Wind Cave Room Names - I



Named By


Ice Cream Shop, The


Marc Ohms, Rene Ohms, Matt Reece A beautifully decorated area with white stalagmites, stalactites, soda straws, and draperies that resembled vanilla ice cream. It was named after Matt and Renee waited for 30 minutes while Marc scooped ahead. When he finally returned, they asked him, "Do you want one or two scoops?", chiding him for being gone so long.
Ice Flow


Garrie Petrie, Norm Thompson, Pat Seiser Aragonite blister-floored passage.
Ice Gorge


Alvin McDonald, Elmer McDonald, J.D. McDonald, George Stabler
Ice Palace


A.F. McDonald, Saura V. Smith, Mary McDonald, Fred Darlington
Ice Rink


Chris Amidon, Sarah Petite, Ajax Dalman A dome filled with wet formations dripping into a flowstone pool that reminded one of the cavers of an ice rink.
Ice Room


Located before the low belly crawl to the Lower Columbian Hall.
Ice Storm


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti The huge quartz geode has finger-like projections with manganese interiors. Beautiful crystals resemble jewels. Also known as the Crown Jewels.
Ice Stream Room


Warren Netherton, Jim Pisarowicz, Karen Rosga There is a small pure white flowstone deposit like a small stream flowing across this room.


Chris Hill, Nelson Kuniansky, Steve Nordstrom, John Scharres The name of a HUGE breakdown block, possibly the largest known in Wind Cave.
Icy Carrot Room, The


Carl Bern, Mike Wiles, Jeff Goben A room with dense white soda straws and stalactites that resemble carrots.
Idas Washbasin


Alvin McDonald Ida's Washbasin was written on the walls in this area. Surveyed by Abby Wines, Dave Saifsky, & Stacy Smyth
Igloo Room


James Wilson, Mike Zawada, Steve Kumpf
Igloo, SD


Jason Walz, Bonny Armstrong, Eric Grunwald Named for a ghost town in South Dakota. The NF and WJ survey areas are collectively known as Ghost Town.
Imagination Room


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Karen Rosga Large, domed room where the frostwork and popcorn was really spectacular. You could use your imagination to see just about anything in the room.
Imperial Dome


Alvin McDonald, M.E. and Willie Crookam, George Lee
Ims Room
Independence Hall


John Scheltens Originally entered by Ken Carpenter and other members of the Colorado Grotto on the 4th of July, 1969.
Independence Spectres, The


Alvin McDonald
Indistinct Avenue


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Stan Allison, Paul Burger
Inner Outlet


Matt Kramar, Randy Waslien?, Rich Ness
Inner Sea


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza A small lake off the Mammoth's Backbone.
Insane on the Membrane Squeeze


Evan Anderson, Shawn Kramer, Skip Withrow An 8 1/2" squeeze.
Installation 35


Rod Horrocks, Derek Marohn An inscription was found on the wall that read, "Radiators installed 8-18-35", which referred to the coolant system installed in the nearby Isolation Room to cool hot water from the Power House, which generated electricity for the elevator.
Instant Guilt Trip


Larry Shaffer, Lee-Gray Boze, Tonia Foster Named because the surveyors had a difficult time moving around this moonmilk-covered room.
Intimate Rock


Martha Kubicek, Doiug Pflugh, Tom Shields, T?m Sulser A rock that has to be climbed over in a crawl near station GBC9.
Inverted Bath Tubs


Alvin McDonald?
Inverted Wash Bowl


Alvin McDonald?
Iowa Falls


Alvin McDonald, Alfred Gere
Irish Misery


Alvin McDonald, Robert B. Moss
Irish Point Lace

A 20-foot section of boxwork in the ceiling of the Elks Room.
Isolation Room


CCC This room was where the radiators were installed on 8/18/35 to cool the power plant that generated electricity for the new elevator. This coolant system was composed of 2,300 feet of 2" pipe that hot water was circulated through and cooled before being returned to the Power House (currently the VIP Center).
It's Still Early


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz It was still early in the trip when this small room was discovered.

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