Wind Cave Room Names - G



Named By


G String, The


Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler, Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza Darren Ressler was checking a lead off this junction and returned to say that "it Goes, and Goes, and Goes" (?).


Alvin McDonald, John Stabler
Garden Gate


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn A climb that requires the caver to climb up one side and then immediately to climb down the other side. Named because it was the approach to the helictite bushes.
Garden of Eden


Alvin McDonald An area of the cave with much frostwork and cave popcorn.
Garden of Eden Landing


The middle elevator landing where the Garden of Eden Tour begins.
Garden of Gods


Alvin McDonald, G.A. Stabler J.D. McDonald, E.L. McDonald A beautiful area with rounded arched roofs.
Garden Wall - Giants Coffin


A wall-like feature and breakdown block probably destroyed by trail construction activities.
Garganells Castle


Jim Pisarowicz, Mike Babbitt, Warren Netherton Garganell is the villain in the Smurf cartoons. The Smurf Path leads to Garganel's Castle.
Garganells Dungeon


Jim Pisarowicz, Warren Netherton, Karen Rosga Garganell is the bad guy in the Smurf TV show. This room is under Garganell's Castle. Reached by way of Smurf Path.
Gargoyle, The


Gas Chamber, The


Carl Bern, Larry Shaffer, Derek Wolfe A large room named because everyone on the survey team that discovered the room had gas that day.
Gastropod Gallery


Jim Nepstad, David Anderson, Lottie Hufford An area with many fossil gastropods in the ceiling, walls, and floor.
Gastropod in Boxwork


Nelson (Rebel)Kuniansky, Steve Nordstrom, John Scharres A gastropod (snail) is perfectly bisected by a piece of boxwork in this area. Located in the ceiling near BB26.
Gateway Hall


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn A large chamber that is the "gateway" to the lakes route. A fault has been located in this room which seems to separate the lakes passage from the other parts of Wind Cave.
Gawd-Awful Crawl


Jim Wilson, Eric Dutton, Tim Moreland A tight and nasty crawl.
Gendarme Room


Geode Hall


Alvin McDonald, J.D. McDonald On Alvin McDonalds third exploration trip after breaking through the Devils Lookout barrier, he explored from the Hospital to Geode Hall.
Geodes Away


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza A passage with many geodes sticking out of the walls.
Georges Junction


A junction of two calcite jungle passages.
Gerbil Jam


Evan Anderson, Derek Wolfe, Matt Juth, Stephanie Juth A tight spot in the passage.
Geres Dome


Alvin McDonald
Ghost Lake


John Scheltens, Ken Allgier, Mike Wiles An area which looks like it was at one time a small lake but is now dried up.
Ghost of a Lost Opportunity

Ghost of She


A white pendant (?) on the ceiling of the Bachelor's Quarters and across from the Devils Punchbowl that resembled a ghost.
Ghost Riders Gulch


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Mike Wiles Being a cowboy, John wanted a western theme name.
Giants Causeway


Alvin McDonald Just past the Methodist Church on the Historic Route. It resembles the basalt attraction on the coast of Ireland.
Giants Causeway


Alvin McDonald Just past the Methodist Church on the Historic Route. It resembles the basalt attraction on the coast of Ireland.
Giants Net


Alvin McDonald
Giants Stone Quarry


Alvin McDonald Large breakdown blocks on the floor in this room look like they have been quarried. Early tours use to stop and sit on these blocks. The "Giants" part of the name was added by the CCC.
Gilla Bite Cutoff

Gilla Head


Tom Shelby, Spore Meuwissen, Kreg Hamburger, Picter Wycoff, Michael Longo, Doug Pflugh A pendant that resembles the head of a gilla monster. Is station BFL16.
Ginsu, The


Evan Anderson, Steve Lester, Shawn Kramer Named because of the sharp fins of boxwork hanging down from the ceiling of a crawlway, that shreds cavers as they try to pass, like a Ginsu Knife.
Ginsu Alley


Jason Walz, Larry Shaffer, Don Anderson A narrow lower level fissure with sharp projections that slowed the survey team.
Glacier, The


Alvin McDonald Flowstone flow located on the Cork Screw Path stairs on the Garden of Eden Tour.
Gladstone Monument


Alvin McDonald
Gladstone Rigamorole


Chris Amidon, Abby Tobin, Alison Carlyle, Erin Niedringhaus The resurveyors found a Sunday Chicago Herald dated October 28, 1894 in this room that had an article that discussed Gladstone, a British Prime Minister and his foreign affairs.
Globe Theatre


Rod Horrocks, Alexis Brooks, Ari Juhala, Amy Juhala A round room that is as high as it is wide that has an upper balcony that reminded the surveyors of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
Gnarly Route, The


Rod Horrocks, Roger Harris The floors of this 27-foot diameter room are covered with boxwork cemented to the floor that rips and tears at anybody who tries to travel over it.
Gobi Desert


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza, John Scheltens The floor of this passage looks like sand ripples in the desert.
Golden Rope Room


Rod Horrocks, John Scheltens, Steve Baldwin, Jason Walz A 50-foot diameter room named for the 16" gypsum rope coiled on a ledge along the north wall of the room and because of a 1890's newspaper heading with the words, "Golden Days" found in the center of the room.
Golden Way


Rod Horrocks, Brad Oen Rod Horrocks lost his wedding band in this passage while resurveying it. The explorers also hoped that this passage would lead to whole new areas in a nearby blank area of the map (a vain hope).
Gollums Den


Phil Dodge, Tom Sheehan, Mary Laycock, Mike Laycock A small room named after the character "Gollum" from J.R.R. Tolkin's book The Hobbitt.
Gonadular Cave


Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga, Curt Budeker Some of the features in this part of the cave looked like gonads.
Gong, The


Good Karma Room


Verne Carlson, Kevin Smith, Steve Smith, Becky Ward A 40-foot high room with good leads heading in two directions.
Gordon Falls


Gordons Worm Hole


Phil Dodge, Bill Holmes, Jim Lindley A small 8"-high squeeze.
Gore Hole


Evan Anderson, Derek Wolfe, Shawn Kramer Named while the 2000 presidential election tie-up between Gore and Bush was going on in Florida. The passage is a large slanting alcove off the NH/RN survey.
Gorilla Box


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Shawn Kramer Hazel found a passage with lots of corrosion residue (gorilla snot) on the walls, usually an indicator of airflow and more passage. It didn't go, thus the "box" name.
Gotham City


Stan Allison, Dave Springhetti, Harry Burgess, Paul Burger An area near Cosmos with lower-middle level passages with strange, contorted shapes that reminded the surveyors of Batman's Gotham City.
Grade D Crawl


Chris Amidon, Sarah Petite, Ajax Dalman, Vickie Siegel A miserable crawl that is as bad for humans as grade D meat is.
Grafitti Room


Grand Army of the Republic Hall


Soldiers Reunion Originally named "Fallen Flats", it was renamed during the Soldiers Reunion in Hot Springs. The dedication was attended by 96 veterans. For awhile, G.A.R. Hall had a monument where veterans left their name, company, and regimental designation. It was thought that "breastworks and stockades" could be seen in the ceiling of this room. When the room was renamed the Assembly Room, the monument was removed.
Grand Avenue


Alvin McDonald
Grand Canyon Alvin McDonald The rope drop past the Devils Lookout that leads into the only lower level cave in this area.
Grand Central Station


Grand Opera


Also known as the Opera House.
Grand View


Grandmother’s Goose


Alvin McDonald
Granite Boulder Room


Jim Pisarowicz, Warren Netherton A room past the Wretched Hole.


Janice Hodgkinson, Sue Mooney, Mike Pautiati, Jack Throssell A series of deadend crawls.


Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Bob Kobza, Jim Erickson A large area with a thin mud coating.
Great False Alarm


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza, John Scheltens This area of the cave has many false floors. As Bob was mapping this passage the floor broke away under his feet. Luckily the drop was only 2 feet. In other areas nearby the drop would have been 30 feet or more.
Great Green Ball Pit


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti
Great North Passage


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza, John Scheltens A north trending fissure passage.
Great Relief Hall


Jason Walz, Peggy Renwick, Ben Currens A room that was large enough for one member of the group to use their pee bottle.
Grecian Bend


A low ceilinged area before the Second Crossroads. This has been enlarged for the tour route.
Green Door


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, John Scheltens The passage out of the Green Room.
Green Door, Beyond the


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, John Scheltens A passage beyond a real tight squeeze after the Green Door.
Green Room


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, John Scheltens The ceiling in this room has a flat chert bed that is green.

Groaning Passage


Pat Jablonsky, Sandy Kraemer
Groove, The


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn A slot down the center of this tight passage gives it its names.
Grove House


Ed LaRock, Berry Berg, Mike Behn Mike named this room with numerous side leads after a house he lived in in Illinois that had lots of doors in it.
Grunt & Groan


Heidi Grengg, Jim Pisarowicz, Fred Roberts, Lars Virbeck What one has to do to get through this passage.
Grunt Hole


J. Hazzen, Mike Laycock, Mary Laycock A small hole on the BI survey.
Guides Discovery


Alvin McDonald, J.M. Moore An area of the cave discovered by Alvin McDonald, the "first" cave guide of Wind Cave.
Gyp-n-Crack Floor

Gypsum Alley


Phil Dodge, Tom Sheehan, Mary Laycock, Mike Laycock A crawl with lots of gypsum.
Gypsum Flower Cul de Sac


Steve Smith, Kevin Smith, Becky Ward A crawl with gypsum flowers that ends in a breakdown choke with a slight wind going through it.
Gypsum Flower Paradise


Skip Withrow, Doug Kent, Jim Wilson, Mike Frazier A dead end passage with lots of gypsum flowers.
Gypsum Flower Pot


John Scheltens, Don Coons, Alvin McLane A small room off the main survey with many gypsum flowers.
Gypsum Mummy


An unknown feature in the Garden of Eden Room.
Gypsum Palace


Phil Dodge, Judy Hazen, Pickut W. Kittelson Large quantities of gypsum needles and flowers can be seen in this room.
Gypsy Road


Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza, Stan Allison A large but windy passage with unbelievable amounts of gypsum crusts, flowers, and crystals everywhere. Also named because Bob is Bohemian (Gypsy).
Gypsum Javelin


Randy Macan, John Williams, Becky Ward, Max Mazur Max named this six-inch long gypsum needle protruding out of the wall at eye level. It had the diameter of an angle hair pasta.

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