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E.F.C.A. Temple


Alvin McDonald

On the Pearly Gates Route.
Ear Canal, The


James Wilson, Marjori Johnson, Howard Bartlett The discovers of this small pit felt like they were dropping into an ear canal, based on its shape. Located in the Knee Bone Room area.
Early Bird Room

Earwax Corridor


Evan Anderson, Derek Wolfe, Stephanie Juth, Matt Juth As the cavers crawled through this crawl, corrosion residue rained down on them. The name was coined when Matt started complaining about a piece of dirt rattling around in his eardrum.
East Branch


Evan McDonald, Mary McDonald, George Stabler, Minnie Stabler
Easter Basket


Robert Phillips, Steve Smith, Steve Lester This was an area with lots of frostwork and white wall coatings that was found on a Easter Weekend.
Easter Frost


Jeff Goben, Carl Bern, Greg Springer A passage with a whole lot of frostwork that was found the day before Easter.
Eastern Star Room


Alvin McDonald Named for the Eastern Star group who held a meeting in the cave in this area. Originally called Five Points by Alvin McDonald because of the five leads heading off of the room.
Ebonite Passage


Dave Lester, Bill Hawn, Bob Phillips, Vern Carlson, An area with little black crystals ranging from very small up to 1/2" long. Exits on the HN survey on the Lakes Route.
Echo Falls


Rod Horrocks, Chris Ingebretsen An echoing room that has a 7-foot high flowstone-covered ledge (the falls).
Editors Sanctum


Alvin McDonald Discovered in 1893 by Alvin McDonald and surveyed by Rod Horrocks, Ed Schenk, Belinda Fox, and Todd Brink on 07/07/2000. The words "Editors Sanctum NT" were found written in 19th century script in pencil in the ceiling of this small room.
Eds Alley


Andy Flurkey, John Scheltens, Ed LaRock, Rich Sloan An eight-foot high passage found by Ed LaRock.
Eds Bad Lunch Room


John Scheltens, Ed LaRock, Eric Liebes An eight-foot high passage found by Ed LaRock.
Eds Big Room


Ed LaRock, John Scheltens, Eric Liebes, Andy Flurkey A low-ceilinged room.
Egg Hatchery


Lester Lewis, Dave Springhetti, Mark Stock Named for the geodes found in the walls and ceiling of this area. These geodes look like eggs stuck in the walls of the cave.
Egg Shell Room


NPS Rangers Named after some egg shell fragments left by earlier explorers of this room.
Eiberts Dome


Rod Horrocks, Roger Harris The surveyors of this 19-foot high dome room found a signature from an Eibert near this dome.
El Discusto Crawl


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti A miserable crawl. Named after Mark Stock's habit of smoking some nasty smelling cigars that John and Dave called, "El Discustos".
El Poop-O


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza This tight hole had a strong wind blowing through it and even though Jim Pisarowicz had removed his clothes he could still not get through. The name represents the frustration of the explorers.
Elbow Room


Phil Dodge, Don Frankfort, Bob Huber, Jim Palmer Just past the Armpit.
Elbow, The


E.L. McDonald
Elephant Hall

Alvin McDonald? A large feature that resembles an elephant led to this name. This lower level cave is reached from the Grand Canyon.
Elephant Stream


Darren Ressler, Stacy Smyth, Brad Stephenson, Michelle Youngquist A passage with sediment formed into swirling patterns by running water. There were 5-inch gypsum starbursts too.
Elephant Stuff


Darren Ressler, Stacy Smyth, Brad Stephenson, Michelle Youngquist A 25-foot tall fissure passage underneath the Elephant Trunk. The ES survey.
Elephant Trunk

John Scheltens, Mike Wiles A huge trunk passage 40-feet wide, 30-feet high and over 800-feet long. Named for its size, it is one of the largest lower level passages known in the cave.
Elks Resort

Elks Room


Carla Knapp, Janine LeRoy, Sandy Simon, Chuck Ward A projection coming up from the floor of this room resembles an elk's head. A slab of rock that was 3 1/2 feet high, 4" thick, and 2 feet wide was struck with the palm of the hand in on early tours. This was known as the "Elks Empty Barrel". Room also known as "Elks Hall."
Elronds Hall


Phil Dodge, Tom Sheehan, Mary Laycock, Mike Laycock A 24-foot high passage. The ceiling looks like calcite jungle area.
Emperor Maximus I


Chris Hill This HUGE helictite bush has been described as "the ruler of all helictite bushes". The total height of the bush is six feet, however, the whole thing can't be viewed at once.
EMT Hall


Ed LaRock, Mike Behn, Ted Lappin A large room in the STP Speedway area. The discovers thought if you had a speedway, you would need an Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) for the wrecks. EMT is also the first letter of each of the discovers names.
ENT Forest, The


Ed LaRock, Alan Williams, Larry Richards, Mike Behn A group of stalagmites consisting of densely intergrown black helictites.
Epiglottus, The


Dave Lester, Steve Lester, Kevin Smith, Becky Ward, Linda Gentile
Epworth League Pavilion


ES Stream


Darren Ressler, Michelle Youngquist, Stacy Smyth, Brad Stephenson Evidence in sediment of a former stream. Just off of the Elephant Trunk, thus named Elephant Stuff Stream.
Escape Route


A service trail between the Eastern Star Room and the lower elevator landing. Constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) in 1934.
Escape Stairs A fissure with a steep set of stairs that led from the Assembly Room up to the Garden of Eden Route. These stairs are used when the Elevator is not working. Originally known as "Cliff Climbers Delight" by Alvin McDonald.


Stan Allison, Harry Burgess, Mike Wiles, Myk Coughlin Tight crawl leading to Cosmos.
Evans Little Lake


Steve Lester, Doug Kent, Evan Anderson, Lee Blazek
Evans Plunge


Jim Pisarowicz, Bob Kobza Small lake just beyond Lake Land and named after the explorers favorite haunt after a long caving trip (especially the hot tubs). Evans Plunge resort was giving the explorers free admittance at the time and an article was put in the local newspaper about the discovery.
Ever Ending Room


Rod Horrocks, Dave Shurtz, Ryan Shurtz, Jordan Shurtz Every lead checked off this room ended or connected with known survey, thus the name.
Evil Breakdown Choke


Paul Fowler, Jason Walz, Tim Moreland, Marjori Johnson This passage, located on the north edge of the cave ended in an unstable breakdown wall that choked upwards in paleofill.
Evil Twin


Paul Burger, Steve Lester, Dennis Laird, Bruce Albright A very exposed traverse across a pit to a rope.
Expectation Trail


Tod Collet, Andy Harley, Ted Stlouks, Don Susfolk When first explored, this section of cave was headed straight towards the Blowhole by the park's horse corrals. There was much expectation that a connection could be made with the Blowhole. The connection did not materialize on this trip.
Exposition Hall


Rod Horrocks, Ed Schenk, Belinda Fox, Todd Brink A 30 x 50' room just north of the benches in the Fairgrounds. Named because "Exposition Halls" are often associated with State Fairgrounds.
Eye of the Needle


Max Manzur, Becky Ward, Wes Allen, David Coles

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