Wind Cave Room Names - F



Named By


FA Room


Todd Cedarholm, Kim Ellison, Steve Matson, Craig Wagner
Fabulous Path


Jason Walz, Mike Wiles, Noah Daniels A passage that leads to a nice room (Ultraville) on the edge of the cave.
Facial, The


A short bellycrawl that forces one face into the floor.
Fair Maids Pathway


Alvin McDonald
Fairgrounds, The


George A. Stabler, Alvin McDonald, Elmer McDonald, J.D. McDonald This room was the largest discovered in Wind Cave until the Club Room was found in 1964. It was called the Fairgrounds by George Stabler because every feature of the cave could be found there.
Fairy Palace


Jim Chisholm, Hal Johnson, Heide McClire This area exhibits a nice display of flowstone, stalactites and stalagmites.
Fairy Palace Loop


Fairy Wonderland


Faith, Hope & Charity


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti These are the names of the 3 columns which give rise to the name Tri-Column Sandway.
Fallen Flats


Alvin McDonald, F.L. McAdam, Bob McAdam This name derived from the large, flat breakdown on the floor of this room. Later called G.A.R. Hall (Grand Army of the Republic Hall). Now known as the Assembly Room. Discovered by Alvin McDonald, Elmer McDonald, and Melvin Moore on 01/12/1891.
Fallen Giant


Leroy Simon, ? Knapp, ? Ward This is a very, very large chunk of breakdown located at the base of the stairs leading to the Coliseum. Alvin McDonald referred to it as the Pebble.
Fallen Leaf Room


John Scheltens, Carole Loskot, Dave Springhetti, Mike Wiles In this room there is an abundance of calcite rafts on the walls and floors which look like fallen leaves.
Fallopian Tube, The


Evan Anderson, Steve Lester, Shawn Kramer
False Alarm Freeway


Mark Stock, Nelson Kuniansky
False Floor City


Jim Pisarowicz, Warren Netherton There is a series of broken false floors in this area of the cave. Some of then drop down 30 feet or more.
Fan Rock


Alvin McDonald A huge piece of fallen boxwork that resembles a lady's fan half opened. On the Candlelight Tour in Union College.
Faries Palace


Alvin McDonald
Faries Snow Balls


Alvin McDonald
Farleys Freeway


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Shawn Kramer, Myk Coughlin A big, beautiful passage found right after comedian Chris Farley passed away.
Farleys Pharmacy


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Shawn Kramer, Myk Coughlin An alliteration based on comedian Chris Farleys then recent death from a massive overdose of drugs, causing heart failure.
Farmers Dome


Alvin McDonald
Fat Womans Misery


Alvin McDonald A crawl or squeeze where the Rescue Stairs are located on the Garden of Eden Tour.
Feather Bed Crawl


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler Crawlway which is covered with very soft and powdery soil.
Feminine Side, The


Jim Nepstad, Rene Rogers A room along the east edge of the cave that is accessed through a tight hole that was named the Wedge, and which, only Rene could fit through.
Ferret Loop


Tom Dotter, Karl Mayne, Karla Whittenburg, Kim McVey A small, 200-foot long loop.
Fetal Pit


Sandy Kramer, Kathy Petty, Clarence Williams
Figure Eight Room


Andy Flurkey, Chris Hill, Bob Reinstatler The outline of this major intersection in Half-Mile Hall resembles a large "8", giving the room its name. This is the second largest known room in the cave.
Figured Statue, The


Alvin McDonald
Fill-In-The Blank Room


Rod Horrocks, Chris Amidon, Leno Lippold This room was located in a blank area of the map that Rod had been trying for some time to penetrate.
Fireball Hall


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz A passage named after the fireball candy that Jim Nepstad had just put into his mouth moments before the team crawled into this room.
Firemans Curse, The


Alvin McDonald
Fish Eggs


John Scheltens, Mike Wiles, Dave Springhetti
Fish Room


James Wilson, Mike Zawada, Steve Kumpf
Fisher Traverse

Ken Carpenter
Fishermans Rest


Alvin McDonald
Fissure Kingdom


Rod Horrocks, Roger Harris, Duff McCafferty This middle level room has numerous fissures radiating off of it with many other nearby fissures connecting down to the Candlelight Tour area and up to the WB survey.
Fissure Passage


Mark Stock, Lester Lewis
Five Finger Fall


Dave Gerboth, Jim Pisarowicz, Karen Rosga While surveying over this 25-foot pit, Karen Rosga dropped one of her gloves. The pit was deep enough and overhung such that the party could not retrieve the glove. A later trip did descend the pit and mapped about a quarter of a mile of cave at the bottom of this pit.
Five Points


Alvin McDonald Five passages radiate from this room. Now known as the Eastern Star Room.
Flailing Feet Crawl


Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Dina Venezky, Bob Younger A fifty-foot long crawl in which the explorers feet were seen flailing around.
Flaming Match Room


Rod Horrocks, Roger Harris, Ken Geu, Duff McCafferty A wooden match was found by the surveyors in this virgin dirt-floored room. Apparently, it had been thrown into the room through the tight entrance passage in the 1890's.
Flaming Pink Tights Pit


Jim Pisarowicz, Curt Broeker, Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga A pit where the ledges along the sides of the passage are all sloping steeply down and there is a thin layer of mud on the ledges and footholds.
Flapjack Room


Jim Clark, Veronica Stahl, Kirk Haley, Jerry Hassemer A large room by only 2-feet high.
Flat Top Chamber


Alvin McDonald


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Shawn Kramer, Myk Coughlin A large flat-toped breakdown block.
Flatiron Hall


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Shawn Kramer, Myk Coughlin Shawn thought the rocks in this passage resembled the Flatiron Mountains near his Boulder, Colorado home, heavily tilted and jetting upwards into the air.


Rod Horrocks, Vickie Siegel, William Stone A nearly flat room and adjoining hall.
Fliesstein Paradise


Jason Walz, Marcell Gelligen, Johannes Nitsche, Ole-Kristian Heyer A flowstone and dripstone area that was named for the German word "Fliesstein", which means "flowing stone".
Flood Plains


Marc Ohms, Paul Burger, Renee Rogers Low-ceilinged area (1-3'), lots of mud and flood debris (pine needles…). Led to Phantom Lake.


Stan Allison, Paul Burger False floors are found in this room. Mislabeled Floordum on the map.
Florist Grotto


Alvin McDonald Located near the Coliseum.
Flounder Hall


Ted Lappin, Steve Reames, Bethany Jablonsky, Stan Allison
Flounder Hole


Evan Anderson, Pat Roberson, Shawn Kramer, Micxah Ball
Flour Tube


Rod Horrocks, Clair Call, Kevin Pippen, Joel Despain, Doug Kent An upper-level passage off the Rainbow Rooms with corrosion residue walls that resembles flour. It has lots of bat scratches. First entered by the survey crew by climbing on Clair's back.
Flower Garden


Alvin McDonald, Charles Holmes, C.F. McBride.
Flower Shop


Phil Dodge, Bob Hirschy, Bob Huber, Jim Palmer Named for the large number of gypsum flowers.
Flowers of the Night


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz Small crawlway with nice anthrodites (literally stone flowers in Greek).
Flowfinger Falls


Jim Pisarowicz, John Gookin, Matt Soete, Geoff Williams An area with flowstone and soda straws which look like fingers hanging down from the ceiling.
Flowstone Dome, The


Jim Clark, Kirk Haley, Veronica Stahl A 20-foot high dome with lots of sodastraws, stalactites, draperies, flowstone and stalagmites.
Flowstone Fantasy Freeway


John Scheltens, Ed LaRock, Mike Behn A three-foot high upper-level phreatic tube with a flowstone floor.
Flying Zambino, The


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler A 20-foot climb where the walls are very crumbly and threatened to turn the explorers into impromptu acrobats. The name "Zambino" came from the pencil that the explorers were using to take notes. On that pencil was the name "Ann Zambino".
Foggy Mountain


Fools Hollow


Jim Wilson, Bruce Albright, Randy Williams, Dan Wray
Forbidden Fruit


Alvin McDonald
Forty Mile Hall


Warren Netherton, Jim Pisarowicz, Karen Rosga In this room the total surveyed length of Wind Cave reached and exceeded 40 miles.
Fossil Chamber


Alvin McDonald
Fossil Reef


Alvin McDonald
Foul Spark Plug, The


Derek Wolfe, Dan Mottinger, Donna Swigert This canyon and room were named because the surveyors were only able to find a survey designation and not the actual survey station, which forced them to resurvey it.
Foul Temptress, The


Chris Amidon, Meredith Dreyer, Valoree Varick A very tempting hole that was too small for the surveyors to fit into.
Four Skinner, The


Evan Anderson, Jim Olsen, Hazel Barton, Suzette Kane
Fragile Land


Alvin McLane, Scott Brougham, Ted Self
Free Mason Hall


A room that has four breakdown blocks along each side of the trail that reassemble chairs.
Freedom Bowl


Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza, Stan Allison Named after the football bowl game. The surveyors were caving on January 1, the day when most Americans were watching the bowl games.
French Coach Horse


French Pastry Parlor


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Andy Flurkey, Alan Williams John had recently had some French pastries at the Epcott Center in Florida and the triple false floors with piles of rafts reminded him of those. It is a difficult room to get to.
Freshman Fairgrounds


Sue Fenner, Bob Huber, Jim Lindley, ? Simon
Freshman Frostline


Sue Fenner, Bob Huber, Jim Lindley and ? Simon A large quantity of aragonite ("frostwork") in found in this area that looks like a smaller version of the Frostline.
Frost Hall


Carl Bern, Jeff Goben, Derek Wolfe, Chris Schneider A short fissure passage with frostwork-covered walls.
Frostbite Hole


Carl Bern, Jeff Goben, Derek Wolfe, Chris Schneider A frostwork lined hole that led to Frost Hall.
Frosted Cereal Bowl


Rod Horrocks, Grahm Hogg, Randy Oliver, Brad Hill A bowl-shaped room that was covered with moonmilk.
Frosted Cobwebs


Alvin McDonald
Frosted Flake Room


Rod Horrocks, Sam Russell, Erik Freeman, Sandy Myers A bowl-shaped room that was covered with moonmilk.
Frostline Overpass


Steve Smith, Kevin Smith, Jerry Hassmer A short upper-level passage that passes over the Frostline. Loose rock and a fissure in the floor that ties into the Frostline, prevent this route from being used.
Frostline, The


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn Spectacular examples of frostwork can be seen in this area. All the frostwork seems to have developed below a line which can clearly be seen in the rooms at either end, hence the name. The Conn's were hoping this frostwork would lead to a lot more cave.
Frostwork Ledge

Frozen Waterfall


Alvin McDonald
Funk, The


Rod Horrocks, Alexis Brooks, Derek Marohn When Derek commented that the room they were in was funky, the other two looked at each other and simultaneously said, "The Funk", referring to his comments and the state of mind that Alexis was in earlier while trying to draw the area.
Fun Passage


Mike Wiles, Marc Ohms, Noah Daniels
Fungus Humongous


Jim Nepstad, Stan Allison, Bob Kobza A walking passage off of Gypsy Road that has a huge inverted mushroom made of chert similar to the smaller one found just past Hobsons Choice on the Red and White trail.
Funnel Chimney


Chris Hill A funnel-shapped dome.
Funnel Fissure


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