The Home of the Bison - The Character of Contemporary Cultural Affiliations to WCNP

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Today the area that makes up WCNP remains important to the Lakotas and Cheyennes not only because of its historical connections through decades of occupation and use, but also because it speaks to important events in cosmological time that address fundamental teachings about the workings of the universe that led to the origin of significant religious observances. Many of these traditional teachings and observances still hold currency in contemporary tribal beliefs and practices, and this is well-documented in the writings and oral narratives of contemporary Lakotas and Cheyennes. It is also evident in the curriculums they teach in their K-12 schools and tribal universities (pp. 391-397, 475-516, 531-573).

A. Landscapes and Landforms: Issues of Protection and Access

B. Resources and Their Protection

C. Tribal Perspectives on the Park

D. Consultations and Further Study

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