Wind Cave Room Names - C



Named By


Cactus Patch


Bob Kobza, Shaun Larson, Jim Pisarowicz This passage is coated with aragonite frostwork. The sharp needles of the frostwork made the cavers think that they were traveling through a "cactus patch."
Cafeteria, The


Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza, Stan Allison A room past the Northwest Territories where the survey part stopped to eat lunch after 500 feet of survey. The name was chosen as part of a school theme (They also named the Playground in that area).
Cairn Crawls


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz A series of belly crawls marked by small rock cairns.
Cairn Room


Alan Howard Named for a stone cairn in the center of the room.
Cake Hole


Amy Bern, Christa Schneider, Joanna Poczobutt, Matt Higgins A small tight hole with fluffy coroded rock that would sink and crumble when touched, reminding them of a Betty Crocker Cake.


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Darren Ressler A easy, large, 200-foot long, walking passage with no rock-rubble.
Calcite Bowl


Calcite Jungle


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn Originally the name of an area below Boxwork Chimney found by Schnute and the Conn's, this name is now loosely applied to all lower level passages. The name refers to the thick calcite coatings common to the lower level two dimensional mazes in Wind Cave. Resurveyed by Don Coons and Andy Flurkey on 07/14/1973.
Calcite Lake



This lake, discovered by Herb Conn and Dave Schnute, was originally simply called the "Lake" by them. It is known for its abundance of calcite rafts ("calcite ice") which precipitate on its surface. This was the first large lake discovered in the cave.


John Scheltens, Mike Wiles A rock in the floor of this passage has the appearance of the head of a camel.
Camels Back


Alvin McDonald blasted through this feature when creating the trail.
Campaign Trail, The


Evan Anderson, Derek Wolfe, Shawn Kramer Named while the 2000 presidential election tie-up was going on in Florida. This walking passage wasn't expected to go far, but it did.
Campfire Room


Can't Touch This


Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Brad Stephenson A crawl with loose and precarious blocks of chert hanging from the ceiling. Named by Stan.
Canal Zone


Janice Hodgkinson, Sue Mooney, Mike Pautiati, Jack Throssell. A series of crawlways laid out like the canals of Venice.
Candle Platform


Located between the Cataract Room and Boot Heel.
Candlelight Tour

The route where Candlelight Tours are currently given between the Badlands and the Three Way Stairs. Also known as the Pearly Gates Route.
Candy Causeway


Windy City Grotto
Candy Store Window


Aaron Macan, Randy Macan, David Coles, Becky Ward A dig and small window, through with one can see into a going passage.
Can't Touch This


Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Brad Stephenson A crawl with loose and precarious blocks of chert hanging from the ceiling. Named by Stan.
Canyon Lands


Phil Dodge, Tom Sheehan, Mike Laycock, Mary Laycock
Canyon, The


Jim Nepstad, Stan Allison, Bob Kobza A large 25-foot high canyon.
Capitol Dome


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Mark Stock A dome shaped flowstone formation, 2 feet high by 3 feet wide.
Capitol Hall


Large room on the Historic Tour route that includes what is now called Bishop Fowler's Retreat and the Cathedral.
Capitol, The


Jim Pisarowicz, Mike Babbitt, Warren Netherton This upper level dome looks like the capitol dome.
Carbonate City


Jason Walz, Nick Smith, Tom Diemer Named after a ghost town near Spearfish.
Carpel Tunnel, The


Dennis Laird, Bruce Albright, Greg Glazner, Stuart Marlat
Carriers Roost 03/29/1892 Dennis Laird, Bruce Albright, Greg Glazner, Stuart Marlat
Carrot Crawl


Dave Lester, Randy Brown, Kirk Haley
Castle Garden


Alvin McDonald, Elmer McDonald, Melvin Moore A large room with bluish coloration.
Castle Garden Crevice


The fissure passage between Castle Garden and the Blue Grotto.
Castle Paleostone


Ted Lappin, Ed LaRock, Mike Behn A play on the kids action figurines Masters of the Universe that lived in Castle Greystone.


Alvin McDonald, C.F. McBride, Charles Holmes An extensive but dreary area on the Candlelight Tour Route.
Cataract Room


A pile of breakdown in this room resembles a cataract. Early explorers theorized that the great "Wind River" once flowed through this room, forming a great Cataract. Surveyed by Kathy Bogan, John Easby, Jim Lesh, & Steve Lonis on 05/01/1980.
Cataract Route


Alvin McDonald The route that leads from the Post Office to the Cataract Room.


Dr. Hancher This large room with abundant boxwork has been said to look like a "cathedral" or a "church". It is the southern half of what used to be known as Capitol Hall.
Cathedral Dome


A dome on the Garden of Eden Tour.
Catholic Church


A.F. McDonald, Saura V. Smith, Mary McDonald, Fred Darlington
Cats Whiskers



Jason Walz, Peggy Renwick, Chris Amidon A 120-foot long fissure passage separated from a lower passage by a thin false floor. It was a catwalk for the surveyors to traverse along the edge of the upper passage without breaking the floor.
Caught Crotch Climb


Jim Pisarowicz, Shaun Larson, Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga On trying to climb down this pit Karen Rosga got her coveralls caught on a small protuberance. When she tried to turn around she discovered that she could go neither up nor down. Everyone on the trip (save Karen) had decided to call the pit Caught Crotch.
Cave City


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz Following a series of tight, sharp crawls, Jim Pisarowicz popped into this large upper level room with many leads going all over the place.
Cave Coral Crawl


Kevin Smith, Kirk Haley, Ken Hendrick
Celebration Room


John Scheltens, Mark Stock, Andy Flurkey, Ron Frost
Centennial Gallery


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, George Lee A high fissure passage on the Candlelight Tour Route with large bluish boxwork.
Center Dome


Alvin McDonald
Centurion Gardens


Alvin McLane, Scott Brougham, Ted Self
Ceptic Tank 09/18/2002 Jason Walz, Bastian Schulte, Chris Amidon A low, dead end passage entered from a very tight hole off of the Chamber Pot Room.
Cereal Bowl


Greg Wright, Jerry Rupert, Jane Harvey, Jim Cummings Named during a N.O.L.S. expedition.
Chamber D' Moore


Alvin McDonald
Chamber D' Quint


Alvin McDonald
Chamber D' Ranger


William Ranger, Alvin McDonald, Robert Norcutt Named after William Ranger who discovered this room.
Chamber de Norcot


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, George Lee Room probably named after Robert W. Norcutt who was involved with the exploration of Wind Cave in the early 1890's.
Chamber of Accidents


Alvin McDonald, C.F. McBride
Chamber of Bells


Alvin McDonald, J.D. McDonald A high fissure passage lined with boxwork where early guides would tap on the boxwork to play an octave. Later called Kimballs Music Hall and then McKinley Memorial Hall.
Chamber of Commerce


Alvin McDonald, C.S. McDonald, C.F. McBride
Chamber of Frost


Alvin McDonald, J.S. Downs A room with beautiful frostwork up to six inches long.
Chamber of Horrors


Alvin McDonald, Robert Norcutt, William Ranger.
Chamber of Lost Souls


Tom Bean, Doug Buehler, Phil Dodge, Jim Palmer The soles of two shoes were found in this room. These soles and the bones found here give rise to the room's name.
Chamber of Snow


A.F. McDonald, Saura V. Smith, Mary McDonald, Fred Darlington
Chamber Pot Room


Jim Chisholm, Heide McClire, Mike ?, Claire ?, Hal Johnson
Chance Meeting Room


Hazel Barton, Dan Lins A room where three routes connected.


Evan Anderson, Paul Mozal, Tonya Potts Named "because it is so burnt looking".
Charlies First Born


Chris Amidon, Sarah Petite, Ajax Dalman, Vickie Siegel A tight crawl that caused three of the cavers to howl from charlie horses as they squooze through.
Chasm City


Larry Johnson, Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz To travel through this area one has to crawl along a narrow ledge with a giant (80 foot) drop off to one side.
Chastity Belt


Chris Hill A very tight (8.5 inch) vertical crawlway.
Cheap Thrill


Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Bob Kobza, Jim Nepstad Named after a nasty, upward sloping crawl that pulled Paul's pants off.
Cheeris Pit


Jim Wilson, Tim Moreland, Chalres Shepard, Cheeri Chapman This room has a light gray colored mud floor which has the consistency of cottage cheese.
Cheese Factory


Ken Allgier, John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Mike Wiles This room has a light gray colored mud floor which has the consistency of cottage cheese.
Cheese Grater


Marc Ohms, Renee Rogers, Mike Wiles, Myk Coughlin A tight and grabby squeeze near Pizza Hut.
Cheese Whiz Room


Norm Thompson, Carl Pagano, Tim Moreland, Brain Smith


Evan Anderson, Hazel Barton, Mark McVey Named after the numerous swiss cheese like vents found throughout the passage.
Cherry Pit Row


Rod Horrocks, Steve Langendorf, Sammi Langendorf An upper level passage that has four 15-20-foot deep pits in a row that connect to the south end of the Multipurpose Room. Steve commented that the survey had the sweet (virgin cave) and the pits, thus the name.
Chert Gizzard Room


Jim Myers, Todd Kegley, Ben Coleman, Chris Stanton? A fifteen-foot high by 20-foot diameter room with "chert gizzards" and "bee hives" in it.
Chert Room

An area along the Fairground Tour with a flat, 4" thick chert ceiling.
Chertstone Connection


Rod Horrocks, Roger Harris, William Harris This connection between the Bishop Fowler Loop and the IZ survey was found by dropping down a pit from some Upper Level tubes and through a hole in a chert ceiling, dropping into a Upper Middle Level passage. This entire passage is roofed by this chert layer, presumably the same one found in the Chert Room on the Fairgrounds Tour Route.
Chicago Portrait Room


Chicago Rock Room


Dave Lester, Randy Brown, Kirk Haley
Chicken Leg


Jason Walz, Peggy Renwick, Ben Currens A 13-foot drop that reminded one member of the survey party of a chicken leg.
Chicken Little


Chris Amidon, Meredith Dreyer, Valoree Varick A small crumbly ceiling constriction that one of the surveyors was unwilling to squeeze through. Named in honor of Chicken Little who claimed the "sky is falling".
Chicken Little Pit


Greg Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga A 20-foot pit that everyone had to chimney across.
Chicken Roost


Jim Pisarowicz, Greg Nepstad,Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga High, exposed ledge from which Karen Rosga was not sure if she could go any further.
Chicken Strut


Jim Pisarowicz, Greg Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga Tall, high fissure (30-40 feet) in which one can just strut your stuff.
Chilkoot Pass


Jason Walz, Ben Tobin, Andrea Croskrey, Johanna Kovarik This lower level fissure reminded Johanna of Chilkoot Pass in Alaska, where she is the Assistant Geologist for the Tongass National Forest.


Jim Pisarowicz, Larry Johnson, Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler A vertical, belly crawl down a chimney.
Chime Dome


Kevin Smith, Kirk Haley, Bruce Costa
Chimera Room


John Scheltens, Don Coons, Lester Lewis, Mark Stock A large room named after an imaginary, mythical beast.

On the Pearly Gates Route.
Chimney, The


Alvin McDonald
China Closet


Alvin McDonald
Chinese Dragon


Alvin McDonald
Chinese Dragons Lair, The


Jim Wilson, Melanie Kleiber, Randy Rosenbrough, Bill Heim An area in the upper middle level that has a speleogen composed of quartz rinds that resembles a Chinese Dragon costume.
Chinese Mushroom


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn A ceiling pendent in this area resembles a large, upside down mushroom. Dave thought they must be in China because the mushrooms were growing upside down (referring to China being on the opposite side of the world). Also known as the Doughnut Room.
Chinese Noodles



Probably a burrow or root zone in Gollum's Den.
Chocolate Sprinkle Junction


Ben Tobin, Andrea Croskrey, Carrie Musick This room was named after the number of rat droppings found scattered on the floor.
Chocolate Dikes Passage


Louise Hose, Aaron Bire, Dave Lester Named for milk chocolate colored mud dikes in the wall rock.
Chocolate Sprinkle Junction


Ben Tobin, Andrea Croskrey, Carrie Musick This room was named after the number of rat droppings found scattered on the floor.
Chocolate Shop, The


Rod Horrocks, Chris Amidon, Meredith Deryer Named due to the chocolate brown colors in the room and because Merediths favorite bar at Purdue University is "Harrys Chocolate Shop".
Choir Loft


John Scheltens, Marc Lampheres, Lon Sharp, Ben Sharp Numerous stalactites and 30" long soda straws.
Choke Room


Scott Buck, Marie Buzcard, Shawn O'Day, Heather Pullen This spot in the cave is between the Yellow Brick Road and Expectation Trail and was found while the explorers were trying to connect to the Blowhole. This is a location where the explorers almost "choked" because the passages were getting very tight.
Chompies Shop


Jim Pisarowicz, Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Bob Kobza Everyone on the exploration trip ate lunch made on bagels from Chompies Bakery in Phoenix, AZ in this room.
Choose Your Own Adventure


Chris Amidon, Vickie Siegel, Karen Henker A junction with several choices that was named after a book with the same name.
Chopins Nocturne


Edouard Remenji A small alcove in the west wall of the Opera House that was named by a famous violinist, Edouard Remenji.
Chris' Chisel Crack


Chris Hill A very tight crack that Chris Hill had to chisel some of the rock off the wall in order to get through.
Christmas Tree Park


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn Named for its abundance of aragonite frostwork which resembles "Christmas trees". Dave got the idea from a Yellowstone National Park place name. Resurveyed by Nelson Kuniansky, Steve Nordstrom, John Scharres on 08/18/1971.
Church Steeple, The


A.F. McDonald
Chute, The


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti A smooth floored crawlway which is steep enough to slide down.
Cindys Cell


Jim Pisarowicz, Shaun Larson, Erik Major, Cindy Sperling A small room past a 8" high squeeze the Cindy was apprehensive of squeezing through. She commented that she felt like she was trapped in a jail cell after going through the squeeze.
Circumspect, The


Evan Anderson, Jim Olsen, Hazel Barton, Suzette Kane
Citadel, The


Ken Carpenter, Richard Knox A large fissure passage.
City Hall


John Scheltens A very large passage that was first discovered by crawling through a tight crawl and eventually leads to Calcite Lake. Named for Windy City Grotto.
City of Lights


Jim Myers, Jamie Myers, Brian Raven, Pat Smith A beautiful frostwork area that extends from wall to wall.
City Sewer


Pete Kettleson, Jerri Kizer, Rod O'Sullivan, Jim Palmer The crawlways in this area are smooth and round, resembling sewer tubes.
Clam Bake


Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza, Stan Allison, Mike Paulick An area with lots of Brachiopod fossils.
Clavical Room


Jim Wilson, Barbara Smith, Skip Withrow, Greg Glazner Named because a large breakdown block resembled a shoulder blade. In keeping with the bone theme in the area, which started off the Elbow Room.
Cleopatras Chamber


Alvin McDonald
Cliff House

Cliff-Climbers Delight


Alvin McDonald This is an 80-foot climb which today is traversed by way of a steep set of metal stairs. Now known as the Rescue Stairs.
Climbers Delight


Rod Horrocks, Dennis Laird, Stacy Tostrup, Darren Wells A 45-foot high canyon off the Loose Screw Room, that has a keyhole shape. Three of the members of the survey party were rock climbers and thoroughly enjoyed surveying this rift-like canyon. Dennis commented, "now this is real caving".
Cloud Nine


Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Jim Pisarowicz, Tom Griffith, Coleen Walter A small room where everything is covered with white moonmilk and calcite.
Club Car


Jim Nepstad, David Anderson, Lottie Hufford A 50-foot diameter room with a 25-foot high ceiling.
Club Head


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn The wide top (NW end) of the Club Room that resembles the top of a club.
Club Room


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn This room is named for its shape which resembles a club, narrow on one end and broad at the other. It is said to be the third largest room in Wind Cave. Dave was scouting ahead and was the first to enter this room.
Club Room Loop


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn, Art Cloutier, Tom Cloutier The flagged caving loop that goes through Silent Lake, Buffalo Gap, Boxwork Chimney, Base Camp I, Winding Stair, Club Room, Chinese Mushroom, Hobsons Choice and back to Silent Lake. Developed in 1964 to have a loop tour with the Club Room, Calcite Jungle, and helictite bushes.
Club Room North


Large room north of the Club Room that is considered to be the continuation of the Club Room beyond a breakdown choke.
Cobblestone Crawl


Rod Horrocks, Steve Baldwin, Don Anderson A crawl that is covered mostly with sand and chunks of charcoal, but also with stream-worn pebbles and cobbles that washed into the cave from some unknown source?
Cobwebs, The


Alvin McDonald?
Coffee Run


Coin Slot


Craig Wagner, Kim Ellison, Sammy ? A coin-shaped slot lead near NZ5.
Coke Room


John Scheltens, Pete Shifflet Named after John Scheltens' habit of carrying cans of Coke with him into the cave. He would stash them in this room for the trip out of the cave.
Coke Room Extension


John Scheltens?
Coliseum, The


Alvin McDonald, Albert Henault The Coliseum route was discovered by climbing up in the first part of the Sceneries of Wicklow (now known as the Temple). The Coliseum has also been referred to as Seal Rock Room because one of the rocks in this room looks like a seal.

Colonade Room


Rod Horrocks, Chris Ingebretsen A 24-foot diameter room that has four pillars around its edges. Resurveyed and named by Rod and Chris.
Colorado Grotto Section


Bill Yett Section of Wind Cave originally explored by members of the Colorado Grotto, a caving club from Denver.
Columbian Hall


Alvin McDonald, John Stabler This room was named after the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago. "Columbian Hall" was found smoked on the ceiling when it was rediscovered in the early 1970's by Wind Cave seasonal rangers.
Comets Coma


Rod Horrocks, Michelle Karle, Ari Juhala In reference to the comets coma, the smaller head of a comet. This smaller 24-foot diameter room is connected to the larger tail, or the Stardust Chamber.
Conehead Crawl


Jim Nepstad, Greg Nepstad, Stan Allison, Paul Burger There were some con-shaped structures on the floor of this crawl.
Confederate Crossroads


Alvin McDonald A junction of two fissures which are at right angles to each other. Today this intersection has been simplified to the Crossroads.
Confuzzled Pit


Rod Horrocks, Alexis Brooks, Eric Dodd A pit that started out spaciously and looked like it would branch out into multiple passage at multiple levels, but in actuality quickly deadened, much to the "confuzzlement" of the surveyors.
Connis Hideaway


Ed LaRock, Andy Flurkey, Mike Behn A small room noted by Jan Conn off of the Muddle Room area?
Contact Hell


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Amy Johnson, Jeff Goben A passage with heavily coated corrosion residue that would give a person wearing contact lenses "hell".
Contortionist, The


Jason Walz, Ajax Dalman, Meredith Dreyer, John Curtis A tight squeeze up a small passage to a higher passage.
Coors Pit


Jim Wilson, Skip Withrow, Sandy Kraemer, Walter Pickett A 100-foot pit.
Coral Crawl


Stacy Smyth, Meg Lamm, Patrick Smyth, Brian Smith
Coral Crevice


Alvin McDonald, Frank Lally, A.J. Watt.
Coral Pit


Alvin McDonald
Coral Room


Surveyed during a N.O.L.S. expedition
Cork Screw Path


The cork-screwing stairs on the Garden of Eden Tour.


Stan Allison, Harry Burgess, Mike Wiles, Myk Coughlin An area of square-shaped passages which average 15-20 feet wide and 10-12 feet high. Parts of this area goes under Highway 385.
Cotton Canyon


Alvin McLane, Scott Brougham, Ted Self
Cotton Field, The


Bill Hawn, Robert Phillips, Vern Carlson A room filled with various gypsum formations
Cotton Flats


Alvin McLane, Scott Brougham, Ted Self
Council Chambers


Alvin McDonald, M.E. and Willie Crookam, George Lee This is a large chamber in the cave, large enough to hold a council. Also known as the U.T.C. Council Chamber.
Court Room


Alvin McDonald
Cow Patty Flats


Jim Pisarowicz, Heidi Grengg, Fred Roberts, Lars Virbeck A room with a thin coating of dried mud that looked like cow pies.
Cow Pie, The


Jim Pisarowicz, John Scheltens A cow pie looking formation.
Cow Poke


Michael Longo, Cassa Hadley, Jenny Kuhlman, Jason Soll, Tatt Mauszewski, Ken Andrews A small room with several cow brands and signatures on the walls.
Crack House, The


Doug Kent, Garry Petrie, Dave Steinmann, Tim Nuce

A 20' x 60' room with lots of large breakdown. Named the Crack House because the floor, walls and ceiling are covered with fine white crytals having many long fissures and cracks.

Cracker Jack Surprise


Marc Ohms, Rene Rogers, Ed Schenk An area with large popcorn, including button popcorn that reminded the cavers of the caramel covered popcorn snack called Cracker Jacks.
Cracks of Doom


Ken Carpenter, Rich Breisch, Jens Munthe An area with many high fissures ("cracks") to chimney above and through.
Crafty Maneuver, The


Jason Walz, Andy Armstrong, Bonny Armstrong A pit that connects the Club Room with lower level cave. The crack reminded the surveyors of a place in Jewel Cave with the same name.
Cranny Room


Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza, Warren Netherton, Mike Paulick
Crap Hole


Dave Springhetti, Lester Lewis, Mark Stock
Crapper, The


Marc Ohms, Rene Ohms A 15-foot deep pit on the north edge of the cave that "crapped" out after 70 feet of survey.


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn Large boxwork located near the Nudist Colony.
Cratework Crawl


Chris Hill Contains large record-sized boxwork or "cratework".
Cratework Room


Andy Flurkey, Don Coons, Bob Reinstatler

Very large boxwork or "cratework" can be seen in this room.
Crayola Crawl


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Paul Burger When Paul leaned against one wall of a crawl it collapsed, revealing a beautiful, multi-colored paleofill dome. On the ground below were purple, red, yellow, black, and green colored bits of paleofill.
Creamery, The


Warren Netherton, Jim Pisarowicz, Karen Rosga A small creamy colored soda straw, stalactite (<2 feet long), and flowstone deposit can be found in this room.
Crevice, The


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookin, Willie Crookin, George Lee Also known as Alpine Way.
Crocks On Ice


Evan Anderson, Sephanie Juth, Matt Juth, Derek Wolfe Located near the Alligator Formation, this area had frostwork and was chilly. The combination of which inspired the name.
Crocodile Walk


Jim Nepstad, Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Mike Wiles A passage of calcified mud cracks that resemble the skin of a crocodile.
Crookams Choice


Alvin McDonald
Crooked Path


Alvin McDonald


Alvin McDonald Known to the McDonalds as Confederate Crossroads.
Crown Chamber


Alvin McDonald, George Lee, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam Named because of a conspicuously placed rock that resembled a "crown". Now known as the Second Crossroads.
Crown Jewels


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti The huge quartz geode found in this room has finger-like projections with manganese interiors. The beautiful crystals resemble jewels. Also known as the Ice Storm.
Crumble Lane


Rod Horrocks, Ken Geu, Duff McCafferty The floor of this 70-foot long hall is littered with fragments of chert and quartz rinds, giving it a very crumbly appearance.
Crumble Stone Lane


Doug Pflugh, Spore Meusuissen, Ed Paulfrineri, Kreg Hamburger
Crumble Up, Crumble Down


Jim Pisarowicz, Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Bob Kobza An up-climb with very crumbly rock. As one climbs up, the rock comes crumbling down. Leads into the Figure 8 Room.
Crumbling Bridge Hall


Rod Horrocks, Joe Oliphant, John Citta, Marc Pedersen A passage discovered by this survey party. Named because it is a crumbly passage that has a breakdown bridge crossing a 10-foot deep pit.
Crystal Finger of Fate


Tom Miller, ? Robinson, Larry Frederick, Gordon Messling
Crystal Grotto


Alvin McDonald, John Stabler
Crystal Palace


Crystal River


Don Coons, Andy Flurkey, Alvin McLane An area of white flowstone 2'-3' wide ("headwaters of the Crystal River"). Ripple marked dried mud is also found in this area.
Crystal Spring


Alvin McDonald
Crystal Vault


Alvin McDonald
Cul de Sac


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Mike Wiles Named for its large rounded turn around area at the end of this passage.
Cupcake Walk


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler A smaller walking passage than the Cake Walk.
Cupids Alcove


Alvin McDonald
Cupids Chimes


Alvin McDonald


M.E. and Willie Crookam, George Lee, Alvin McDonald
Custers Last Stand Helictite Group


Ed LaRock, Alan Williams, Larry Richards, Mike Behn Raft covered helictite bushes.
Custers Walks


Alvin McDonald, C.S. McDonald, C.F. McBride
Cut Off, The


Evan Anderson, Jim Olsen, Hazel Barton, Suzette Kane

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