Wind Cave Room Names - A

Room Name


Named By


A.F. McDonald Room


Mark Stock, Lester Lester A room with a A.F. McDonald signature that was surveyed by Mark Stock in 1971?
A.O.U.W. Hall


Association of United Workingmen Hall. Also known as the Marble Quarry or Bachelor's Quarters.
Abbey Ruins


Alvin McDonald
Academy, The


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam, C.F. McBride
Adams Well


Alvin McDonald
AFM Room


Les Talbot, Phil Dodge, Jim Palmer The surveyors found "AFM" written on a rock at the entrance to the room.
Aguileras Attic


Matt Reece, Marc Ohms An upper level passage named after Christina Aguilera, a very popular teen rock star at the time. In keeping with the theme of the area and using the same starting letter for each word "A A".
Air Tube, The


Rod Horrocks, Joe Oliphant, John Citta, Marc Pedersen A very cool and windy upper level tube off the WX survey. This passage is apparently one of the major routes that air moves from eastern to western part of the cave.
Alberta Connection


Rod Horrocks, Graham Hogg, Rainer Engler, Dave Fairfield A fissure passage that connects the Terra-Cotta Trail with the Natural Entrance Tour near Miltons Study. It was discovered by the Alberta, Canada component of this survey party.
Alex's Alley


Jim Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz Named in honor of Assistant Chief Naturalist Kay Rohde's one month old son. There was a baby shower for Alex on the day of this trip (May 6, 1987). Surveyed by Jim Nepstad and Jim Pisarowicz.
All Seeing Eye


Alligator Bait


Steve Baldwin, Bob Kobza, Cristine Found
Alligator Formation


Evan Anderson, Stephanie Juth, Derek Wolfe, Matt Juth A rock on the ceiling at the entrance to a crawl looked astonishingly like a profile of an alligator, with the eyeball and upper and lower jaws. It was made speleogen in a spongework area.
Alonegation Alley


John Scheltens?
Alpine Way


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, George Lee This fissure passage was discovered on July 3, 1891 by M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, George Lee, and Alvin McDonald. This route was used to climb to the Fairgounds before the Marble Quarry route was developed. Also known as the Crevice or the Merry-go-Round. Surveyed by Rod Horrocks and John Scheltens on 3/13/2002.
Altaffers Water Course


Alvin McDonald
Alvins Specimen Table


Greg Wright, Jerry Rupert, Jane Harvey, Jim Cummings A rock covered with specimens that most likely dates to the time Alvin McDonald was collecting specimens in the area.
Amelia Earhart Hanger


Vi Allured, Pat Seiser, Louise Hose


Alan Howard This large room was surveyed by Alan Howard in 1962. Alvin McDonald also called another room the "Amphitheater" in 1891.
Anchor Room


Liz Chapman, Cory Crawford, Steve Matson, Kathy Raymond This room derives its name from the arrow that is smoked on the ceiling that has the appearance of an anchor. At the bottom of Misplaced Pit. Also known as the Archer Room. Surveyed on April 20, 1981 by Liz Chapman, Cory Crawford, Steve Matson and Kathy Raymond.
Andy's Ice Box


Andy Flurkey, Norm Pace, John Scheltens Named after Andy Flurkey, this room contains fantastic displays of aragonite frostwork. It has the appearance of being in a giant ice box. Discovered December 15, 1979 by Andy Flurkey, Norm Pace, and John Scheltens.
Angel Wings


Ken Allgier, John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, Mike Wiles Discovered March 28, 1981 by Ken Allgier, John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti, and Mike Wiles. So named because of the "angel wings" seen on many stalactites in this large flowstone area.
Angle Tangle


Stan Allison, Paul Burger, Dawn Reed This is the first squeeze encountered after the Silent Struggle in route to Southern Comfort. It involves two consecutive 9- degree angle turns that are difficult to get your body around.
Animal Cracker Room


L.C. Faris, Frank Halden, Charlie Roe The ceiling in this room looks like a box of broken animal crackers. Also known as the Rookery or White Hall.
Animal Farm


Anklebone Room


Jim Wilson, Ryan Cutler, Derek Wolfe Named to stay with the Knee Bone Room theme.
Ant Hills


Nelson Kuniansky, Steve Nordstrom, John Scharres Named for the many small mounds found on the floor of this area. Discovered August 18, 1971 by Nelson Kuniansky, Steve Nordstrom and John Scharres.


Jim Pisarowicz, Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Bob Kobza This room has large (4 inch) clumps of frostwork and was discovered on the same day as Antarctica was discovered in 1820.
Ante Room


Anticipation Room


John Gookin, Jim Pisarowicz, Matt Soete, Geoff Williams Discovered by survey crew. Named in anticipation of the larger rooms the party hoped to find off this junction area.
Antiohm Chamber


Jason Walz, Larry Shaffer, Sara Booth, Chris Dale On his last survey trip before reporting to a job in New York, Jason and his group found an extensive area they named Pleasant Surprise. The Antiohm Chamber is a small room that led to this discovery that the surveyors did not want Marc Ohms to scoop them on while Jason was gone. Marc is not allowed in this room and thus the area beyond (all in jest).
Appian Way


Rod Horrocks A passage located between the Muddle Room and Rome. The road that leads to Rome was known as Appian Way.


Carl Bern, Tom Dotter, Evan Anderson, Amy Johnson
Aragonite Forest


Norm Pace, John Scheltens, Alan Williams Found on March 1, 1980 by Norm Pace, John Scheltens and Alan Williams. A room off the KQ route with an abundance of aragonite ("frostwork").
Aragonite Hall


Cindy Brome, Janine LeRoy, Les Talbot, Chuck Ward A room with much aragonite ("frostwork") situated just above the Basement. Surveyed on July 2, 1974 by Cindy Brome, Janine LeRoy, Les Talbot and Chuck Ward.
Aragonite Supreme


Andy Flurkey, Norm Pace, John Scheltens

Discovered December 15, 1979 by Andy Flurkey, Norm Pace and John Scheltens. An area with really spectacular aragonite frostwork.

Arbby's Squeeze


Garie Petrie, Norm Thompson, Pat Seiser

Tight, fissure passage climb into STP Speedway.

Arcane Rift


Rod Horrocks, Dave Shurtz, Ryan Shurtz, Jordan Shurtz A steeply sloping "rift" passage that was accessed through a dome known only to a few individuals, thus the name.
Arch of Politeness


Alvin McDonald? A low spot on the Historic Tour Route between the Giants Causeway and Lenas Arbor.
Archelon, The


Chris Amidon, Erin Niedringhaus, Abby Tobin, Kristen Schulte A speleogen in this passage reminded the survey crew of a large turtle. Archelon is the genus of the largest fossilized sea turtle to have ever lived.
Archer Room


Liz Chapman, Cory Crawford, Steve Matson, Kathy Raymond This room derives its name from the arrow that is smoked on the ceiling that has the appearance of an anchor. Located at the bottom of Misplaced Pit. Also known as the Anchor Room.
Archimedes Pool


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti Discovered on April 19, 1980 by John Scheltens and Dave Springhetti. This area is so named because it is in one of the highest portions of the cave. There is a small pool of water here.


Alvin McDonald, Elmer McDonald, Erwin Barbour, H.H. Everett Discovered July 23, 1892 by Erwin Barbour, H.H. Everett and Alvin and Elmer McDonald.
Arm Pit


Phil Dodge, Don Frankfort, Bob Huber, Jim Palmer A small room just south of the Elbow Room.
Arrow Passage


Phil Dodge, Bob Galligar, Gordon Messling, Jim Minnick Surveyed on August 18, 1979 Phil Dodge, Bob Galligar, Gordon Messling and Jim Minnick. So named for an abundance of arrows scratched onto the soft limestone walls of this passage.
Arroyo, The


Jason Walz, Larry Shaffer, Sara Booth An area with dried mud cracks.
Art Gallery


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, George Lee
Artifact Room


Chuck Bertsch, Phil Dodge, Gordon Messling Several historical artifacts, including newspaper, cigar boxes, and catalogs can be found in this 65-foot wide room, which was mined by the McDonald family for popcorn and frostwork before Wind Cave was established as a national park.
Artist Ideal


Alvin McDonald, M.E. Crookam, Willie Crookam, Geo. W. Lee
AS Climb


Mark Stock, Art Stone Discovered in July of 1972 by Mark Stock and Art Stone. Often referred to as the "aw shit" climb. There have been more incidents at this location than any other place in the cave. The climb is up loose fill and is overhung at the top.
Ashul Temple


E. H. Abrams, Pitt Larvie, Y.B. Strickland, Alvin Underhill A room where the discovers names are written on the walls with a date of 1926. Surveyed by Tom Bean and Jim Palmer on 08/11/1972.
Assembly Room


Alvin McDonald, Elmer McDonald, Melvin Moore Discovered by Alvin and Elmer McDonald and Melvin Moore on January 12, 1891. Meetings held in this room during the early history of the cave gave this room its name. Also known as Fallen Flats because of the large, flat breakdown on the floor and GAR Hall.


Myk Coughlin, Stan Allison, Mike Wiles The area beyond the Strait Jacket.


John Scheltens, Dave Springhetti A beautiful, delicate, wet, popcorn-covered room.
Atlas Underground Hempworks


Ed Crawford, Jens Munthe, John Pollack Also called the Spar Tooth Chamber because of vugs with large quantities of dog tooth spar.


Alvin McDonald, Mary McDonald, Fred Darlington, Saura Smith First entered on January 22, 1893 by Fred Darlington, Alvin and Mary McDonald and Saura Smith. An area of the cave above the current candlelight tour route. Surveyed by John Scheltens, Alvin McLane, and Dave Springhetti on 07/14/1973.
Autograph Room


Avalanche Chamber


John Scheltens, Bob Reinstatler Named for a large breakdown slope in the room. Discovered in July of 1972 by John Scheltens and Bob Reinstatler.
Avenue D’Webster


Alvin McDonald
Avenue of Flowers


A.F. McDonald, Saura V. Smith, Mary McDonald, Fred Darlington

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