Wind Cave Room Names - D



Named By



Da-Ooh-Ahhh Room


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, William Frith A 40-foot high passage.
Dago Misery


Alvin McDonald, Ernest Knight, William Ranger
Daisys Grotto


Alvin McDonald
Dangaroos Crossing


Myk Coughlin, Mike Wiles, Stan Allison A loose, exposed climb requiring a hand-line to traverse. Named because of a tourist question about the "Bison are Dangerous" sign along Highway 385.
Dannys Crawl


Liz Chapman, Cory Crowford, Steve Matson, Kathy Raymond A long tube crawl originally done by a NOLS student by the name of Danny.
Dantes Inferno


Alvin McDonald, A.C. McBride A dark-colored room with a pit in the floor.
Dark Room


Alvin McDonald
Dark Wing Duck Area


Dave Lester, Randy Brown, Kirk Haley
Darrens Democratic Discovery


Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler This tight lead was found by Darren Ressler while waiting for Jim Nepstad to return from doing a climb. There was a breeze blowing through the hole and when Jim returned he said to Darren, "I vote you to do it!" From this "group decision" the name evolved.
Daves Room


John Scheltens, Mike Wiles, Dave Springhetti
Dead Bones Drop


Jason Walz, Larry Shaffer, Andrew Pavek, Nick Swanson The surveyors found an 8-foot climbdown into a 18-foot diameter room on the northern edge of the cave that had bat bones on the floor, thus the name.
Dead End


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Mike Wiles A dead end side lead in the Silent Expressway area.
Dead Sea Stroll


Evan Anderson, Bill Hawn, Steve Smith, Thane Moyes There were many fossils: brachiopods, crinoids stems, gastropods, and tube worms. This was a play on words "Dead Sea Scrolls".
Deans Dressing Room


Marc Ohms, Matt Reece
Death Valley


Jim Pisarowicz, Karen Rosga At the time of this trip (their honeymoon) Jim and Karen were working at Death Valley in California.
Deep Confusion


Andy Flurkey, Norm Pace, John Scheltens A term coined by Norm Pace for this part of the cave because it is so far into the cave that there is "deep confusion" about how to get back out.
Deep Dish


Marc Ohms, Rene Rogers, Mike Wiles A 20-foot deep pit off of Pizza Hut.
Deep Pit


Alvin McDonald
Deep Sea Transvestite


Evan Anderson, Stephen Lester, Pat Robertson, Stephanie Haterlie
Deep Throat


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz A vertical pit that looked as if you are looking down someone's throat.
Degree of Honor Hall


An area with a chert ceiling that has a rock that resembles the head of a sheep. Also known as the Sheeps Head.
Delicate Arch Passage


Rod Horrocks, Alexis Brooks, Eric Dodd This passage was named after a pendant that looks like the "Delicate Arch" in Arches National Park.
Delsarte Temple


Delta, The


Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza, Stan Allison A flat area near the Headwaters, where a stream once pounded.
Delusions of Grandeur


Jim Nepstad, Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Dawn Reed A small area accessed by a passage from Gypsy Road.
Depths of Ignorance


Alvin McDonald
Der Biergarten


Jason Walz, Eric Grunward, Andre Baumeister Named by Andre after his native tongue, German.
Destiny Climb


Pat Seiser, Vi Schweiker, Jim Clark, Bob Stuckland
Devenports Den


Andy Flurkey, Rick Banning
Devils Key Hole


Devils Lookout


L.C. Faris, Frank Halden, Charlie Roe A 35-foot high fissure. Before electric lights one could not see into the ceiling of this chamber. It was often said that the Devil was watching people from the top of this passage. This was the extent of exploration in the cave until 1890 when Alvin Mc Donald began his explorations.
Devils Pot Hole


Alvin McDonald
Devils Pot Hook


Alvin McDonald
Devils Punch Bowl


A large rock with a depression and a hole in it. This was deemed appropriate for a SD punchbowl, since SD was a probation state. Located at the top of the stairs in the Bachelors Quarters.
Deweys Place

Diamond Field of S. Africa


Diamond Mine


Alvin McDonald, M. E. Crookam, Fred McBride
Die Passage


The DIE survey with stands for "Damn it Ends".
Dinning Room


Alvin McDonald?
Dinosaur Bone


Paul Burger, Stan Allison, Dina Venezky, Bob Younger The surveyors found a chert nodule that resembled a dinosaur bone to them.
Dinosaur Delight


Dave Lester, Rich Wolfert, Emma Rainforth, Bob Stucklin
Dinosaur Room

Disappointment Chamber


Todd Collet, Andy Harley, Merl Ness, Ted Stouks Exploration along Expectation Trail towards the Snake Pit Entrance (Blowhole) was halted in this area by deadends. degenerated into a dog pound full of dogs with lots of "tail wagging" and
Disappointment Pit

Divide, The


Alvin McDonald
Diving Board


Max Mazur, John Coyne III, Mike Mazur A wall pendant that sticks out over a pit.
Do-Drop-In Pit


Kevin Smith, Steve Smith, Ken Hendrick, Josh Williams
Dock, The


Alvin McDonald
Dog Pound


Jim Pisarowicz, Mitchel Frey, Warren Netherton, Karen Rosga Before this trip, Warren Netherton made the comment that everyone was as excited to go surveying as a pack of wolves with lots of "tail wagging".
Dogtooth Room


John Scheletens, Mark Stock?, Kurt Johnson
DOH Room


Stan Allison, Mike Wiles, Myk Coughlin "Doh" is an expletive used by Homer Simpson in the animated TV show the Simpsons.
Dome Nogo


Jason Walz, Mike Wiles, Noah Daniels A small dome that didn't go.
Domey Way


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Glen Raleigh A passage with many ceiling domes.
Donkey, The


Evan Anderson, Derek Wolfe, Stephanie Juth, Matt Juth Stephanie thought that a rock at this station looked like a donkey.
Dons Disappointment Pit


Don Coons, ? A series of dead end pits are located in this area discovered in 1971. Don Coons, the survey team leader, was disappointed that none of them led to new discoveries.
Dookular Waste Site


Jason Walz, Daryl Stisser, Cheryl Mayer Human waste was found in this room near Base Camp 2. It is a small pile with paper that is covered by rocks and mold.
Door #3 Pit


Jim Pisarowicz, Karen Rosga Fifty-foot pit requiring a rope to descend. Who ever knows what's behind door #1, door #2, or door #3?
Doorway to Delights


Chris Amidon, Ajax B. Dalman A passage that led to some very tight passages beyond.
Double Crisp Passage


Rod Horrocks, Brad Oen, Marc Ohms Discovered by the survey party on 11/27/1999. It is a beautiful gypsum passage named after they found two silver dollar sized loose gypsum snowflakes in the middle of the passage.
Double D Pit


Rod Horrocks, Kyle Voylis, Heidi Melville, Erik Freeman Two D size flashlight batteries were found at the bottom of this 30-foot deep, 5 foot diameter pit, giving the surveyors this idea for a name.
Doughnut Hole


Bryan Smith, Steve Posey A tight squeeze at CQA12.
Doughnut Room


Also Known as the Chinese Mushroom.
Doughnut Shop

Draculum, Room


Alvin McDonald, J.M. Moore The words "Room Draculum" are smoked in the ceiling of this room. The room was originally called Wind River Circle but this was changed to Wind River Chamber.
Dragon Eyes Scramble


Martha Kubicek, Doiug Pflugh, Tom Shields, T?m Sulser
Dragon Room


Alan Howard, Herb Conn, Jan Conn Surveyed by Herb and Jan Conn.
Dragons Lair


Dave Lester, Rich Wolfert, Bryan Smith, Bob Stucklen


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Darren Ressler The night before this trip both Jim Nepstad and Darren Ressler dreamed that they were going to discover a large new area of the cave, and they did.
Dreams Dressing Room


Matt Reece, Marc Ohms Named after the all-girl teen rock band Dream, Keeping with the teen pop-star theme of the area.
Dreamsicle Room


Rod Horrocks, Joe Oliphant, John Citta, Marc Pedersen A small room discovered by the survey party that has dozens of 1 1/2 foot long, creamy white, stalactites and soda straws.
Drip Drop Chamber


Tom Miller, Mike Brinkmeyer, Cindy Brome, Janine LeRoy A room with flowstone and dripping water.
Drip Drop Room


J. Hazzen, Mary Laycock, Mike Laycock A very wet and drippy room.
Dripping Springs, The


Bill Holmes, Les Talbot, Phil Dodge, ?
Dripstone Delight


John Scheltens, Ed LaRock, Mike Behn A four-foot high upper-level passage with beautiful 3 to 4-feet long stalactites. Also columns, sodastraws and stalagmites.
Drool Room


John Scheltens, Andy Flurkey, Ed LaRock, Eric Liebes A wet drippy room.
Dry Oasis


Doug Pflugh, Kreg Hamburge, Tom Shelby A small breakdown chamber with a few dry desicated soda straws and flowstone.
DTD Room


Jeff Kleaveland, Mike Poutiantine, Brad Throssell
Duncan Room


Steve Baldwin, Devin Hachmeiste, Sarge Preston In 1989, during the search for a lost N.O.L.S. caver in Wind Cave, the park received a call from a psychic saying that the lost person would be found in a room named Duncan. In fact, when the lost person was located she was found in an area of the cave that hadn't been named. Steve then named the room Duncan Room, "thus confirming the psychic prediction".
Dungeon, The


Alvin McDonald
Dusty Bottoms


Rod Horrocks, Alexis Brooks, Ari Juhala, Amny Juhala The point person got a "dusty bottom" when checking out the upper portion of this room, which was located in the upper middle level and covered with paleofill.
Dusty Trail


Tom Miller, John Scheltens, Pete Shiflett, Mike Wiles Named for the deep, powdery dust on the floor in this area.
Dutch Misery


Alvin McDonald, Ernest A. Knight, William Ranger
Dutch Oven


Alvin McDonald?
Dynamite Stope


Rod Horrocks, Roger Harris, Duff McCafferty This 19'+ high chimney was entirely excavated out of paleofill in the early 1930's, possibly during a search to locate a place to put an elevator in the cave. Two sticks of dynamite were found abondoned on a ledge near the bottom of this stope. It is located in the same general area as Plummers Pit, Dynamite Stope, and Two Cent Stope, all of which were also excavated by the same group.

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