Wind Cave Room Names - B



Named By


Baba Fats


R.A. Brame, Jon Hartman, Josh Kanthrowitz, Kelly Morrison, Graham Wadds
Baby Elephant


Alvin McDonald
Bachelors Quarters


Alvin McDonald Named for the thin coating of dust or dirt that covers all the breakdown in this room. "As dirty as a bachelor's room". Also known as the Marble Quarry or Workman Hall (A.O.U.W.) (Association of United Workingmen).
Back Door, The


Back In Minnesota Passage


Matt Kramar, Randy Waslien?, Rich Ness
Back Room


Alan Howard A large Upper Middle Level Room.
Back Room


Alan Howard Moonmilk has the consistency of cottage cheese in this area. The Windy City Grotto cavers made <8" high "snowmen" out of this moonmilk with matchsticks for arms. They were "cleaned" up by a NOLS group.
Back Stabber


Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler A very tight lead with a breeze and back stabbing popcorn.
Backstreet, The


Matt Reece, Marc Ohms A passage named after the Backstreet Boys, a very popular teen rock group of the time. The passage was a "backstreet" off the NN survey .
Bad Boy Dome


Jeff Goben, Barb Smith, David Lambert, Marty Klaus
Bad Breath Pit


Jim Nepstad, Art Palmer, Peg Palmer, Stan Allison, Bob Kobza An 8-foot deep pit that blew air back in the surveyors face.
Bad Lands


Alvin McDonald?
Bagel Ballroom


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler Two rooms discovered by Nepstad where everyone ate bagel sandwiches (these tough pieces of bread are well suited to the harshness of being carried all day in a caving pack).
Bagel Bowl


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler Walking passage off the bottom of the Bagel Hole.
Bagel Hole


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler This hole is in the floor of the Bagel Ballroom.
Bagel, The


Baker Street


Mike Scholl, Dan Swenson, NeNe Wolfe The southern continuation of Wall Street/
Balcony Room

Ball Room


Ballot Box


Evan Anderson, Derek Wolfe, Shawn Kramer Named while the 2000 presidential election tie-up was going on in Florida. This area had a bunch of corners and alcoves to check out.
Banana Hole


Chris Hill, Nelson Kuniansky, Steve Nordstrom, John Scharres
Bandana Pit


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Jim Wilson, Tim Moreland


Steve Baldwin, Stan Allison, Mary Laycock An upper level passage that has a rounded shape that reminded the explorers of a band shell.
Bandshell Bypass, The


Rod Horrocks, Mike Hanson, Jay Kennedy, Dan Wray A easy bypass that provides a way around the difficult climb into the Bandshell.
Barking Spider Room


Mike Hanson, Rod Horrocks A reference to the common caver joke of explaining the sounds emitted by a caver who has gas. This was a problem with one member of the group on this trip.
Barnacle Straights


Paul Burger, Bob Kobza, Stan Allison An amazingly straight lower level passage near the Canyon that has a 3"-4" calcite coating similar to that found in Jewel Cave.
Barren Chambers


Alvin McDonald, J.D. Davis
Base Camp 1


John Scheltens Served as a base camp for the 1970 Windy City Grotto Expedition.
Base Camp 2


Chris Hill Site of the 1972 Windy City Grotto expedition base camp. Located near the Master Room and Half Mile Hall, which were discovered the year before.




Cindy Brome, Janine LeRoy, Less Talbot, Chuck Ward Located at the bottom of a 25-foot pit.
Basket Room


Ed Crawford, Jens Munthe, John Pollack Large lead on the way to Atlas Underground Hemp Works.
Basketball Room


Don Coons, Les Lewis, Rish Breisch
Bat Alley


Todd Cedarholm, Keith Mader, Steve Matson, NeNe Wolfe The crawlway is near the natural entrance and bats have been seen flying down this passage.
Bat Scratch Fever


Jim Nepstad, Mary Laycock, Stan Allison Upper level cave with lots of bat scratches in the ceiling.
Battle of the Bulge


Evan Anderson, Derek Wolfe, Shawn Kramer
Bayberry Candle Room


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn In this room Dave burned a bayberry scented candle for light during lunch. Resurveyed by Andy Flurkey, Dave Larson, Bill Mixon, Bill Wiener on 12/1971.
BB Room


Stan Allison, Jim Nepstad, Dina Venezky BB stands for Bob's Birthday.
BBC Alcove


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz Big Beautiful Crystals (BBC) in this small room.
BD Chimney


Steve Dunn, Ed LaRock, Jim Pisarowicz, John Scheltens A 40-foot chimney on the BD survey.
Be Careful Passage


Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Bob Kobza A fragile area with boxwork that had to be crawled through.
Beacon Heights


Alvin McDonald
Beacon Light


Beacon Street


Ach Harrison, Eric Hosek, Nancy Taylor, Greg Wright A mazy area.
Beanery, The


Mitchel Frey, Warren Netherton, Jim Pisarowicz, Karen Rosga Warren Netherton and Jim Pisarowicz were living in the Bunkhouse in the park and they always brought a pot of beans to the potlucks.
Beauty Parlor


L.C. Faris, Frank Halden, Charlie Roe An area with a red, sandy, micaceous clay bank associated with paleofill. In the 1890's this clay was sold to women who used it as ruse. Probably named by the McDonalds. Also known as Red Hall.
Bed of Nails


Stacy Smyth, Greg Sweitzer, Bonnie Ann Burnett, Greg Finnof Small pocket containing icicle-like quartz deposits.
Bed Room


Alvin McDonald, J. Coldvion, A.J. Vagg, H.D. Worst
Bed, The


Steve Lester, Alex Fong, Evan Anderson A large breakdown block that resembles a bed near AIV6.


Larry Johnson, Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler. On one wall of this room the bedding planes were very distinct.




Alvin McDonald
Belgian Waffle


A dead-end low flat area located below Columbian Hall. Named during a N.O.L.S. expedition.
Beil Tunnel


Jason Walz, Amy Bern, Sara Booth Named for a town in Switzerland in honor of Holloch Cave, since Wind Cave was passing it in length.
Belfry, The


Alvin McDonald
Belltower, The


Joe Austin, Mike Bailey, Chris Gerow, Karen Rosga A 40-foot climb into the top of a dome.
Belly Acher


Steve Baldwin, Jim Nepstad
Belly Crawl Falls


Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Bill Rodgers A 30-foot pit entered from a belly crawl.
Benjamin Greenstein Memorial Squeeze


Steve Matson, Dan Sonis, Clark Wallis, Jan Gelfand, Ben Greenstein, Jodi Johnson A tight crawl first negotiated by National Outdoor Leadership School (N.O.L.S.) student Ben Greenstein.
Bens Squeeze


Dan Sonis, Clark Wallis, Jan Gelfand, Ben Greenstein, Jodi Johnson A tight squeeze named during a N.O.L.S. expedition.
BePaDoBeDe Room


Tom Bean, Jim Palmer, Phil Dodge, Behur, Joe Decker Named after the first two letter in the last names of every one on the trip.
Berlin Crawl


Bonny Armstrong, Eric Grunwald, Jason Walz This crawlway was named in honor of Andre Baumeister, a German researcher who refused to go through the crawl on an earlier exploration trip. After the crew surveyed through the crawl, the name came up because of its similarity to 'Berlin Wall'.
Berlye Heights


Alvin McDonald
Berma Shave


Hazel Barton, Dan Lins
Bermuda Dreieck


Dorte Wolfkuhler, Andre Baumeister, Jason Walz Room named by Dorte for the area of Bochum, Germany that she currently lives in. It translates to 'Bermuda Triangle'.
Bern Tunnel


Jason Walz, Amy Bern, Sara Booth Named for a town in Switzerland in honor of Holloch Cave, since Wind Cave was passing it in length that day.
Betternpokneye Crawl


Rod Horrocks, Chris Ingebretsen This series of upper middle level bellycrawls was deemed to be slightly "better than a poke in the eye" by the surveyors, thus the name.
Beyond Nasty


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz A particularly painful climb.
Beyond the City


Stacy Smyth, Randy Brown, Mary Laycock, Linda Gentile, Lisa Engleman 1894 Chicago Tribune newspaper was found all around this area.
Big Buddha Room


Marc Ohms, Renee Rogers, Sammi Langendorf Named after a 6-foot high, 10-foot diameter sediment cone undernearth a dome.
Big Butt Canyon


Paul Burger, Jim Nepstad, Stan Allison

A narrow canyon near Mystic Lake where Paul had trouble getting his butt through.
Big Butt Crawl


Jim Pisarowicz, John Scheltens, Mary Laycock, Dennis Shreves A narrow crawl where you would not want to have a big butt. Jim had recentely listened to a rap song called the "Big Butt".
Big Cheese, The


Evan Anderson, Hazel Barton, Mark McVey A pit that is actually a vent.
Big Dark


Steven Smith, Bill Hawn, Doug Kent, Evan Anderson
Big Fish


Rod Horrocks, Sara Booth, Duff McCafferty, Eric Kurth A room that spans four parallel fissures that was named because cavers are like fisherman in that they always want to tell about the big one they found. In this case, the big room that a more detailed search proved was already partially surveyed (but unnamed).
Big Harrys Place


Nelson Kuniansky, Steve Nordstrom, John Scharres A large pit first descended in August, 1971.
Big Mac Canyon


Rod Horrocks, Jeff Dwyer, Melissa Adle, Dixie Hemingway A narrow fissure named after a geode (at UN52) that resembled a McDonald's "Big Mac" sandwich .
Big Sky


Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Bob Kobza, Marc Lamhere A 40 x 60 foot room with a 25-foot ceiling at the top of the Toxic Waste Dump climb. Named after Darren's dream from the week before where he dreamed he had discovered a new entrance that came out in Montana, Big Sky country.
Big Sky Room


Darren Ressler, Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza, Marc Lamphere A 30-foot diameter room with a 30-foot ceiling.
Bile Duct, The


Dennis Laird, Bruce Albright, Greg Glazner, Stuart Marlat
Billies Room


Bill Pressley Sr., Billy Pressley, Philip Lynch, Tom Keller, John Murphy A 30' x 40' room with thousands of active soda straws discovered during a Colorado Grotto survey trip.
Bills T


Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Bill Rodgers A T junction with leads heading in both directions. Named after the point man, Bill.
Billys Room


Beth Bellman, Todd Cedarholm, Corrin Crawford, Keith Gorges A 12-foot high room at ND8.
Binkies Loft


Mike Paulick, Stan Allison, Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza Named because Binkie (Mike) found this high overlook into the Club Room.
Binkies Room


Jim Nepstad, Mike Paulick, Bob Kobza, Louise Hose Named after Mike was asked to name the room and he came up with Binkie. This became his nic-name ever after.
Bird Cage


Jim Pisarowicz, Karen Rosga, Darren Ressler, Mary Laycock
Birthday Bubble Room


Stan Allison, Jim Nepstad, Dina Venezky
Birthday Cake


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Mark Stock A flowstone formation. John Scheltens' birthday is 5 January and Dave Springhetti's is 7 January.
Bishop Fowler Loop


Alvin McDonald The name "Bishop Fowler" is written into the soft limestone above the passage that goes into this route through the cave. Bishop Fowler was a prominent figure in the Methodist Church. He helped establish the Black Hills College in Hot Springs.
Bishop Fowlers Retreat


Named for Bishop Charles Henry Fowler, a prominent figure in the Methodist Church. It is a large room opposite the Cathederal on the Historic Tour route. The name was later changed to "Bishop Fowlers Cathederal" and later shortened to "the Cathedral". The northern half of the room was once known as Capitol Hall.
Bishops Gaze


Alvin McDonald?
Bismarcks Bake Oven


Alvin McDonald
Bison Bone Borehole

Coyote Cave
Bite, The


Martha Kubicek, Doiug Pflugh, Tom Shields, T?m Sulser A slim crack going down from GBC5.


Jim Nepstad, Stan Allison, Bob Kobza A large room (250' x 30' x 50') scooped by Jim Nepstad, Stan Allison, and Bob Kobza after the discoverers of Necessary Evil reported walking through some moonmilk in Blizzard Boulevard. This turned out to be a bypass around the extremely fragile Blizzard
Bittersweet Canyon


A canyon to the north of Bittersweet.
Black Arrow Room


Rod Horrocks, Alexis Brooks, Eric Dodd A carbide or soot arrow was found in the ceiling of this room, which is along the Bishop Fowler Loop.
Black Beauty


Chris Hill, John Scheltens A black helictite.
Black Hills Diamonds


Alvin McDonald
Black Lung Room, The


Dennis Laird, Bruce Albright, Greg Glazner, Stuart Marlat
Blackmers Slide


Alvin McDonald This name was written on the ceiling of this 15-foot long sloping tube. The name is mentioned in Alvin McDonald's diary as being on the Castle Garden Route.
Blacksmith Shop


Alvin McDonald, Professor Nike
Blanca Navidad


Blarney Stone

Bleeding Heart


John Scheltens, Chris Hill, Andy Flurkey A flowstone deposit which has been stained red by iron minerals. A pool is associated with it.
Bleeding Liver


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn An area with red-colored flowstone off of Omnibus Hall. Named, but not surveyed by the Conn's in 1964. Surveyed by Rod Horrocks, Graham Hogg, Rainer Engler, and Dave Fairfield on 8/3/01.
Blind Faith


Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Bob Kobza, Jim Erickson One of the largest rooms in the cave (100' x 200' x 60-foot ceiling). It may be the largest when volume is considered. It has massive flowstone deposits. First entered by Paul, who jumped 15 feet down into the room by the Unclimbable Pit doing the "Leap of Blind Faith". Paul was rescued hours later.
Blind Pit


David Gerboth, Matt Kramar, Mark Wickham
Blizzard Boulevard


Evan Anderson, Bruce Albright, Hazel Barton, Paul Burger A delicate passage with lots of white moonmilk.
Bloody Fingers


Bob Kobza, Jim Pisarowicz Some red streaks on the wall resemble streaks left by bloody fingers.
Bloody Hell


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz At this point Jim Nepstad got a bloody nose while mapping this passage.
Bloody Nose, The


Evan Anderson, Doug Kent, Paul Burger
Blowhole Entrance


Rich Breisch, John Piccininni, Steve Smith Once explored as a separate cave (Blowhole Cave), this entrance to Wind Cave was connected to the main cave on October 27, 1984. It breathes in the fashion of the historic entrance, but about 40% as strong. Also known as the Snake Pit Entrance.
Blue Bayou Avenue


Phil Dodge, Judy Hazen, Pickut W. Kittelson The boxwork in this low, wide room has a blue color to it-similar to the Blue Grotto. Also lots of small, bluish crystals in the ceiling.
Blue Diamonds


Alvin McDonald, John Stabler
Blue Grotto


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, George Lee. On the Candlelight Tour Route, it was named for the bluish, manganese stained boxwork on the walls and ceiling.
Blue Grotto Loop

A developed trail that extends from the Three-Way Stairs to the Second Crossroads, via Pearly Gates Junction, on the Candlelight Tour Route.
Blue Moon Bakery


Darren Ressler, Michelle Youngquist Named after a bagel bakery in Silverthorne, CO, where caving bagels were born. The room in bagel shaped and has some blue boxwork.
Blue Nose Room


Chris Hill, Nelson Kuniansky, Steve Nordstrom, John Scharres
Blue Silk Bowers


Abby Wines, Jim Pisarowicz, Sarah Billig, Kelly Mathis


Chris Hill, Nelson Kuniansky, Steve Nordstrom, John Scharres
Bobs First Dump


Jim Pisarowicz, Shaun Larson, Darren Ressler, Bob Kobza Named because Bob had to create a "buritto bag" for his first time in a cave at that spot (a buritto bag is a couple of "ziplock" type of bags used to store solid human waste and tolit paper).
Bobs Toilet Pit


Nelson Kuniansky A 90-foot deep pit discovered in July, 1972. On the TP (Tolit Paper) survey.
Bochum Station


Jason Walz, Seth Spoelman, Barry Oost, Jessica Weinman Keeping with the German naming theme in the area, they named this junction after a German researcher's school.
Body Grabber


Chris Hill, Dave Springhetti, Lee Tierney A really tight passage with boxwork that grabs one's clothing as you try to get through.
Body Grabber Bypass


Jason Walz, Peggy Renwick, Sean Foster, Dan Foster A crawlway that bypasses a tight squeeze named the Body Grabber.
Bogli's Doghouse


Jason Walz, Sara Booth, Amy Bern Named for Alfred Bogli who was the preliminary explorer at Holloch Cave. Since Wind Cave past Holloch in length, Alfred Bogli is in the doghouse now.
Bonapartes Retreat


Alvin and C.S. McDonald, C.F. McBride
Bone Pit

Bone Stones


John Scheltens, Pete Shiflet This pile of loose rock resembles bones, giving the area its name.
Bone Zone


Ken Allgier, John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Mike Wiles The walls and ceilings of this area of the cave have the appearance of bones. This is typical of many caves and these areas are often called bone yards (i.e. Carlsbad Caverns).
Bonk Pit


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz A 30-foot pit where Jim Nepstad attempted to throw a tape up to Jim Pisarowicz, when it fell down, bonking him on the head.
Bonneville Salt Flats


Windy City Grotto An area of cave with low, flat crawls over calcite coated floors.
Bonnie Anns Bone Breaker


Stan Allison, Jim Nepstad, Bob Kobza, Stacy Smyth A very tight, sharp, dog-legged slot between JG39 and 40. Named after Bonnie Ann Burnett.
Bonos Boneyard


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Shawn Kramer
Bonos Morgue


Hazel Barton, Evan Anderson, Shawn Kramer
Bonsai Boulevard


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler, Dennis Shreves Weird boxwork in this area that looks like "Bonsai Trees".
Boob Room


Ed LaRock, Barry Berg, Mike Behn, Win Wright
Boob Tube


N.O.L.S. students This pit, which connects to Wall Street, was named by a National Outdoor Leadership School (N.O.L.S.) survey.
Boob Tube Chute


Booby Tarp Dome


Chris Amidon, Sarah Petite, Ajax Dalman, Vickie Siegel A dome with two large chert slabs precariously balanced at the top.
Booker Avenue


Alvin McDonald
Boot Heal Room


Rich Brame, Ben Hicks, Kevin McGowan, Greg Wright Named during a N.O.L.S. expedition.
Boot Heel


A room with a boot hill placed on a ledge in the wall.
Boot Room


Andy Flurkey, John Scheltens, Ed LaRock, Mike Behn
Bottomless Pit


Alvin McDonald A pit in Milliners Avenue that has a small hole in the bottom that used to be deeper, but now is plugged. Rocks apparently bounced down this hole giving it the impression of great depth.
Boulder Canyon


Rod Horrocks, Dennis Laird, Stacy Tostrup, Darren Wells This southwestern wall of this canyon passage is composed of large breakdown blocks. In some areas, extensive breakdown mazes exist between this canyon and the higher LS borehole survey.
Boulder Passage


Alvin McDonald, J.L. Downs A passage between the Guide’s Discovery & the South Dressing Room. Alvin named this passage because of a "conglomerate of block flint, lime boulders & red keel, (keel is a kind of stone that is rarely visible on the surface of the Earth)".
Boulder Room


Roy Lahti, Kathy Harrison, Carl Grundstrom, Steve Matson A room with boulders on the floor. Survyed by a NOLS survey party.
Box Cutter Room


Rod Horrocks, Roger Harris, Duff McCafferty This middle level room has hard calcified floors with boxwork and spiky protrusions that ripped the surveyors up.
Box Turtle Room


Rod Horrocks, Chris Amidon, Meredith Dreyer Named for some round boxwork pods in the walls and a flowstone feature that looks like a turtle.
Boxwork Chimney


Dave Schnute, Herb Conn, Jan Conn The Conns first looked down this drop on 08/23/64, but didn't survey it until 08/30/64. The name is derived from the first 40-foot drop in this route to the lower level of Wind Cave is very tight and boxwork-lined. Two more drops following this go down an additional 40-60 feet. Although the last two drops are not boxwork-lined, the three drops are known collectively as Boxwork Chimney.
Boxwork Column


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Mike Wiles A floor to ceiling column covered with boxwork is located in this area of the cave.
Boxwork Hall


N.O.L.S. students
Boxwork Nursery


Louise Hose, Aaron Bire, Dave Lester
Boxwork Quarry


Rod Horrocks, Nick Myers, Matt Truitt, Belinda Fox A 30-foot diameter room discovered by Rod Horrocks, Nick Myers and Matt Truitt on an earlier survey trip to the Roman Candle Room area. It has huge sections of boxwork that have apparently fallen off the ceiling naturally.
Brachdown Room


Andrea Croskrey, Amy Bern, Srdjan Pajic There are brachipod fossils in the paleofill in the ceiling of this room.
Breached Birth Canal


Louise Hose, Dave Lester, Jodie Cottier, Michael Bush
Breakout Pit


Phil Dodge, Gordon Messling, Rod O'Sullivan, Chuck Bertsch A 15' deep fissure that led to some extensive upper middle level cave, including the Artifact Room.
Breckenridge Gallery


Alvin McDonald


Phil Dodge, Mike and Mary Laycock, Tom Sheehan This low crawl often has a very steady breeze moving through it.
Brick A Brach


Evan Anderson, Bruce Albright, Hazel Barton, Paul Fowler
Bridal Chamber


L.C. Faris, Frank Halden, Charlie Roe A wedding was held in this room giving the room its name. Early guides told how a girl was married here that promised her parents that she would not marry the young man in question anywhere on the face of the earth. Now called the North Room. Other weddings have taken place in the Odd Fellows Hall (11/09/1896) and the Garden of Eden (1920).
Brides Chamber


Alvin McDonald
Bridge of Sighs


Three sets of stairs leave from this point in the cave along the tour trail. Also known as the Three Way Stairs.
Bridges, The


Jim Nepstad, Stan Allison, Bob Kobza An area with bedrock bridges spanning the passage.
Britneys Boudoir


Matt Reece, Marc Ohms A 25-foot diamteter room named after Britney Spears, a very popular teen rock star at the time. In keeping with the theme of the area and using the same starting letter for each word "B B".
Brocolli Bend and Blow


Chris Amidon, Vickie Siegel, Karen Henker Named because all of the cavers were vegetarians, they had to bend in the squeeze, the passage blew wind, and the shape of the passage reminded them of the strange shape that one could bend overcooked broccli.
Broken Buttress Room


Randy Brown, Rich Wolfert, Dave Lester, Dave White
Broken Pottery Floor


Andy Flurkey, Norm Pace, John Scheltens The floor of this room consists of dried mud which looks like the area is covered with broken pottery.
Brooklyn Bridge


Brophys Crawl


Alvin McDonald
Brown & Ugly Passage


John Scheltens, Mike Kopriva, Sue Kopriva, Andy Flurkey The BU survey, the "Brown and Ugly" survey.
Browns Canyon


Lester Lewis, Mark Stock Named after Robert Brown the director of the 1959 National Speleological Society expedition to Wind Cave.
Brown Sky Room


Rod Horrocks, Ken Geu, Duff McCafferty, Roger Harris An upper level room, the highest level in the Walking Sticky Maze, that had sticky muddy floors and great potential but quickly ended in clay plugged passages. The room was discovered by the surveyors.
Brunnhildes Delight


James Palmer, Philip Dodge, L.P. Talbot, B.P Wa?, Bill Holmes A small crawl named after Richard Wagners character, Brunnhilde.
Bryans Dump


Jim Myers, Bryan Smith, Carl Pagano, Magary Beterur?, Don Broeker
Bryce Canyon Causeway


Jason Walz, Peggy Renwick, Sean Foster, Dan Foster A long lower level fissure named after a bowl shaped shelf covered with 1 1/2" tower coral.
BS Horror Hole


Dave Lester, Bryan Smith, Bob Stucklen Refers to the horrible time that Bryan Smith (BS) and Bob Stucklen (BS) had squeezing through a tight grabby squeeze located between the Xerox Room and a parallel room.
Bubble, The


Alan Howard An area of the cave that looks like a gigantic bubble.
Bucking Horse Canyon


Andy Flurkey, Nelson Kuniansky, John Scheltens This large canyon passage was the first major breakout from Half Mile Hall. The name was chosen because John was a cowboy and wanted to pick a name with a western theme. The exposed 100-foot climb is one of the more significant climbs in the cave.
Buddhas T


Chris Amidon, Sarah Petite, Ajax Dalman A "T-shaped" junction that the surveyors had to ponder for awhile over the lineplot and the survey they encountered.
Buffalo Gap



Named after "Buffalo Gap", the place where the buffalo travel into and out of the Black Hills. This area is a junction between the route to the Club Room and the route to the Lakes. Found in 1963 by Dave Schnute and Herb and Jan Conn but not named by them.
Buffalo Skull


Mike Brinkmeyer, Cindy Brome, Janine LeRoy, Tom Miller One of the pieces of boxwork in this area looks like a buffalo skull.
Bull Run


Jim Pisarowicz, Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Bob Kobza A straight running passage where one feels like a bull in a china shop because there is so much crunchy boxwork and the limestone is so weathered.


Jason Walz, Peggy Renwick, Larry Shafer The surveyers of this passage found two small houses (1" x 2") carved out of soft stone with the initials "MF", apparently from the Windy City Grotto days?


Mike Babbitt, Warren Netherton, Jim Pisarowicz All three of the initial explorers of this room lived in the park house called the Bunkhouse. At the time of the discovery, it was believed that the Bunkhouse was located directly above this room in the cave.
Buried Alive


Jason Walz, Seth Spoelman, Erin Niedringhaus Seth disappeared into a small hole in the floor of this room and it looked like he was "buried alive".
Burleigh Heights

Burnt Biscuit Room


WICA Seasonal Rangers A room off of the Second Crossroads containing a pothole with layered clay.
Burnt Pine Tree Forest

Bush Gardens 09/20/1980 John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti Named for some fantastic helictite bushes found in this area.


Stan Allison, Bob Kobza, Jim Nepstad A major helicite bush area. Bushes up to 3½ feet tall some coated with dogtooth spar can be found here.

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