Wind Becomes 4th Longest in the World

Trip: On 2/11/2006, 6 survey trips were led into Wind Cave, which elevated the Wind Cave survey past Holloch Cave in Switzerland and moving Wind Cave up in the rankings to the fourth longest cave in the world. Following are the trip reports from the 6 trip leaders that accumulated enough survey to reach this milestone.

1st Trip: Rod Horrocks led ken Geu and Dean Faust to a passage they named End of the Road in the Historic Section during an 11.5-hour trip.

Trip Report: After renaming the stations at CM12 to their correct designation (correcting mistakes from a previous survey trip), we climbed up towards the NB survey, which can be accessed from the C' survey. We stopped to survey a side lead at CM45 for one shot. Continuing up past a tight squeeze, we surveyed another side lead off of CM48. This eventually connected with NB22 and then 24. We left a good dome lead at 22 for a later trip. We then surveyed a side lead at 24 that connected to CN13.

Next, we surveyed a dome complex along this route. At NB24F, there was a tight squeeze that I couldn't fit through, so we backtracked to NB24 to survey a parallel dome to see if it might connect to the same area. Luckily, it did. We were then able to survey the walking passage off of NB24F, much to the delight of the survey crew. There was a single set of footprints down the main passage? I suspect it was scooped during the 1991 survey of the NO DON'T STOP passage (the NB survey). This went for about 100 feet of really nice passage before it terminated in a calcified breakdown collapse; bummer. We named this passage, THE END OF THE ROAD.

We then backtracked to a dome lead at NB24T. This went up into a virgin upper level dome that branched into several short passages and ended. Backtracking to NB24G, we shot up into another dome that had a tight lead that connected into something above NB24F. We left that tight lead and called it a night. With 551 feet of survey, we did our part in helping the Wind Cave survey pass Holloch Cave of Switzerland today and become the fourth longest cave in the world.


2nd Trip: Bonny Armstrong led Marc & Rene Ohms and Andy Armstrong to the Key Room area in the North Section during an 11.5-hour trip.

Trip Report: We started with a lead at WS42 that dead-ended after about 100 feet. We then headed to the PB survey and found much to survey. At PB15 we surveyed a connection to KYB2, which was very well decorated with all sorts of pretties. We named it Stalactites Galore. We surveyed 803 feet for the day.


3rd Trip: Jim Wilson led Howard Bartlett, Skip Withrow, and Tim Moreland to Loose Screw Room in the Club Room Section during a 12-hour trip.

Trip Report: Went to MP survey via the Loose Screw Room. Went down a pit at MP7 and found a little at first then found a pit that really went. We finished the area and surveyed 620 feet.

4th Trip: Amy Bern led Jason Walz and Sara Booth to north end of the Club Room in the Club Room Section during a 12.5-hour trip.

Trip Report: Surveyed leads off of the north end of the Club Room. They were mostly hands and knees crawls. We surveyed 501 feet.

5th Trip: Jeff Goben led Christa Schneider and Rick Speaect to the BBD19 survey in the Club Room Section during a 12-hour trip.

Trip Report: Surveyed a lead at BBD19D for 260 feet and found a dome lead to return to.


6th Trip: Carl Bern led Larry Shaffer and Derek Wolfe to ER survey in the Southern Comfort Section during a 17-hour trip.

Trip Report: Spent the whole day mapping in the new area. Found a fairly large room.

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