnstones Campground


Paul Alexander Johnstone The room where the famed mind reader, Paul Alexander Johnstone, slept during the third night in the cave while hunting for the secreted gold pin, which had been hidden by Judge Boomer and W. U. Germond. Mr. Johnstone had wagered $1,000 that he could find it.
Johnstones Seat


Alvin McDonald
Jollys Room


Tom Pantelioni, Ach Harrison, Nancy Taylor, Eric Hoser, Greg Wright Small passage named by a NOLS survey party.
Josephs Well


Alvin McDonald
Judsons Bride


Jeff Kleaveland, Mike Poutiantine, Brad Throssell
Juice Room


Jack Throssell
July 17th Passage


Rod Horrocks, Roger Harris, William Harris Graffiti in corrosion residue in this passage indicated that it was found by Alvin McDonald, William Ranger, & R.N. Norcutt on July 17th, 1891. This trip is found in Alvin's diary, where he indicated that he found several good rooms off of the Marble Quarry on the Summer Avenue Branch of the Sampson Palace Route.
Jump Off Pit


Roy Lahti, Kathy Harrison, Carl Grundstrom, Steve Matson A small pit where this survey jumped off (i.e. began).
Jungle Gym, The


Rod Horrocks, Kali Pace The surveyors found crossing this breakdown covered room much like playing on a jungle gym.
Just Deserts


Bill Hawn, Steve Lester, Robert Phillips, Steve Smith A nice formation area located just above the Birthday Cake. Named to keep with the "desert" theme.
Just Say No To Crack


Chris Amidon, Ajax B. Dalman A tight fissure (crack) that was named as a spoof on the drug prevention program that encourages kids to "just say no" to drugs. Crack is a term for a particular type of cocaine.

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